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Chapter 237

During this trip to Southern Agricultural University, Ye Xiaochen’s final harvest was four people with planting talents .

After Ji Yuting left, he accepted one more person . Moreover, that person was a teacher, his name was Huang Yuandeng .

After graduation, he stayed in the university for three years and was still a teaching assistant . The reason why he wanted to register was to give a try, thinking if he has planting talent then maybe he would be able to change the current situation .

Ji Yuting, yellow grade seventh level .

Zhao Kaiping,  yellow grade first level .

Li Suyuan, yellow grade first level .

Huang Yuandeng, yellow grade second level .

Out of more than 10,000 people, he found only four with planting talent .

This was a very low ratio .

Moreover, this was in Southern Agricultural university, where the probability of the appearance of planting talent should be high .

So it seems that under normal circumstances, the proportion of people with planting talent was probably in one hundred thousand or even in a million .

This means that among billions of people around the world, only a few thousand might have planting talent .

Most of them might be older and harder to find .

After deducting a part of it, then it was left with two to three thousand people that could be found, and the number would be even less in China .

In the end, the number of people enrolled in the course was 180 .

That was a lot of people .

After leaving Southern Agricultural University, Ye Xiaochen went to Nanjing Business school, to give something to his sister .

His sister knew that Ye Xiaochen was coming to Shashi city, and also was aware that he was invited by the Southern Agricultural University as a visiting professor . She didn’t know what to say .

Her brother seems to become more and more awesome, if it wasn’t that they have grown up together, she really doubted whether he was possessed by some monster .

After coming back to Shashi, Ye Xiaochen returned to his usual life .

In the twinkling of an eye, more than half a month has passed .

It was already the end of Yuan month, less than half a month from the Spring Festival .

The sister didn’t come back, and the told parents that she would be doing a summer job .

However, Ye Xiaochen knows that his sister was helping Guo Moyun in taking care of some trivial matters in the studio .

During this period, Ye Xiaochen refined another bean soldier, this time he refined the immortal red bean, belonging to the fire department . Ye Xiaochen named it Dou Hongsan .

With the addition of a third bean soldier, Ye Xiaochen bought three more immortal lands . Now, the total number of second-level immortal lands reached twenty .

In these three immortal lands, he planted the new varieties of immortal plants .

As the number of immortal lands increased, a batch of immortal plants matured every few days, which greatly increased the income of immortal yuan .

The immortal spring restaurant was developing quickly . Now the branch of Yang city has been stabilized and the earth Shennong farm was also running normally, so the opening of the third immortal spring restaurant has been put on the agenda .

Now that Ye Xiaochen’s foundation in Ye Xiaochen was almost solid, it was important to open a branch there .

In addition, the immortal spring fruit wine also entered the tables of the immortal spring restaurant .

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This immortal spring fruit wine was brewed by Ye Xiaochen using various fruits, immortal grapes, and mixing immortal spring water in the magical wine jar .

The taste was extraordinary and unforgettable; for the people who have drunk it .

The price of the immortal spring fruit wine was expensive, it was served in a wine gourd, each wine gourd contained half catty and was priced at 8888 .

Even though it was very expensive, many wealthy people still bought it .

Some even hoped to take back .

Ye Xiaochen has already made the rule that it would be only served in the restaurant, and only one bottle per table in the restaurant would be served .

There was no other way, the production of the immortal spring wine was very limited .

After brewing the wine, he gave some to other people, like Wang Shuisheng, Zeng Hongye, and the provincial leaders .

He now has a network of contacts all over the province, and occasionally he would attend some official meetings .

This was after he refused as much as he could, otherwise, he would have been attending some kind of meeting or party every day .

He doesn’t fit in these things .

He also has the status of being a member of the provincial government .

In short, he found that everything had changed since he became an associate professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the research institute, a wider world had emerged before him .

He was now in contact with the upper class, the so-called social elites .

Yang city…

Ye Xiaochen was giving a lecture in the conference room .

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All the people present in the conference room had the planting talent . Academician Yang and others had already gone back .

In addition to Ye Xiaochen, twenty-two people were present on the scene; eighteen people were from the research institute and four were from university; Ji Yuitng and others came as the university had holidays .

They were overjoyed when they received Ye Xiaochen’s notice .

Listening to the lecture in a research institute was different from listening to the lecture in a university .

After the end of the lecture, Ye Xiaochen led everyone to a test field .

The test field was actually in a high-tech greenhouse .

Inside it was a large paddy field, it was divided into more than twenty parts, and in each rice, seedlings were growing .

This was the super rice that Ye Xiaochen has cultivated recently .

He cultivated the super crop to complete the branch task .

Ye Xiaochen repeatedly considered and chose the super rice .

Everyone knows the impact of hybrid rice .

If he develops super rice with a higher yield than the hybrid rice, then he could achieve his goal naturally .

His super rice needs to take into account the environment of all parts of the world .

Since it was super rice, of course, it should be able to grow in any environment .

Under normal circumstances, this was an almost impossible task .

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However, for Ye Xiaochen, who has the Shennong’s talent, it was not too difficult, but it was really difficult for him to cultivate any plant into an immortal plant .

In this super rice test field, Ye XIaochen explained to the people present on the scene how to communicate with the plant consciousness and exert influence on the plants at the level of consciousness .

He personally drew them all into the spirit listening realm, and let them experience it one by one .

Now, many of Ye Xiaochen’s current methods of training them followed the method of cultivating immortal planters in the immortal world . Because they were dealing with only ordinary plants, the things that some immortal planters learned haven’t been taught .

Since the systematic study of the plant consciousness discipline, these researchers have become more and more interested in the subject, because they have touched a wider world .

“Well, let’s call it a day . Everyone take care of your rice field section, tomorrow I will come to check your progress . ”

Ye Xiaochen finally said .

There were more than twenty rice fields here, and each person was responsible for one .

Ye XIaochen was in charge of the largest rice fields .

Now, this super rice was the only research project of the institute and everyone couldn’t wait to stay here 24 hours a day .

Apart from Ji Yuting and the other three, rest already had the ability to do spirit listening and could try to communicate with plant consciousness . Their daily task was to communicate with the plant consciousness and communicate with seedlings .

As Ji Yuting and the other three came to a short while ago, Ye Xiaochen asked them to see more basic knowledge and practice more spirit listening .

Just as he came out of the test field, suddenly Ye Xiaochen received a call from his sister Ye Ying .

Ye Ying was actually crying on the phone .

“Brother, the mobile game painstakingly designed by Moyun’s studio, has been secretly sold to Yingling game . And, The Yingling game company is now falsely accusing Moyun of plagiarism…”

Ye Xiaochen was stunned when he heard Ye Yin’s crying voice .

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