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Chapter 236

In the stadium, Ning Ze closed his eyes and tried to imagine for a long time, but he didn’t feel anything at all .

He opened his eyes helplessly and was depressed, it seems that he has no planting talent!

“Gang, do you have?”

Ning Ze saw Cheng Gang who was next to him also opened his eyes, and hurriedly asked .

“Well, I almost fell asleep and couldn’t imagine any plant . ”

Cheng Gang wiped the drool from the corner of his mouth and said .

Ning Ze rolled his eyes .

The others also opened their eyes and shook their heads .

“None of us have planting talent?”

Ning Ze was very surprised .

There were a lot of people around them who were opening their eyes, but none of them seemed to have any talent .

Naturally, from time to time someone managed to successfully imagine a familiar plant, which attracted the envy of the nearby people .

Although it was not necessary that they have planting talent, at least there was a certain chance .

Ji Yuting also opened her eyes .

“Yuting, how did it go?”

A girl nearby her asked .

“Not bad . ”

Ji Yuting gently said .

“It seems that you probably have a talent for planting, but we don’t have any . I was simply unable to imagine the appearance of any plant, the more I tried the fuzzier it became!”

“Yes . Yuting, it’s great that you can register for senior Ye’s course . ”

“I also want to listen to Ye XIaochen’s class . Have you observed that senior Ye is very handsome!”

“Yes, he is very handsome and has a good temperament . I’m deeply attracted to him . ”

“You are flirting again . ”

………………… .

Ji Yuting listened to the squabbles of her friends, and her eyes fell on Ye Xiaochen on the stage, a smile appeared on the corner of her mouth .

After half an hour later .

The lecture was over .

Ye Xiaochen left the stadium early .

However, he did not leave the university, instead, he asked the university leaders to prepare a classroom where he could personally accept the student’s application .

The reason why he did was naturally to take a look at those applicants with his talent eye .

After all, the test wasn’t 100% accurate .

It didn’t take long before the first student came to register .

Unfortunately, Ye Xiaochen saw that the student didn’t have any talent with his talent eye .

Nevertheless, Ye Xiaochen still accepted his applications .

If he tries to recruit only those who have talent then he guessed there would be only a few people .

Anyway, his teaching was just an outer appearance, if the person really has the planting talent, he would focus on training that person .

He was curious about whether Ji Yuting would come to register?

That girl has yellow grade seventh level planting talent, which could be considered absolutely best on earth .

Such a talent must be gathered under his banner and cultivated well .

After that, one after another students came to register, but none of them had planting talent .

He sighed in his heart, it seemed that the proportion of people with planting talent was really too small .

Just when he was in thoughts, two more people came in, they seemed like a couple .

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“Senior Ye, both of us want to register . ”

The speaker was a boy wearing glasses and had a gentle manner .

“Have you guys tried that simple test?”

Ye Xiaochen asked .

He didn’t use the talent eye at the start . After all, it costs energy and if there were more people, he would not be able to support it .

“I don’t think I have any planting talent, but I would like to accompany my boyfriend to your class, senior, is that okay?”

The girl asked .

“Okay . ”

Ye Xiaochen nodded . Anyway, one more increase would not be a loss .

He looked at the boy who was wearing glasses with his talent eye . The next moment, his eyes lit up . The boy had planting talent .

For Ye Xiaochen, something was better than nothing .

He calculated in his mind, with the addition of Ji Yuting, now there were two people with planting talent .

Well, this time’s visit to the Agricultural University was not in vain .

Ye Xiaochen asked the two people to leave their contact and other details .

Zhao Kaiping, the boy with the glasses, wanted to add we Chat, and Ye Xiaochen immediately agreed .

There were other applicants who also wanted to add his weChat, but he turned them down .

If he adds everyone in his WeChat, won’t his WeChat explode!

The reason he added Zhao Kaiping was naturally because he had the planting talent, and was worthy to cultivate .

Zhao Kaiping doesn’t know that he had entered the key training list of Ye Xiaochen . Otherwise, it wouldn’t be known how excited he would have been .

In the following period, many people came . The number of students in the agricultural university was not less, even if 100:1 ratio was taken, at least 100 to 200 people applied .

Ye Xiaochen discovered another one with the planting talent . Like Zhao Kaiping, he was also a yellow grade first level talent .

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Maybe his luck ended, after that, there were no people with planting talent .

At last, Ji Yuting came . Ye Xiaochen finally breathed a sigh of relief, he was afraid that Ji Yuting didn’t want to attend his class .

Otherwise, he would have had to try to persuade her, and she might have thought he has some ulterior motive if he did that .

“Senior, we met again . ”

Ji Yuting skilfully smiled .

“Haha, I thought you wouldn’t come . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

“Senior, how did you know I would come?”

Ji Yuitng listened to the unexpected situation and asked curiously .

“Because I saw that you have a pretty good planting talent . ”

Ye Xiaochen directly said .

Such a good seedling, Ye Xiaochen naturally attached great importance to it . If Ji Yuting was given a good development space, her future achievement would be pretty good, not to mention reaching the level of Academician Yang .

“Senior, what you said is true?”

Ji Yuting’s eyes shined and hurriedly asked .

“It’s true . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

“You don’t have any other ideas, do you? Otherwise, how can you directly say I have planting talent?”

Ji Yuting was the kind of girl who dares to say what she thinks .

“Haha, do I look like that kind of person? Why don’t you try the spirit listening method . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said .

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Ji Yuting’s eyes shined, she hurriedly nodded .

Ye Xiaochen told the details of the method and gave her some advice .

It didn’t take much time for Ji Yuting to enter the spirit listening state .

After a long time, Ji Yuting opened her eyes, showing a novel look, “Senior, it’s wonderful, is this the magical perception of the spirit listening state?”

“Haha, of course . The people without planting talent have no way to enter the spirit listening state . Moreover, your entry time in the spirit listening state is fast, and your state lasted for a long time, which indicates that your planting talent is good . ”

Ye Xiaochen nodded and said .

“Hehe, I believe you now . It seems that I am really talented!”

Ji Yuting revealed a sweet dimple and then curiously asked, “Senior, with my talent, is there any hope to surpass you in the future?”

Ye Xiaochen was astounded and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry . He looked at Ji Yuting and said, “Do you want to hear the truth or lie?”

“Listen to both . ”

Ji Yuting blinked her eyes and said .

“As long as you work hard, you might surpass me one day . As the saying goes, the rear waves of the Yangtze river drive on those before . ”

(Tn: each new generation excels the previous)

Ye Xiaochen said .

“And the truth?”

“It’s impossible . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

“Why is it impossible? I am talented . Don’t the rear waves of Yangtze river drive on those before and the student surpasses the master?”

Ji Yuting pouted and said .

“Because I am more talented than you!”

Ye Xiaochen burst into laughter .

Ji Yuting’s eyes widened, and suddenly she felt that the senior was really an interesting person .

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