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Chapter 238

Earlier, Ye Xiaochen from his sister got to know that Guo Moyun’s game studio was in negotiation with Yinling Games .

This company called Yinling games was relatively famous in the game field and has made several well- known games .

Just how did this happen all of a sudden?

“Sister, don’t cry . What is going on?”

Ye Xiaochen heard the sister’s crying voice and immediately comforted her .

Ye Ying stammeringly explained the situation .

Ye Xiaochen got to know what was going on . Originally, the game designed by Guo Moyun’s studio was in negotiation with the Yingling games, however, during the talks, there were differences within the studio . There was an important figure in the studio named Xiang Hai, who wanted to use the mobile game to join the Yingling games, but Guo Moyun hoped to be able to finance the studio, rather than become a subsidiary team of Yingling games .

They could use this mobile game to develop and grow, and it was not impossible to start a game company .

It was these two differences that made the subsequent engagements difficult .

However, no one thought that Xiang Hai had already been bought by Yingling games .

The higher management of the Yingling game was very optimistic about the game designed by the studio and has long wanted to take it as its own . Therefore, they paid a lot of money to buy Xiang Hai to be the internal agent and directly steal the complete data of the whole game .

Followed by, the Yingling game held a press conference in advance, announcing a new game would be launched . Guo Moyun and others got to know about it, naturally, they do not want their hard years to disappear to nothing .

The top management of the Yingling game was optimistic about Guo Moyun’s team and hoped to attract them . As long as they were willing, they would still allow them to lead this mobile game .

Unfortunately, Guo Moyun and others were not willing, which eventually led to breaking ties between both sides .

Then, Yingling game threatened to sue Guo Moyun’s studio, if they do not join the Yingling game, then they would ruin their reputation and let them quit the game field forever .

Guo Moyun and other talents found that all this was due to the traitor Xiang Hai, who put their studio into such a passive state .

“The Yingling games and Xiang Hai are too abominable . Brother, do you have any way to help Moyun?”

Ye Ying pleaded .

She knew her brother was very capable now, therefore she called him .

Now Guo Moyun and others were really cornered .

If the Yingling Games sue them, they would definitely lose the lawsuit, and it might also affect Guo Moyun’s studies .

“Sister, you don’t worry about it . I’ll help to find a solution . ”

Ye Xiaochen knows his sister has deep feelings for Guo Moyun; not for the monk’s sake but for the Buddha’s sake he must have to help .

(TN: monk here is referred to Guo Moyun and Buddha here is referred to Ye Ying . )

It was just he doesn’t have much experience in this kind of thing, he must find a professional for help .

After hanging up the phone, Ye Xiaochen pondered for a bit and called Wang Shuisheng to ask if he knew any powerful lawyer .

“Xiaochen, why do you need a lawyer? Are you in trouble?”

Wang Shuisheng asked curiously .

Looking for a lawyer means it should be something concerned with lawsuits .

“No, I am not the one, but a friend of mine is having a bit of trouble and wants to consult a lawyer . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

“No problem, I know a lawyer who is very famous . I’ll send you his phone number . Well, I think it would be more convenient if I personally introduced him to you . ”

As Wang Shuisheng’s industry was so big, the Jinyang group has a strong legal department and has business contacts with some big lawyers .

“Thank you, Brother Wang . ”

“Thank you for what? With your reputation, even if I don’t introduce you they will still attach great importance to you . Moreover, lawyer Xie and I haven’t had dinner for some time . He has helped me a lot with matters previously . ”

Wang Shuisheng laughed and said .

They made an appointment for a time and place and hung up immediately .

At noon, Ye Xiaochen drove to Yang city’s immortal spring restaurant .

In a private room, Ye Xiaochen met with Wang Shuisheng and a middle-aged man who had a scholarly aura .

“Professor Ye, I’ve been hearing about your name for a long time . I have never got the opportunity to meet you, and today I am finally able to see you . ”

As soon as the middle-aged man saw Ye Xiaochen, he got up and enthusiastically said .

“Xiaochen, this is lawyer Xie Zhengqi . ”

Wang Shuisheng quickly introduced him .

“Lawyer Xie, I will be bothering you this time . ”

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Ye Xiaochen shook hands with Xie Zhengqi and said politely .

“Haha, what bother? I’m in this business . ”

Xie Zhengqi was outspoken and straightforward .

Three people sat down .

After chatting for a while, they finally went to the main point .

Ye Xiaochen gave a detailed account of the actual situation .

“Professor Ye, the crux of this matter is evidence, as long as the studio you are talking about can show that the game was designed by them, then it would not be a trouble . ”

Xie Zehngqi said .

“There was a problem inside their studio and someone wiped out the evidence . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

“Then this makes the matter more difficult, but it doesn’t matter . As long as the game is designed by them, there will always some evidence to be left . Professor Ye, let me contact them to find out more about the situation . ”

Xie Zhengqi thought for a while and said .

Ye Xiaochen nodded . He was not fully aware of the specific situation . It was best for Xie Zhengqi to contact Guo Moyun .


Shashi city, NanjingUniversity, in a certain building

Ye Ying, wearing an apron, was putting the food on the table .

She went inside the studio next room which was filled with computers and other things, then called Guo Moyun and others to have the meal .

Guo Moyun’s beard was long and unattended, the whole person looked decadent .

The same was true for others .

The atmosphere in the room was very silent .


All of a sudden, the most bad-tempered Lu Xiaqi banged his hands on the table and said angrily, “I can’t stand it anymore . I’m going to kill that bastard Xiang Hai . ”

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He got up angrily .

No one spoke .

Lu Xiaoqi stopped, “damn, you guys won’t stop me?”

“How many times have you repeated this? I haven’t seen you doing anything . ”

Xia Ping said feebly .

“All right, let’s eat . After finishing eating, let’s disband . ”

Gup Moyun picked up chopsticks and said .

“Disband? Big brother, what do you mean? No, absolutely no . How can you do that?”

The fat man stared in disbelief and said

“What can we do if we don’t disband? The matter has come to this, and we can’t do anything about it . Let’s just think of it as a dream . As for the matter of loan sharks, leave it to me . ”

Guo Moyun looked tired .

He believed Xiang Hai too much .

He once thought him as his best brother, but that person stabbed him in the back, and he felt a little disheartened about it .

The others were silent .

They were really desperate .

In the beginning, in order to design this game, they not only worked part-time but also asked for money from their families . They even borrowed money from the entrepreneurial platform and even borrowed money from loan-sharks .

As long as they succeed, they would no longer be short of money .

However, now it was all over .

The game they designed became someone else’s, and they were burdened with huge debts .

They were at the end of their rope .

If they want to start again, they have to cross this difficult time, and they have no such confidence to start after this time’s shock .

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At this moment, someone’s phone rang .

Everyone looked at Ye Ying .

Ye Ying quickly took out the mobile phone, it was an unfamiliar number .

She looked at Guo Moyun and answered .

“Hello, is this Miss Ye Ying? I am Xie Zhenqi, the director of Yang city Zhengqi law firm . I was entrusted by your brother professor Ye to deal with the dispute between Tianqi studio and Yingling game company . ”

A male voice full of magnetism came out of the phone .

Ye Ying was slightly stunned, and immediately there was happiness in her heart, she quickly said, “Lawer Xie, I am Ye Ying . ”

Guo Moyun and others looked at her .

Ye Ying spoke with Xie Zhengqi for a while, mainly about the case, and agreed on a place and time for the meeting .

After hanging up the phone, Guo Moyun frowned and said, “Yingying, did you tell brother Ye?”

“Well, Moyun, don’t blame me . ”

Ye Ying nodded, she knew that Guo Moyun had strong self-esteem, and did not want this thing to be known to his brother .

“That’s great . Sister in-law’s big brother is a big professor, he can certainly help us . ”

“Yeah, why didn’t we think of that?”

“With professor Ye helping up, we will surely win . ”

Xia Ping was pleasantly surprised .

They have long known that Ye Ying’s brother, Ye Xiaochen, was an associate professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences .

“Why did you say that?”

Guo Moyun shook his head and showed a touch of bitterness .

Ever since he got to know Ye Ying’s brother was an associate professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, he had a strong desire to prove himself in front of Ye Xiaochen .

However, now his dream was shattered, and he has to still rely on Ye XIaochen to help .

He felt previously his thoughts on the world were too simple .

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