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Chapter 227

Farm .

The night’s silence was like still water .

Although the weather was very cold, Ye Xiaochen didn’t feel anything .

He still sleeps on the bamboo bed in the shed at night .

He was looking at the Shennong system introduction guide .

So far, he has read the book from beginning to end .

Previously he used to read with eyes .

However, now that he has practiced Shennong Tactic, and produced energy, he could cooperate energy with his spiritual talent to directly communicate with this book and absorb the content of the book directly . The speed was a hundred times faster than reading with his eyes .

This was equivalent to rote memorization, to remember without seeing, it was that kind of feeling .

He still reads it every day .

“Planting is complementary to Shennong . When you plant, the plant you have planted will give an invisible benefit . It is not obvious at present, but it will be revealed in the future . ”

Ye Xiaochen put the book in the storage space .

He recalled the piece of information he had just read .

It was difficult for him to understand exactly what kind of benefit it would give because it has not been specially recorded .

Since it was mentioned in the Shennong system introduction guide, there must be something .

“I am bored, what should I do now?”

Ye Xiaochen pondered .

With the two bean soldiers around, he doesn’t have to worry about the farm at all .

At the ordinary time, he would practice Plant growth, and Cloud and Rain dana .

“Why don’t I try Plant soldier skill?”

Ye Xiaochen thought .

He hasn’t practiced this immortal technique yet .

It was more difficult and required higher energy .

However, he has been practicing the Shennong tactic for quite some time, and now his energy has increased many times compared to what it was at the beginning .

He felt that there should be no problem in practicing the plant soldier .

Once he practices this plant soldier, he would have mastered an immortal technique that has both attack and defense .

Naturally, this plant soldier technique could not be practiced on the farm, as it would destroy the vegetation and immortal plants .

When borrowing the power of plants, it would cause damage to that plant .

He quickly went to the mountains outside the farm .

The cold wind blew .

Ye Xiaochen took out the animal hide and put it in front of him .

With his eyesight, he could even see it in the dark as it was a day .

It was like casting bean soldiers . First of all, it was necessary to visualize and condense the seal .

It was just the seal that was different from that of a bean soldier .

The seal of the bean soldier could last for a long time, while the seal of plant soldiers could only last for a short time .

It was also because of this, the seal of plant soldiers has a strong explosive force .

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The seal was condensed in his mind, he pinched his finger, the spirit talent ran wildly and the energy also gushed out from the dantian .

All of a sudden, he felt a stagnation of qi and his chest became very stuffy and tight . He quickly scattered the spell and recovered himself .

He tried a dozen times, and every time he reached this point he felt his chest tightened .

He knew there was a problem .

He carefully studied the technique again .

After correcting himself many times, Ye Xiaochen felt certain .

All of sudden, Ye Xiaochen hummed in a low voice and stomped his feet, just like a thunderbolt on the ground . The stale air that would have stopped at his chest gushed out from his mouth, and immediately he felt very relaxed .

Promptly, he moved his finger, and streaks of white light came out .

Instantly, dozens of light streaks fell on large and small plants .

Vaguely, Ye Xiaochen felt that there were some changes in the plant and trees, they were not the same as before .

Swiftly, he recited the tactic, then suddenly the whole scene changed, dozens of plants and trees shook .

The most incredible thing was the ground vibrated a little, and the root of trees poked out of the ground .

Under Ye Xiaochen’s control, these plants have gone extraordinary changes, their trunk and branches have become extremely resilient, they could also twist and smack, completely contrary to the characteristics of the tree .

It was hard to imagine that a pine tree with a thick trunk could bend its trunk to 90 degrees .

This was the strange thing about all the plants . These plants were no longer ordinary plants but connected by strange magic which stimulated the potential and turned into power for the vegetation .

It was self burning .

It lasted for only twenty to thirty breaths, but the surrounding vegetation was affected as if a tornado had raged the area .

Only a dozen of plants remained intact .

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All of a sudden, Ye Xiaochen’s whole body shook, his energy was completely dissipated, and he could no longer maintain the spell of plant soldier .

Like a flash in the pan, the dozens of plants and trees instantly solidified, and even the bent trunk was fixed and could no longer be restored .

The whole scene was so bizarre, it seemed as if these plants had been placed in a certain shape .

The roots that drilled out of the ground were like thorns .

The most important thing was that at the moment when the ‘plant soldier’ spell failed, the leaves of the trees turned yellow, and the trunk lost their vitality completely .

Dozens of plants were completely dead .

They have been drained of all their vitality by the spell, and all of it has turned into the power of plants .

Ye Xiaochen looked at the appearances of these plants and was speechless, what should I do?

If anyone came here and saw the appearances of the trees and plants, they would be scared to death!

This was not a remote mountain forest, but a mountain located near the village, and this mountain has owners .

“It seems that the next time I practice the plant soldier spell, I have to go to a remote mountain!”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head .

The plant soldier skill could be called the art of destroying the forest . All the plants that had been turned into soldiers were deformed and dead .

Only if he could control the power of the Plant soldier .

He was far from it now .

“It seems that I have to think about other means . ”

Ye Xiaochen sighed .

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The surrounding mountain and forest were owned, so it was better to go farther .

At the moment, Ye Xiaochen had no choice but to turn and go down the mountain .

As for this little mountain forest, there was nothing he could do about it, so he left it as it is .

Back at the farm, Ye Xiaochen directly went to the immortal grass field .

He had no energy in the crystal, the one immortal spell had consumed all his energy pool .

When he replenished his energy, he was surprised to find that his energy has improved a lot, and was much more effective than using plant growth and Cloud and Rain dana .

He was pleasantly surprised .

……………………………………… .

Fang Yuan was working in the Municipal Agriculture Bureau .

As early as half a month ago, he was transferred from the promotion station to the Agriculture Bureau .

Moreover, he was now a deputy section level official .

He was also a department director and could be said to be holding important responsibility .

At the moment, he was drinking and looking at the document leisurely .

Sometimes his department was so idle that he could just sit in the office every day .

When he’s busy, he wouldn’t even get a quarter of an hour to rest .

Currently, he is idle .

Suddenly, a notification came in his WeChat . He opened it and saw that it was a message from his wife Huang Qiqi .

“It is a very nice song, recommended by my best friend . ”

There was also the link to the website .

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