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Chapter 226

Yang city plant consciousness research institute

In a high tech lab .

More than twenty researchers were wearing white uniforms .

Academician Yang, Zhang Keqin, and others were present .

Those who could be here have the talent of spirit listening talent .

Academician Yang and Zhang Keqin like people have successfully learned basic Five Finger Spirit Listening .

“The experiment that I’m going to conduct today is very important . You all have entered the beginning stage of the Five Finger Spirit Listening method, which is enough to get involved in the spirit listening world that I’m applying . I’m going to let you experience what real plant consciousness looks like . This will help you guys a lot in your understanding of the plant consciousness . ”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and continued, “There is an old saying, in science, you should have the mind to doubt . However, this is not absolute . In some things, when you doubt, you can not get started, just like in religion, faith is the spirit if there is no faith it is ineffective . It is the same here, if you doubt its existence, you will not be able to truly enter the consciousness world…”

Ye Xiaochen said a lot of things .

All the people present on the scene showed a look of expectation .

They have learned a lot of theoretical knowledge these days, but they still don’t know what plant consciousness was like .

Shortly, Ye Xiaochen took the people towards a large camellia tea tree .

The tree was not tall, but it covers a large area .

They surrounded it .

Everyone’s hands were on the tea tree .

“All right, all of you close your eyes and tap the tea tree with Five Finger Spirit Listening, as usual, you must not be distracted at all . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

Suddenly, everyone closed their eyes .

They touched the branches of the tree and their fingers tapped on it with a strange rhythm .

There seems to be unity in all the people’s tap .

Ye Xiaochen also put his hand on the tree and used the spirit talent .

His spirit talent did not only cover the tree but also all the people present on the scene .

All the people were highly concentrated and there were no distractions . It became easy for Ye Xiaochen to communicate with their consciousness .

Instantly, with Ye Xiaochen’s spirit talent as the medium, as if a bridge was built between the consciousness of all people and the tree’s consciousness .

Suddenly, everyone felt that their consciousness was pulled across the communication bridge by an invisible force, and then sensed a strange consciousness .

In this way, the world of consciousness gradually revealed a part of mystery to them .

After a long time, everyone opened their eyes and their faces were lit up with surprise .

They really sensed the plant consciousness, it was a wonderful feeling!

“It’s amazing . The plants are really conscious!”

Academician Yang sighed .

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He didn’t say this because he had a doubt, he said it because of excitement for sensing the plant consciousness .

Compared with the previous plant study, this plant consciousness world has made him look forward to it more .

Other people were also discussing, they were excited and were unable to suppress it .

“Remember the feeling that you have when I guided you to communicate with plant consciousness . After you completely master the Five Finger Spirit Listening method, you will be able to communicate and sense it by yourself . ”

Ye Xiaochen nodded .

After finishing the experiment, Ye Xiaochen left the research institute . In any case, what should be done has already been done, and rest should be solved by the researchers themselves . Anyway, they were not a three-year-old child .


The first thing Wang Xuanyang did after waking up was to log in to the ethereal music forum in his mobile phone and check the status of his post .

When he opened it, he was stunned .

Because his post has become too popular .

The count of views has exceeded 50,000 and the number of comments has reached more than 1000 .

Such a post would definitely become super hot in the forum .

And the most important thing was this took only one night and one day!

In fact, after listening to the music many members of the forum have become deeply attracted to it .

Although it was recorded from a mobile phone and the touching of the soul was weak, still it was not low .

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Everyone who heard it, became immersed in it, they were unable to extricate themselves and listened repeatedly, eventually becoming a fan of the music .

In the comment section, people were asking about the person who played the flute?

It was obviously impossible for Wang Xuyanyang to disclose it .

Although he wanted to reveal it, he knew consequences would follow if he did it .

Ye Xiaochen had come to the studio with Wang Xinyi driving a two to three million worth Porsche car . At a glance, he understood that he was a rich man with high status .

This amazing post has long alarmed forum management .

After listening, they were also deeply attracted to it, and then without thinking much, they put it in the top post .

It was because the post was placed in the top post section, it became so popular in a short time .

If Wang Xuanyang while uploading hadn’t turned off the download permission and only gave the right to listen, he was afraid that it would have spread more widely .

Even so, because of such music, the flow of traffic in the ethereal forum had increased and it kept on increasing .


Suddenly, Wang Xuanyang received a private message .

He quickly opened it and found that someone claiming from a certain music company hoped to find the person who played the music, and they were willing to give a lot of money for this news .

Wang Xuanyang didn’t expect that the people from the music company would come to him so soon .

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He replied that he didn’t know about the person and recorded it accidentally .

For the next few days, he was repeatedly getting private messages .

It also included the forum administrator . They hoped that he would not open the download permission .

Once the download permission was opened, the song would definitely go out to different music platforms .

At that time the traffic flow would certainly be divided .

Therefore, the management was willing to pay him the fee to retain it, that was, the more additional traffic to the forum, the more he would earn .

“It’s good . I won’t spread it to other music platforms, and I can also make a small profit . ”

Wang Xuayang was worried that it would spread to different platforms and the person who played the flute would get to know about it .

Now that this song was fixed in this forum, its influence would get limited and that person might not know about it .

Although some people might use recording equipment to record this music, the sound effect would certainly be worse .

Immediately, Wang Xuanyang directly agreed .

In this way, this music of the spirit song of plants swept the whole music circle . It was recommended by friends, colleagues, family members, relatives, classmates, and so on . When people listened they couldn’t stop it, they became a loyal fan and continued to recommend it to others .

In this way just like a snowball, the more it rolled the bigger it got .

The flow of traffic at the ethereal music forum soared at an alarming speed .

Although some people recorded the song, the effect was not so good .

Although many copied versions came out, they did not have much impact, because those who heard it felt that it was far inferior to the original .

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