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Chapter 228

Fang Yuan knows that his wife likes music and was a loyal fan of a certain star .

He had no interest in music, although he was not tone deaf, he had average sense .

It was just that his wife likes music, so he needs to listen .

At the moment, he opened the website and found that he had to register .

“What a broken website, still asking me to register, it is really troublesome . ”

Fang Yuan muttered .

However, he still registered . If after going home while discussing if his wife found out that he hadn’t registered and didn’t listen to the song, he would certainly be punished .

He felt that he had become careless and was confused by Huang Qiqi’s gentle and virtuous appearance . After marriage, she has changed completely and became strong .

He was now a henpecked husband .

After registering with great difficulty he was finally able to listen to the so-called great music .

When he played the music, his face immediately changed .

Outside the door, a disciplinary inspection commission staff gently pushed the door, ready to check the situation inside .

Suddenly, he stopped and listened to the music carefully .

It doesn’t know how long it took, but all of a sudden, the sound of the flute disappeared .

The disciplinary officer rushed in .

There was happiness on Fang Yuan’s face, it was really nice to hear, his wife’s recommendation was really good .

He was about to play the music again, and suddenly he heard a sound of rushed footsteps .

He immediately looked back and saw that the door had been pushed open and a man rushed in .

He was very surprised and was about to put the phone away .

Because he knew that recently there has been frequent inspection .

If you are caught doing something unrelated to your job, you will be punished .

He was a newcomer who had just been the head of the department for less than a month, and he hasn’t fully secured his place . If he was punished by the inspection, it would become a joke .

“Fang Yuan, what was that flute music just now?”

The man hurriedly asked .

Fang Yuan saw the man and shouted bad in his heart .

Because this man has the nickname of black-faced god, many officials have fallen into his hands and have been punished .

“Director Li, ah . . ”

Fang Yuan froze, what should he do?

“The flute music you played just now, was very nice . Who played it?”

Black-faced God Director Li impatiently asked .

Fang Yuan saw director Li’s impatient appearance and immediately an understanding came over .

His heart shouted lucky in his heart, looks like he would be able to escape this calamity . He immediately handed the phone to director Li and said, “Director Li, it is a song from this website, I also listened just now . ”

Director Li clicked on the music and played again .

Suddenly, a soft, clear, and melodious sound of flute sounded in the office .

Director Li already sat down and listened to music with a face full of intoxication .

It was the same for Fang Yuan .

After playing it several times in a row, director Li still couldn’t get tired of it .

“I didn’t expect there would be such beautiful flute music . Fang Yuan, you share this URL of this website to my WeChat . ”

Director Li was very surprised .

“Yes, however Director Li, what is your WeChat number?”

Fang Yuan hurriedly asked .

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Director Li instantly told him, Fang Yuan quickly added Director Li and then shared the website URL to him .

After Director Li left, Fang Yuan secretly called himself lucky .

If it were not for Director Li liking this piece of music, he wouldn’t have escaped from the calamity .

Although he wanted to listen to music again, he suppressed himself .

……………………………………… .

In the evening .

Ye Xiaochen was eating dinner at home .

Suddenly, his mother said, “I heard from old Wu that strange things happened on Li Zhiying’s family mountain . ”

“What strange things?”

Father asked curiously .

“It seems that the trees and plants on the mountain have turned into strange shapes, and many of them have died, some of them even got destroyed . ”

The mother continued, “It was when Li Zhiying and her man went to the mountain to cut a tree, they found it . She was scared to death . It was said they were going to offer a sacrifice tomorrow morning . Many people have gone to see the scene . ”

“Let’s go and have a look at it tomorrow . ”

Father was interested in these strange things .

After Ye Xiaochen heard, his eyes shook a little, he knew that it was he who created the strange forest by using plant soldier skill .

However, he didn’t show it at all on his face, and instead asked curiously .

Mother said it was a mysterious Mountain God, and said spirits roam in the mountain forest …

Ye Xiaochen touched his nose, it seems that his spell has created a mysterious event .

The next day early morning, Ye Xiaochen, his mother, father, sister-in-law Hui and aunt; such a large group of people went directly to Li Yuying’s mountain forest .

While on the road they also met other people, all of them went to see the strange trees .

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At foot of the mountain, Ye Xiaochen suddenly felt he had seemed to underestimate this strange forest influence . He saw that there were different kinds of motorcycles and even several cars parked on the road .

They came to see the strange forest .

The mountain was bustling with people, there should be at least a hundred .

In the strange forest, there were several dead trees with strange shapes, the roots pierced out of the ground like thorns, everything was strange .

And Li Yuying’s family lit incense, burned paper money, placed tribute, and offered sacrifices .

Ye Xiaochen was sweating .

Doesn’t it mean they were sacrificing to himself?

In the afternoon, while coming back to Yang city, Ye Xiaochen saw there were still many motorcycles and cars parked at the foot of the mountain . He couldn’t know whether to cry or laugh .

It seems that it would take some time for this to settle down .

Unfortunately, he had no idea when it would stop .

Night .

Ye Xiaochen holding the mobile phone was video chatting with Wang Xinyi .

Since now Wang Xinyi could hear and speak, the communication between the two has become easier .

After chatting for more than half an hour, Ye Xiaochen closed Wechat and was planning to read the Shennong system introduction guide .

These two days, he hasn’t practiced the plant soldier spell, because he doesn’t know where to practice .

The supernatural forest he had created, was still under great attention . It was said that even the county forest bureaus have sent people .

Suddenly, a notification came on the phone .

It was weChat .

He quickly opened and saw that it was from Fang yuan .

It turned out to be a website URL .

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“A wonderful song, I am sharing it with you . ”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head since when did this guy start to like to listen to music?

Didn’t he say that he doesn’t have any interest in music?

Ye Xiaochen put his phone aside without opening the website .

After ten minutes, a notification again came in weChat .

“Did you listen to it? Isn’t it awesome?”

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes, was it so good?

I really need to listen to it .

He clicked on the website .

“Damn, I need to register!”

Ye Xiaochen was speechless .

He thought it was too much trouble and ignored it .

“Be sure to register . If you don’t listen to the song, you’ll regret it all your life . ”

“Is it so good?”

Ye Xiaochen sent a message to him .

“You will never think of any other music again . Believe me, register quickly, you will never stop listening to it . ”

Fang Yuan sent a big message .

Ye Xiaochen with a wry smile registered, and then click on the music .

When the ethereal sound of the flute played on the mobile phone, Ye Xiaochen was stunned .

Damn, what the hell!

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