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Chapter 225

Farm .

The moonlight spilled over the farm .

Although the weather was cold, Ye Xiaochen was still wearing autumn clothes .

The divine energy has strengthened his body, so he has become resistant to cold and heat .

Ye Xiaochen entered the immortal field where he had planted several elixirs; immortal wind medicinal herb, ruler grass, and dandelion spirit vine .

The ten immortal wind medicinal herb and ten ruler grass were already more than an inch tall, their growth rate was quite fast .

If it was in the past, it would almost take half a month to grow this much .

He looked at the single dandelion vine .

A stainless steel frame was placed near it; when the vine grows, it could cling on the steel frame .

It was really a black grade immortal plant, the growth rate was really slow, it has only sprouted .

This was after his everyday effort of using plant growth .

He has never stopped providing the immortal spring water and immortal fertilizer .

The black grade immortal plant takes at least years to mature, even with Ye Xiaochen’s Shennong talent, coupled with the plant growth technique, he was afraid that it would take a few years before it could blossom and grow fruit .

Of course, he was confident that his Shennong talent would slowly grow, and at the same time, he was confident he could also upgrade the immortal land to level 3, which would definitely increase the growth rate .

Ye Xiaochen applied plant growth technique on the dandelion spirit vine, it seemed as if there were no changes, but he knew that the effect was there, but was not too obvious .

Over a long period, the qualitative change would surely occur .

He took out his flute and began to play the music .

The flute sounded like flowing water .

Ethereal and clear .

In an instant, the plant all over the farm began swaying .

Even the two bean soldiers who were busy with the work stopped and listened attentively .

The light in their eyes seemed to grow brighter and brighter .

The main body of the bean soldier was of an immortal bean . So naturally speaking, they were a kind of plant in a sense .

Therefore, this music has an effect on them .

After he finished playing the music, Ye Xiaochen felt the energy inside the crystal become very active .

He smiled slightly, and immediately went towards the immortal grass area and began to cultivate .

He found that after playing the music, his cultivation practice would become much better .

…………………………… .

Meanwhile, in a studio in Yang city .

Today was Wang Xuanyang vigil .

He wore headphones and was listening to the ethereal melody of the flute .

This piece of flute music he got when he helped the people recording it, after listening to it, he was shocked .

It was that the guest had asked to keep it confidential and even the soundtrack was removed from the studio .

However, he secretly recorded it on his cell phone .

Although it was not as clear as the professional recording equipment, it still let him feel good .

If he doesn’t listen to it every day, he would feel uncomfortable .

“It’s really a waste to listen to such flute music alone . ”

Suddenly an idea came in his mind .

Although the guest asked to keep it confidential, it was only for the original song . He recorded it on his phone, so it should be okay, right? Anyway, no one would know it was him .

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After getting this thought, he could not resist, he hoped the flute lovers would like this .

Immediately, he logged in to the ethereal music forum which he often visits .

This music forum was not for the public, but for real music lovers, who post their own recorded music on it .

In this forum, many amateur singers were active .

Naturally, there were almost no professional singers .

However, few small domestic music companies would come here sometime to explore, and it was said that they have found a few famous singers from it .

Let’s just take Hua Chen, who was quite famous now, she was from this ethereal music forum . Later, she was discovered by the well known Chang Jiang music company . Now she has become a second-tier singer, many amateur singers on the forum envy her .

Wang Xuanyang himself was a music lover, but his voice was not so good, so he later learned photography and music recording .

He quickly logged into his account and uploaded the flute music .

The title was, “Super Spirit music, worth listening a hundred times!”

He was an old member . Naturally, as soon as his post was uploaded, few clicked on it .

He refreshed it again and again .

After a full ten minutes, there were still no comments . He was a little puzzled .   Did other people not like it?

In this way, he refreshed for more than ten minutes . It reached half an hour, according to normal circumstances, it was impossible not to leave a comment after such a long time, and the number of views had already exceeded one hundred .

He refreshed again, and suddenly a comment appeared .

“It is so nice to hear . I’ve listened to it several times just now . I can’t get enough of it . Thank you for sharing . ”

Wang Xuanyang looked at the message and finally, a smile appeared on his face .

It was not that no was willing to comment, but the people who listened were continuously listening to the music two to three times in a go .

They couldn’t stop at all!

He refreshed again, and sure enough, more comments appeared one after another highly praising the music .

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However, some people commented that the recording was not so good . Although the music was good, the sound was not clear and felt a little regretful .

Wang Xuyanyang immediately edited the post saying that he had accidentally recorded the flute music and the person playing the music was not him but rather someone else .

Next, as he hoped, the post went viral .

The number of visitors increased, so did the number of comments .

In a single night, hundreds of comments appeared .

This was extremely rare, considering that it was late at night!

When Wang Xuanyang looked at the time, it was almost morning .

The full night he was watching the post .

He now felt sleepy .

Moreover, other colleagues would be coming to work now .

He didn’t want to discover that he uploaded it, so he immediately logged out of his account and closed the website .

……………………… . .

In the morning, Ye Xiaochen dropped his sister at the High-speed railway station .

“Sister, it’s time to get a driving license . ”

Ye Xiaochen said suddenly .

“But, I am afraid to drive . ”

Ye Ying said .

“What are you afraid of? You haven’t tried it . No matter, you have to try it . ”

Ye Xiaochen encouraged .

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Ye Ying nodded, “Brother, then I am going . ”

“Okay, make a phone call when you reach!”

Ye Xiaochen waved his hand .

After he saw Ye Ying passed through the inspection passage and entered the waiting room, he turned away and left .

While passing by a newsstand, he picked up the Yang city newspaper .

There was a very prominent new headline on the front page .

“The Xinhong group has raised one billion yuan and invested in the Qingyu group . It is a big move to enter the plant and agriculture industry . ”

The following text ‘ Just a short while ago, Wang Shusiheng the chairman of the Jinyang group had set up Earth Shennong company, and now Xinhong group’s this big move could be regarded as the comprehensive rise of the agricultural and planting industry in Yang city . At the same time, two giants would be fighting against each other now . ’

Ye Xiaochen frowned . What does the Xinhong group this move mean?

While thinking, he carried the newspaper to the car, and then called Wang Shusiheng .

“I also got to know about it recently . Cao Xinhong has done a good job of keeping secrets, there was no news at all about it . However, I already know his method, the Qingyu group is the sub-group of the Xiangjun group and it is responsible for agricultural products . I have heard that in the sponsorship of the research institute, there is a shadow of the Xiangjun group, it seems that Cao Xinhong has used some means and colluded with the Xiangjun group . ”

Wang Shusiheng’s tone was a bit serious .

The Xiangjun group was a giant group in the Southern province with assets of more than 10 billion yuan . Compared with the Jinyang group, it was one grade behind .

Obviously, the Xiangjun group also saw the great potential of the agriculture and planting industry in Southern Province .

However, the reason why it chose to cooperate with the Xinhong group was intriguing .

After all, the Xiangjun group could do it on its own, so why did they join with the Xinhong group?

Ye Xiaochen hung up the phone and did not inquire too much about it . Anyway, for him, no matter what they did, he would be invincible .

He believed that Wang Shuisheng has the ability to handle it .

He drove straight to Yang city plant consciousness research institute .

Today, he was going to carry out an important experiment .

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