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Chapter 219

The days passed by in a blink of an eye and it was already the second half of January .

The preparatory work for the Yang city plant consciousness research institute has been almost completed, and funding of all the staff has been put in place .

The address and the research institute was the original Yang city botany institute, which now has been transformed .

However, the facility and building area of this institute were far from enough, it was only a temporary base for now .

A new and complete research institute base was under construction, its area was ten times larger than the current research institute .

During this period, Ye Xiaochen mainly taught the researches of the research institute on the plant consciousness discipline, so that they could have a systematic understanding of the new discipline of plant consciousness .

In the research of plant consciousness, they were all newcomers, and haven’t even entered the door .

However, they were elites, and have high learning ability .

This saved Ye Xiaochen a lot of trouble .

The practice of Spirit listening was the top priority .

In addition to the existing members, Academician Yang and several others who have practiced the spirit listening have all been staying in the research institute .

During this time, they all stayed at the research institute to learn theoretical knowledge about plant consciousness with others .

Naturally, they didn’t stay for too long . After all, they were all the heads or important members of the research institute and their research work was very busy .

After leaving the research institute, Ye Xiaochen directly drove to Earth Shennong farm .

The Earth Shennong farm has been basically completed .

In the huge farm, a lot of farm machinery and equipment was in use .

Many workers in green clothes were busy working .

The buildings were constructed just like blocks, and the progress was very fast .

Ye Xiaochen parked the car in the parking lot and walked to the huge building which was nearby .

This was the seed treatment building that has been recently constructed .

The whole building was made with steel structure and was inlaid with special glass which could adjust the heat of outside light .

It has a complete high-tech equipment system .

Temperature control, water control, and so on, it was the most advanced automated planting processing building in China .

There several processes of seeds were done here, like seeding, sowing, rooting, germination and transplanting, all of which would be carried out in this building .

In the monitoring area, Ye Xiaochen met Wang Shuisheng .

Wang Shuisheng’s skin has turned darker, and his facial expression showed tiredness .

There was no other choice, during this period, he had to manage the construction project, the Earth Shennong farm, and the Jinyang group .

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If Ye Xiaochen hadn’t provided him the immortal spring pickled vegetables and the immortal plant pickled vegetables, it’s afraid that he would not have been able to hold on .

“Xiaochen, the seed promoting liquid you have provided is really amazing, the seed germination rate has reached 100 percent, and the most important thing is that the germination time has been shortened by half, there is no defect . ”

Wang Shuisheng said excitedly .

Although with the current technology, seed germination could reach more than 90% after the elimination of the bad and inferior seeds . However, the germination does not mean that it could survive, there would be cases of not enough vitality .

It was impossible to have a 100% rate like this .

Moreover, after laboratory testing, it was found there were no inferior plants .

This was extremely amazing .

“Brother Wang, this is just the beginning . After soaking with my prepared seed promoting liquid, the future growth would be very smooth . It can grow half the time of normal plants, and there will be no problems”

Ye Xiaochen said confidently .

Wang Shuisheng nodded, previously he had little doubts, but now he fully believes that Ye Xiaochen has the ability .

The plant growth time was shortened by half, which means the yield of the farm would rise linearly .

In fact, Ye Xiaochen didn’t say that after being soaked, not only the growth would be shortened but also the yield and the quality would improve a lot .

This seed promoting liquid was prepared after diluting the immortal seed promoting liquid .

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Of course, this was not the main factor .

The reason why Ye Xiaochen could be confident that the plants in the Earth Shennong farm would not be inferior to that on the old farm was that he has a branch farm quota which he got after the Shennong system was upgraded to the second level .

The old farm was the main farm .

This Earth Shennong farm was a branch farm .

Things like immortal land, immortal spring, and other immortal buildings could only be placed on the main farm and not on the branch farm .

However, if Ye Xiaochen binds the branch farm- Earth Shennong farm under the main farm, then his Shennong talent would be applied to this branch farm also .

Naturally, the effect won’t be as good as the main farm, it was estimated that it would be half .

Even so, this was good .

As long as Ye Xiaochen doesn’t unbind, the vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs planted in this Earth Shennong farm would be much better than those in ordinary farms .

This was where his confidence lies .

Naturally, Wang Shuisheng does not know this, he would only think it was due to the seed promotion liquid and fertilizers provided by Ye Xiaochen .

Back to the main farm .

Ye Xiaochen inspected the farm, and was very satisfied, the two bean soldiers were taking care of the farm properly .

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All he had to do was every once in a while, apply cloud and rain dana, and plant growth .

As for the general watering and other things, he doesn’t need to do it at all .

After a long time, Ye Xiaochen stood up in the immortal grass field, opened his mouth and exhaled, an air arrow shot out, making a whistling sound .

Since he practiced immortal cultivation, his body has been moistened by the energy, and his internal organs have become extremely powerful .

He could feel that the divine crystal in his dantian was several times stronger than before .

“I don’t know when this divine crystal would reach the turning point of changing to plant spirit?”

Ye Xiaochen thought in his heart .

As he was pondering, Dou Fanger flew over, “Master, the immortal grapes have matured . ”

“Tsk Tsk, the grapes have finally ripened . ”

Ye Xiaochen felt that his saliva was almost flowing out .

This was the only immortal fruit plant!

He has always liked to eat grapes, and the immortal grapes must be delicious .

Immediately, he quickly picked a bunch of grown immortal grapes .

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