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Chapter 218

When Ye Xiaochen returned home, it was already more than 4 o’clock in the afternoon .

His parents had already been waiting for him, and the sister-in-law, Aunt Hui, and other neighbors had all come to visit .

“Son, show me your associate professor certificate . ”

The mother was beaming with smiles and hurriedly said .

Father’s face was also flushed .

There was an associate professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences at their home, this was absolutely a great thing!

Although the experts’ group visited previously, it was informal and he hasn’t been recognized officially .

This time it was different .

The brand new certificate, bright red seal, black letters!

This could be said as the glory of the entire Ye family .

It wasn’t long before the entire Ye family gathered .

They killed chicken and geese and were prepared to offer sacrifice to their ancestors .

At the time of dinner, there were several tables set up .

There were all relatives and friends of the Ye family, the number wasn’t less than the time when the experts’ group visited .

Lively and nosey!

All of them were happy that from the Ye family there was an associate professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences .

It wasn’t until eight or nine o clock that the relatives and friends dispersed .

Ye Xiaochen finally had the chance to go to the farm .

Although he could see everything from the farm map, it was still convenient to check the farm personally .

Dou Huangyi was working hard .

The whole farm was well organized .

There was not a single weed in the field, it was clean .

Ye Xiaochen thought of the soul in the park of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and immediately took out the immortal bean .

With a flick of his finger, the bean flew out, spinning, it exploded with a sound, and thick black smoke spread .

The black smoke turned into a woman in a white dress .


Ye Xiaochen was a little surprised because he didn’t give the bean soldier an order to condense the body .

Active shape-shifting?

Interesting, it seems that this bean soldier was different from Dou Huangyi!

The woman in white was floating in mid-air, she had a beautiful face, a classical beauty .

Moreover, there was a shine in her eyes, and she seems to have wisdom .

Ye Xiaochen touched his chin, “Good, form now on, your name is Dou Fanger”

“Dou Fanger greets master . ”

The woman in the white dress knelt down and said in a clear and pleasant voice .

“Well, change your look and dress . ”

Ye Xiaochen waved his hand .

She was just a bean soldier working on a farm . Was it necessary to be so beautiful?

Shortly, Dou Fanger changed and was dressed like a village girl .

It didn’t look very beautiful .

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All right that was it, it looks good .

Compared with Dou Huangyi, Dou Fanger was much smarter and more flexible .

Ye Xiaochen asked her to take care of the twelve immortal lands,

With the two bean soldiers, Ye Xiaochen could finally relax .


Chinese Academy of Sciences, Taishui garden .

It was late at night .

Five people were standing under the osmanthus tree where a person was found hanged previously .

Director of the special affairs department, Jiang Hangliang, Taoist Yan, Master Qingtian, and his two disciples .

At the moment, the two disciples were busy, they took out the strange thing which they were carrying and began to measure around .

Master Qingtian would say one or two sentences from time to time .

Jiang Hangliang, director of the special affairs department, was confused and did not understand anything .

However, Taoist Yan was carefully watching, his eyes were full of expectation because he knew that the Master Qingtian was actually measuring the Feng Shui aura here .

All sorts of terms and information were coming out of Master Qingtian’s mouth, and his two disciples were laying out the measurement neatly .

“Master Qingtian, is this heaven and earth measurement of the Lingnan faction?”

Taoist Yan suddenly asked .

He belongs to the Beidi faction, but the Beidi faction has fallen very seriously .

On the contrary, it was the Lingnan faction that has developed well, in Xiangjiang, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States .

“Heaven and earth measurement? That’s just the general outline of our Lingnan school . It is just three Zhang qi measures . ”

(TN: one zhang= 3 . 3 m)

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Master Qingitan shook his head,

Three Zhang qi measures could detect the Feng Shui condition of place clearly within the range of three zhangs .

It was said the more powerful Feng Shui master could complete the measure within the three feet range .

Even so, Taoist Yan admired Qingtian .

Compared with the Lingnan school, the Beidi school was better at finding the dragon acupuncture points, but that was in the past, and now it was not .

After getting the information from his disciples, Master Qingitan walked in a strange path and was holding a delicate Feng Shui compass in his hand .

Suddenly, Master Qingtian stopped and muttered something . He was holding the compass and was calculating something .

After a long time, Master Qingtian took a long breath and went back to his original position, he shook his head and said, “No, although there is hidden evil yin ground, there is no soul or malicious spirit . ”

His tone was very firm .

“Impossible, a person committed suicide here the previous day . ”

Taoist Yan was astonished and said, “did the soul leave by itself?”

“It is not possible, although there are traces of damages in the Yin acupoint, it is shrouded by the academic atmosphere and there is no flaw in it . Even if it is a malicious spirit, it could never take a half step out of the park . ”

Master Qingtian said with a confident tone .

“so, is there really no soul here?”

Taoist Yan knew that master Qintian wouldn’t make any mistakes .

“Was the previous two suicides just normal?”

Jiang Hanliang, director of the special affairs department, was surprised .

“I just looked at the Feng Shui here . There was a malicious spirit here and it was very strong, but now it has disappeared . Why did it disappear? There can be only two kinds of circumstances, a Feng Shui master took away the soul, or because of an accident, it was killed by the academic atmosphere of the Chinese Academy of Sciences . However, I am more inclined to the first one . ”

Master Qingtian said .

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“Did a Feng Shui master come here?”

Taoist Yan and Jiang Hanliang were all surprised .

If this was the case, why did they spend so much money to invite Master Qingtian from Xiangjiang?

Master Qingitan saw two peoples’ expressions and immediately knew that they did not know that master .

Originally, he thought there were only a few real masters of Feng Shui Taoism in the mainland, but it seems that this is not the case .

If there really is a Feng Shui master who has taken away the malicious spirit without alerting the special affairs department of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, then it could be only said the person’s mean was not trivial, at least he doesn’t have this ability .

……………………… .

At this moment, in Yufeng village .

On the farm .

Ye Xiaochen was studying the cloud and rain dana immortal technique .

The principle of the immortal technique could not be explained by the existing knowledge of the earth .

He created a seal with ten fingers, and the energy suddenly bloomed and pointed at a bucket of immortal spring water .

All of sudden, a violent current surged in the water, and mist rose .

It lasted for more than ten seconds, and a cloud of ten meters radius formed .

He flipped his finger, and a ray of energy shot into the cloud, the cloud began to move, and it began to drizzle .

After the cloud of mist was over, the whole immortal field was watered .

Moreover, the immortal plant that got the water from the cloud and rain dana technique began to grow at a speed visible to the naked eye .

“Sure enough, the effect of cloud and rain dana with the plant growth is strong . ”

Ye Xiaochen showed a look of satisfaction .

Compared to pure plant growth, it was stronger .

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