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Chapter 220

There were clusters of immortal grapes, Ye Xiaochen counted, in one fruit cluster there were around 38 grapes .

Generally, in normal grapes, a fruit cluster would have 15-30 grapes .

Moreover, this immortal grape’s size was bigger .

Ye Xiaochen picked one of the fruit clusters, he did not wash, just wiped it, and put one piece in the mouth .

As he bit through the grape skin, a cold sweet juice came in his mouth .


Too Delicious!

Ye Xiaochen doesn’t have any words to describe the taste of this grape .

There was also an immortal spirit qi surging in his body .

He couldn’t help but eat a few more pieces, and immediately felt full . His body was filled with the immortal spirit qi and seems difficult to digest .

He knew if he ate more immortal grapes, he would have indigestion, which was not good for his body .

Although he was an immortal cultivator, his cultivation was still shallow and he couldn’t eat too many immortal fruits and plants .

At the moment, Ye Xiacohen began to collect other immortal grape clusters .

Adding in the cluster he picked, there were a total of 148 immortal fruit grapes clusters .

He identified it with plant identification, and all were ten circles .

As for the price of each immortal grape, through the plant identification technique and combined with the situation of other immortal plants, Ye Xiaochen could judge it .

One grain could at least reach 1 . 3 to 1 . 5 immortal yuan .

That was to say, the ten immortal grapevines were at least worth 7,000 immortal yuan .

Ye Xiaochen had no intention of selling these immortal grapes now, he was preparing to accumulate a few more immortal plants and open an auction again, so as to get more profit .

Ye Xiaochen returned home, with the fruit cluster from which he had eaten, the immortal spirit qi has been removed from it .

Since the water content of the grape was very high, even after removing the immortal spirit, there was no condition like dried beans, it was still beautiful but not as beautiful as it was before .

Ye Xiaochen removed six grapes from the fruit cluster, put in a fruit plate, and gave to the parents who were watching TV, “eat the grapes . ”

Mother and father didn’t care about it even though the grapes looked nice and big .

However, after both of them ate, their eyes widened .

“Son, what kind of grape is this? Why is this so delicious?”

Mother took one more grape, put it in her mouth, and eating with satisfaction said, “Really so delicious, is it the grape from your greenhouse?”

“Yes, these are from the grapevine which I have carefully researched and cultivated . ”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and said .

“My son is great, and this gape is also great . ”

Mother was full of praise .

The six grapes were finished quickly, and two of them were still unfilled .

“Son, do you have more, just a few grapes are not enough!”

Mother asked quickly .

“Mother, you can’t eat too much of this grape . ”

Ye Xiaochen casually made up a reason .

Actually, there was no other side effect other than being rich in nutrition .

However, it was hard to provide too many quantities .

Moreover, this was an immortal fruit!

The quantity was limited, and couldn’t be eaten too much . They need to be restrained so that they could eat every day .

For his family, Ye Xiaochen certainly won’t be stingy about the immortal fruits .

Due to regularly eating the immortal spring vegetables, immortal beans, immortal carrots, and other immortal vegetables, his parents look ten years younger and all their physical problems are gone .

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If they eat like this, it would be easy to live a long life .

After dinner .

Ye Xiaochen returned to his farm .

He was going to make Qiyuan medicine tonight .

After preparing for so long, he has basically solved all the technical problems .

Three dandelion spirits .

Three auxiliary ruler grass .

Three immortal medicinal herbs .

They were all lower grades .

In order to buy these plants, he has spent more than 12,000 immortal yuan .

However, as long as Wang Xinyi could be cured, any amount of immortal yuan was worth it .

In the iron shed .

Ye Xiaochen took out all the materials from which the immortal qi had been removed, and then began to deal with the materials .

Ye Xiaochen was very careful .

He knew that even a little carelessness might lead to failure .

This was thousands of immortal yuan!

From night nine o’clock to two or three o’clock, Ye Xiaochen was beside the boiler and controlled the temperature .

At the moment, there was nervousness on Ye Xiaochen’s face .

Because medicine was about to form .

It was also the most vulnerable moment .

He couldn’t help being nervous!

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All of a sudden, a strange fragrance came out of the boiler .

Ye Xioachen’s nose twitched, his face showed the color of happiness, and he quickly turned off the fire .

The strange fragrance gradually thickened and finally, the room was full of that fragrance .

It took a quarter of an hour until the fragrance faded away . He opened the lid of the boiler and saw a vermillion liquid in the tank .

He quickly took out three small thermos cups and poured out the liquid inside it, dividing it evenly into three parts .

He quickly closed the lid again .

These three cups of medicine represent Wang XInyi’s hope for recovery!

He wanted to send a message to Wang Xinyi, but he thought it was very late and Wang Xinyi should be in deep sleep, so he could only give up .

The next morning, Ye Xiaochen sent a message to Wang Xinyi .

“Xinyi, I’m going to give you a surprise today . ”

Wang Xinyi quickly sent a message asking what kind of surprise it was .

However, Ye Xiaochen didn’t say it and kept it a secret .

He didn’t even eat breakfast and directly drove to Yang city .

He reached Wang Shuisheng’s villa, Wang Shusiheng had already left .

These days, Wang Shusiheng would leave early and come late, he was very busy .

Ye Xiaochen went directly to Wang Xinyi’s courtyard .

Wang Xinyi had been waiting for him .

She asked what kind of surprise it was, using hand gestures .

Seeing Wang Xxinyi’s curious appearance, Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help smiling and then took out a thermos cup .

Wang Xinyi looked at the thermos cup and wondered if there was something delicious in it .

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“Xinyi, I have found the medicine that will cure your ear problem . ”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly said in hand gestures .

Wang Xinyi was stunned .

There was no joy on her face, as she knew that it was too difficult to cure her ear .

Her brother had tried everything he could think of, but nothing succeeded . All she got was disappointment after disappointment, and finally, it turned into despair .

Therefore, she had lost all hopes of curing her ear problem .

Ye Xiaochen saw Wang Xinyi’s expression and didn’t know what was going on in her mind, he immediately said, “Xinyi, just believe me once . ”

Wang Xinyi was silent for a moment, before she made a hand gesture, “Xiaochen, I know you are doing it for me, but, there is no cure for my disease . So let’s forget it, in case of getting disappointed later, it is better to cut off any thoughts . ”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly took her hand, and with spirit talent communicated with Wang Xinyi’s consciousness .

Immediately, his voice sounded in Wang Xinyi’s mind .

“Xinyi, can you hear my voice?”

He didn’t care that this would cause Wang Xinyi shock, he must now let Wang Xinyi believe him .

Wang Xinyi was shocked because she was able to hear Ye Xiaochen’s voice .

It was the first time she had heard any person’s voice, and it was Ye Xiaochen’s voice .

Ye Xiaochen’s voice was gentle and very magnetic, letting her fragile heart tremble .

“Xinyi, believe me, I can make you hear my voice, let you hear the sound of my flute, and I will certainly be able to cure your ears . ”

Ye Xiaochen said softly .

His eyes were extremely gentle, containing only pure love .

Wang Xinyi’s heart was completely melted by Ye Xiaochen’s words and eyes .

Finally, she nodded her head gently .

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