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Chapter 217

Beijing Capital International airport .

A flight from Xiangjiang landed at the airport .

“Master Qingtian, welcome to Beijing . This is Jiang Hanliang, director of the special affairs department under the Security department of the Chinese Academy of Sciences . ”

At the airport stood Taisot Yan wearing a tang suit and next to him was a middle-aged man in his thirties .

In front of them was an old man with a childish face wearing a long gown, just like an old scholar of ancient times .

Behind the old man were two young people, a man, and a woman .

“Well . ”

The old man known as master Qingtian had an arrogant look, and he just nodded .

As one of the three great masters of Feng Shui Taoism in Xiangjiang, he couldn’t be compared with a half skilled person like Taoist Yan in the mainland . He has real skills .

Taoist Yan was a little embarrassed, his seniority was lower than Master Qiangtian, and his attainment in Feng Shui Taoism was also below him .

Jiang Hanliang, director of the special affair department was slightly unhappy with master Qingtian’s arrogance attitude . However, he knew that he had to rely on the other side, so at the moment he was polite and also gave compliments .

Master Qingtian just gave a faint smile, and then got on a luxury Mercedes Benz car . Several cars drove out of the airport and headed towards the Chinese Academy of Sciences .


Near the Nanjing university Business school .

A fairly decent restaurant .

The people entering and leaving were college students from nearby universities . Due to the high rates, those who could come here were all from good financial families .

Ye Xiaochen had already reserved a private room in the restaurant .

As for his sister Ye Ying, she has yet to come .

Originally, he wanted to pick her up, but she said she would be coming with Guo Moyun .

Ye Xiaochen sighed in his heart .

After a while, the door of the room was pushed open, followed by Ye Xiaochen saw his sister Ye Ying coming with a tall and handsome young man .

From the first glance, Ye Xiaochen felt that Guo Moyun had a strong personality .

Moreover, there was a little bit of pride in his eyes .

Although Ye Xiaochen couldn’t be sure, he could still see that Guo Moyun has a firm and preserving character . He looked like a person who would not easily admit defeat .

Such a person once makes a decision, would never give up easily .

Generally speaking, such people were easy to succeed .

It seems that his sister’s vision was quite good .

“Brother Chen, I’m Yingying’s boyfriend, Guo Moyun . ”

When Guo Moyun saw Ye Xiaochen, he immediately recognized him and said his greeting .

As facial contours of the sibling were somewhat similar, an outsider could tell they were siblings from one glance .

“Take a seat . ”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and said,

Ye Ying and Guo Moyun both sat down .

On Ye Ying’s face, there was little nervousness, as if worried that her brother would be dissatisfied with Guo Moyun .

On the contrary, Guo Moyun appeared calmer .

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Ye Xiaochen asked him about the studio .

Guo Moyun answered everything in detail .

From his tone, it appeared that he was confident in the mobile game designed by the studio .

“It is very common for college students to fall in love, and I am not against it, but the success rate of being together is not high . There have been many breakups for various reasons, so I don’t want my sister to be hurt by a situation like this . Guo Moyun, do you understand what I mean?”

Ye Xiaochen’s tone was flat and also formed a kind of pressure on Guo Moyun .

“Brother Chen, I really like Yingying . In the second year when I first saw her, I felt that she is the one I would take care of for my whole life…”

Guo Moyun hurriedly said .

Have to say, Guo Moyun’s eloquence was really good, and it was hard to dislike him .

However, these words couldn’t affect Ye Xiaochen at all .

“Guo Moyun, do you know that for your sake my sister would rather give up the postgraduate qualification admission to Tsinghua and Peking university?”

Ye Xiaochen said .

Guo Moyun was shocked .

He looked at Ye Ying .

“Don’t doubt, I have the ability . ”

Ye Xiaochen saw a hint of doubt on Guo Moyun’s eyes and directly threw out a certificate .

When Guo Moyun saw the words Chinese Academy of Science, he was stunned for a moment, then picked it up and looked at it, followed by his whole body was shocked .

Associate professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences .

Director of Yang city plant consciousness research institute, branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences .

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Guo Moyun raised his head and looked at Ye Xiaochen . He originally thought Ye Ying’s brother was just the boss of a certain company, so he might be able to afford the luxury car worth a few million .

Now he knew it was not that, it was ten times bigger than being the so-called boss of the Company!

Associate professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences!

Was there such a young associate professor?

And he was only in his twenties!

Also, he was responsible for an important research institute under the Chinese Academy of Sciences .

All of sudden, he felt that his achievements were not worth mentioning compared to Ye Ying’s brother!

Ye Ying saw her boyfriend’s shocked expression . She was a little puzzled . She then took the certificate, and immediately covered her mouth with her hand and stared at it with wide eyes, the eyes showed a color of shock .

She didn’t know the purpose of his brother going to the capital and just knew that he was just going to attend a meeting .

Now that she saw the certificate, she knew the purpose .

Naturally, she knows the weight of the certificate!

With such a certificate, it was absolutely easy to apply as a professor in any famous university .

“Guo Moyun, I am not showing off anything . I just want to tell you, don’t let down my sister . ”

Ye Xiaochen took back the certificate and seriously said .

Although he was satisfied with the first impression given by Guo Moyun, he didn’t know his heart, so he still had to give a warning .

Either you leave my sister’s side, or take good care of her for your whole life .

There was no other choice .

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Otherwise, you will regret your whole life .

“Brother Chen, my love for Yingying, will never change . ”

Guo Moyun stood up and seriously said .

There was no trace of falseness .

He understood Ye Ying’s brother’s action, it was a warning to him .

“Okay, let’s eat . ”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and removed the atmosphere from the room .

Ye Ying couldn’t help but take a breath of relief .

Guo Moyun felt the pressure on him was gone .

Next, the atmosphere became very normal .

This Guo Moyun did not seem to be affected, he could speak well and adjust the atmosphere .

No wonder his sister likes him .

Let’s not talk about his ability, just with his mouth he could become very popular with girls .

After the meal, Guo Moyun rushed to settle the bill, Ye Xiaochen said with a smile, “Well, Guo Moyun, if you consider me as a brother, let me pay the bill . ”

Guo Moyun said, “That’s not good . You are not only my brother but also will be my future brother-in-law . Naturally, I have to pay the bill . ”

Ye Ying blushed who was on the side .

Ye Ying was speechless, this Guo Moyun looks handsome, but why is his face so thick?

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