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Chapter 216

After the award ceremony, various kinds of news about Ye Xiaochen spread rapidly within the Chinese Academy of Sciences .

The purification grass that could eliminate nuclear radiation .

Created a new research discipline-Plant consciousness .

Everyone has remembered the name of Ye Xiaochen .

Many people wanted to learn about purification grass and plant consciousness .

This was especially true for those in the field of botany .

On the same day, some contacted Ye Xiaochen .

Ye Xiaochen directly used the five finger spirit listening to test them .

As long as they have spirit listening talent he would accept, if not, he could only apologize to them .

Shortly, the condition of Ye Xiaochen’s criteria for the admission was spread out .

Of course, no one thought that Ye Xiaochen’s condition was too harsh, and instead, it increased the interest in the new discipline of plant consciousness .

In the end, more and more people contacted Ye Xiaochen, even some well-known experts and professors contacted him .

In the evening .

Ye Xiaochne sent off the last candidate .

Probably around two hundred came to take the test today .

Unfortunately, the proportion of people with spirit listening talent was not too large, and only eight have been found with talent .

It was still in the top research institutions like the Chinese Academy of Science and they were basically related to botany .

It could be imagined that the proportion of talent for spirit listening in the crowd was really very low .

He calculated in his mind, this time he discovered eight people, in the first experts’ group there were five experts including the two foreign experts, then in the second time there were seven experts, which add up to around twenty .

This ratio was too low .

If the research institute was set up and it started working, then this number was very less .

Moreover, it was impossible for some people to join the institute . After all, they were well-known experts, professors, and even academicians .

It was estimated that no more than twelve people would be joining the institute .

Ye Xiaochen knows that there must be people with the spirit listening talent . Even if the proportion was small, there were more than 1 billion people in China, even if it was one in a million, there would be nearly a thousand people .

He actually doesn’t believe that the ratio would be so low .

The next day, Ye Xiaochen attended the meeting on scientific research cooperation between the Chinese Academy of science and the Southern province government .

At the meeting, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Southern province Government signed a series of cooperation agreements, among which the establishment of the Yang city plant consciousness research institute was the most important .

In addition, Professor Ye Xiaochen of the Chinese Academy of Sciences would be the director of the Yang city plant consciousness research institute .

In the cooperation agreement, naturally, there was also the mention of the profit distribution of research results .

The two sides had already negotiated before on that .

The distribution would be thirty thirty-forty .

The Chinese Academy of Sciences would get 30% .

The southern province would account for 30%

And the remaining 40% would belong to the Yang city plant consciousness research institute .

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This was the approximate distribution .

In more detail, from 40%, Ye Xiaochen would get 15% for being the director of this research project .

Generally speaking, the proportion academicians get was around 5 to 10%

Unless the leader was the indispensable owner of the core technology, only then there would be a corresponding increase in the shares .

As the leader, the owner of the core technology, and the founder of the plant consciousness research institute, Ye Xiaochen’s situation was unique .

Naturally, due to this, his share was astonishing 15% .

From the remaining 25%, the 20% would be included for the financial management of the institute, and the 5 % would be allocated to researchers of different levels of the institute as rewards .

As for how the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Southern province government would allocate their respective 30% shares, that was up to them .

For example, in the 30% shares of the southern province government, it was indispensable to give half to the Yang city government .

This was only the technical dividend of the research institute,

Once the research was used in the market, the profit in the form of the product sales would be greater . After all, there would be various kinds of taxes .

In any case, in the end, it was the state and local government that would make the most of the money .

Ye Xiaochen didn’t care too much about it, because he knew that he couldn’t take all the profit, there would be no such good thing in the world, and instead, it would create a lot of troubles .

Like now, with the backing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, how comfortably and safely he was able to make money .

There was no need to worry about anything at all .

Moreover, he has established the Earth Shennong company, which was enough to participate in this huge interest group that was about to form .

It was January 5, Ye Xiaochen followed the working group of Southern province to take a plane back to southern province .

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Of course, he was followed by 13 other researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences .

All of these 13 have the spirit listening talent .

In addition to the previous 8, five more were tested for the talent .

Eight men and five women .

Ye Xiaochen also talked with the first two expert team’s group of people who had talent .

The two plant experts and two assistant researchers were willing to join the institute .

As they were still in Yang city, they just remained there .

The Chinese Academy of Sciences has fully transferred their work .

As for these 13 people, the work transfer procedure has been already completed .

From now on, they were the people of the Yang city plant consciousness research institute .

And, the professor Zhang Keqin was also willing to join the institute .

In this way, he has a total of 18 people with the talent of spirit listening .

Although this was much less than his desired numbers, it was barely sufficient .

The plane landed at Shashi Huanghua Airport . Ye Xiaochen got off the plane and set foot on the Shashi airport . He felt a sense of inexplicable joy .

After five days, he felt like he reached home .

Ye Xiaochen asked the 13 people to follow Yang city working group to go to Yang city, as he still has some tasks in Shashi city .

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Yang city government was in charge of the construction of the institute, so he doesn’t have to worry at all, he just needs to know the progress .

Ye Xiaochen got in the car parked in the parking lot of the airport and called his sister Ye Ying .

“Brother, are you in Shashi?”

Ye Ying’s voice contained a hint of surprise .

“Just got off the plane . I am coming to your college now, remember to inform your boyfriend . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said .

“Brother, do you really want to see him?”

Ye Ying hesitated .

“Of course, why? Are you afraid of me seeing him? Didn’t you say he was an excellent person?”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

“Of course, he is an excellent person . Brother, I’ll tell you a piece of news, there is already a mobile game company that is interested in the mobile game designed by his studio, and are ready to negotiate . ”

Ye Ying smiled and said .

“That’s good . ”

Ye Xiaochen smiled .

From his sister’s tone, he could feel that the sister has a sense of admiration for Guo Moyun .

A woman has a sense of admiration for a man, it was difficult to change her thoughts .

This Guo Moyun seems like a capable person, as long as he really likes his sister, it would be no problem .

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