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Chapter 213

The area of the park was very large, it should be around an acre, it was mainly used by the staff of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to take rest and have a good walk .

There were different kinds of vegetation inside and rows of the footpath with cobblestone .

If it was ordinary time, such a quiet place was absolutely a good place for having a walk .

However, now, even if it was daytime, even when there was sunlight, this place gave people an eerie feeling .

Ye Xiaochen and several security guards reached the source from where the sound came . On a big osmanthus tree, a woman with long black hair, dressed in black clothes was hanging .

Several security guards rushed forward and untied the rope from the tree and performed emergency rescue on the woman .

“It’s hopeless . ”

An older security guard looked at the eyes of the woman, checked her pulse, and said helplessly .

Ye Xiaochen frowned slightly and looked around, but there was nothing abnormal .

The breath of the evil yin was there only for a moment .

“Who are you?”

A security guard suddenly saw Ye Xiaochen and asked him .

“Sorry for the inconvenience, he is Mr . Ye Xiaochen, who will be joining the Chinese Academy of Sciences . ”

Xiao Ling chased in, panting she hurriedly said .

The security guard didn’t ask any more questions .

He recognized Xiao Ling  who belonged to the administrative department .

“Mr . Ye, let’s get out of here . It’s not suitable for us to be here . ”

Xiao Ling said in a low voice .

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Ye Xiaochen didn’t answer, but looked at the female corpse placed on the ground and observed it carefully .

Xiao Ling just saw the face of the woman and said in a low shout, “It’s Nie Xiaoqin, how could it happen?”

“Do you know her?”

Ye Xiaochen asked curiously .

“Yes, she and I arrived at the same time . She was already a research intern and even applied for the title of the assistant researcher . Unexpectedly…”

Xiao Ling said with some sadness .


Ye XIaochen listened to what Xiao Ling said . Suddenly, he saw a white insect lying next to the tree .

He went over and picked up the white insect .

The insect was dead .

“Xiao Lin, do you know what kind of insect this is?”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly asked .

Xiao ling was not afraid of insects, she said, “This should be a scarab beetle larva . Strange, this kind of larva basically grows underground . Only when they mature they could climb out to the surface . Moreover, the weather is so cold, in this season it is more impossible for a scarab beetle larva to appear . ”

Naturally, she didn’t think of anything else .

Ye Xiaochen frowned slightly, he was basically certain that there was a soul in this place .

Just now, the evil yin qi he felt, was the breath the soul emits .

It was just the soul rarely leaves the underground, let alone appear in the daytime .

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The corpse of this beetle larva was very suspicious, it was most likely that the soul had attached itself to the larva and crawled out of the ground to harm people .

If this was the case, it means that the soul was not weak .

Ordinary souls would never actively attack the living .

One more thing, this woman named Nie Xiaoqin was found hanging, and even the person last time was found hanging .

What does this mean?

The soul already possesses some kind of spiritual power like illusion or hypnosis .

To say, this soul has become a malicious spirit .

“Interesting, I didn’t expect to encounter a soul in such a palace . If it can be collected and refined it into the immortal bean, then the refined bean soldier would be absolutely powerful . ”

Ye Xiaochen’s heart moved .

In this way, not only would he be eliminating evil, but also get a powerful soul, killing two birds with one stone .

It certainly couldn’t be done right now .

Immediately, with Xiao Ling, he left the crime scene .

After touring the Chinese Academy of Sciences, they went outside .

It was rare to come to the capital, naturally, he should have a stroll .

He was going to buy something for the family .

They strolled around for several hours, it finished in the evening . The two people came back with big and small bags .

In order to thank Xiao Ling for her company, Ye Xiaochen bought her a gift .

In the room .

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Xiao Ling left .

Ye Xiaochen cleaned up the things and began to cultivate .

He opened the farm map, with a single thought of his mind, a wisp of plant spirit qi appeared out of thin air and was absorbed by him .

It was a strange feeling as if using the farm map as a medium, an invisible aura channel was formed between the farm and at his location .

After a cycle, he stopped, feeling that the divine energy crystal in dantian has become fuller .

He did not use the plant growth, after all, he still needed to save power to deal with the powerful soul in the park .

…………………………………… .

In the park .

Two people were standing under the osmanthus tree where the woman was found hanging .

A middle-aged man in his thirties looked strong and powerful, his eyes were like a light, he stood under the tree motionless and tried to feel something .

The other person looks to be in his fifties or sixties . Although he was older, he had fair skin and an elegant face .

“Taoist Yan, is there really no other way?”

The middle-aged man’s face was as cold as ice .

“No, this soul has become a malicious spirit . Cunning and abnormal, it cannot be brought out at all . The only way to solve the problem is to suppress it . ”

The old man shook his head, “Originally during the republic of china period, here there was a palace pond, do not know for what reason it became evil yin place and soul was born, and later according to some historical record someone was buried alive here to death, the strong resentment aroused the soul . Originally, this soul can turn into a malicious spirit decades ago, but this was the place of academics . With the place’s strongest spiritual power of atheism, any evil spirit and ghost could be suppressed forever . ”

“Taoist Yan, in this case, how did this malicious ghost come out?”

The middle-aged man was curious .

“I don’t know, it may be caused due to some other reason . ”

The old man Taoist Yan also had deep doubts in his eyes .

After many disasters, the Feng Shui Taoism in China has already declined, and the real Taoism has long been out .

“So, how to suppress it?”

The middle-aged man asked .

“It’s simple, just build a suppressing dharma pillar . But it will only be unsightly, but also affect the academic atmosphere of the Chinese Academy of Sciences . I suggest that you go to the people of Xiangjiang, there should be a solution . ”

Taoist Yan said .

“This seems to be the only way . ”

The middle-aged man nodded .

The Taoist Yan was regarded as the most powerful Feng Shui Taoist in China, he was also helpless about this matter .

Shortly they left the park .

The park was blocked from the outside so that people could be prevented from breaking in .

Before they just used cordon which allowed the victim to enter .

Moreover, in the park’s periphery, several surveillance cameras were also installed, as long as someone entered, it could be seen .

The reason why no one was stationed outside the park was, of course, to prevent something from happening .

Not long after the two people left the park, a shadow came out .

It was Ye Xiaochen .

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