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Chapter 214

“Did not think that there are still people who know about things such as soul and malicious spirit . It seems that on earth there should be people like cultivators . ”

Ye Xiaochen touched his chin and thought .

Obviously, the Taoist Yan didn’t have a breath of cultivation . According to his estimate, he should be having some theoretical knowledge of Feng Shui Taoism and perhaps don’t have any real practical means .

“According to them, there are real masters of Feng Shui Taoism on the side of Xiangjiang . ”

Ye Xiaochen pondered .

Till now the things related to cultivation he saw were such as mother-son demon seal bottle gourd, dharma beads, and souls .

However, he hadn’t yet met any real cultivator .

He felt that he hadn’t touched this world’s real cultivation level .

Ye Xiaochen walked towards a place and sat down .

What he needed to do was draw out the soul .

However, he was not sure whether the immortal bean could lead the soul out .

After all, this soul was no longer a pure energy body, but a soul with negative energy .

He took out a refined immortal bean from the storage space and clasped it in the palm of his hand . His hand made a soul summoning seal and urged it with the energy .

In an instant, an invisible wave radiated in all directions .

Wherever this wave-swept, Ye Xiaochen was able to sense something imperceptible .

This was the wonder of the soul summoning seal .

All of sudden, he sensed a terrible soul hiding in the depths of the earth .

However, this soul was extremely vigilant, if it was replaced by the common soul, they would have come out a long time ago .

The terrible soul didn’t even move . Only the wave of evil yin radiated from it showed that soul was not silent but waiting .

After a full quarter of an hour, Ye Xiaochen felt that his energy had been consumed at least one-fifth .

Fortunately, evoking the soul seal doesn’t consume much energy, otherwise, it would have become a little troublesome .

At last, the soul finally moved .

In the beginning, the speed was very slow, which showed that the soul was no longer a pure energy body, and possessed the general vigilance of an animal .

Finally, the ghost reached close to the surface of the earth after ten minutes .

Then the ghost stopped moving .

“So cautious?”

Ye Xiaochen was surprised .

Suddenly, the soul moved in a different direction and part of it was buried in a dormant insect .

“Oh boy! Even at this time, you can still resist the temptation and possess the insect to test?”

Ye Xiaochen was extremely surprised .

It was absolutely extraordinary .

After a while, the insect possessed by the soul came out of the earth’s surface .

In an instant, an invisible spiritual force radiated out, shrouding the space, it began to invade Ye Xiaochen’s mind .

It was an illusion trick .

It invades the target’s mind and creates a terrible scene, which makes the target produce negative feelings and make them despair .

However, this trick does not affect Ye Xiaochen .

Although the spiritual power of the soul was strong, it was only when compared to ordinary people .

Ye Xiaochen was already a cultivator . He was at the initial foundation stage and has a spiritual seed which has a strong defense against the spiritual power .

Ye Xiaochen didn’t move at all .

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The spiritual power lasted for dozens of seconds before it dissipated, then a huge soul rushed out from the ground and went straight at ye Xiaochen .

It finally came out .

Wu Wu Wu .

The winds blew, and the sound came like a crying ghost .

The plants and grass swayed .

The scene was extremely horrific .

Ye Xiaochen was still .

He was trying his best to maintain the soul seal . The energy in the body was restrained and did not radiate, so as to prevent the soul from being frightened .

Finally, the terrible soul rushed into the immortal beans .

The whole immortal bean was shaking violently as if trying to break away from Ye Xiaochen’s palm .

This was due to the soul trying to take control of the immortal bean .

Generally, the soul has no cover, so it could not exist on the surface and could only stay in the underground .

Even if it reaches the malicious spirit level, it is the same .

It was absolutely impossible for a real soul to cling on to the human body like those ghosts in the movies .

Only the spiritual material could accommodate the soul and malicious spirits .

Due to this, the immortal bean was very attractive to the soul .

With this immortal bean, the malicious spirit could also stay on the surface world .

Dou Huangyi was also like that .

It was the recognition of the lord .

The bean soldiers who have not recognized the lord were ghouls . Once born, it would lead to a terrible disaster .

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“Want to escape?”

Ye Xiaochen naturally wouldn’t let the soul escape . Suddenly he aroused the energy which formed a strange light that covered the immortal bean and tried to surpass the soul .

He could only feel the dark mass moving to and fro, but wasn’t able to break free .

It lasted for a quarter of an hour, and Ye Xiaochen’s energy was almost exhausted before he really subdued the malicious spirit and turned into a real bean soldier .

Ye Xiaochen was very tired, he looked at the immortal bean in the palm of his hand, and showed a touch of satisfaction .

He has a feeling that this bean soldier would be much stronger than Dou Huangyi .

He quickly put the bean soldiers and left the park .

Back at the hotel room .

Ye Xiaochen was very tired and fell asleep on the bed .

The next day .

Ye Xiaochen got up early and wore formals .

Today he would be awarded the title of associate professor .

He felt excited, after all, this was the title of associate professor of the Chinese Academy of Science and its weight was not ordinary .

The auditorium of the Chinese Academy of Science .

It was full of people, everyone was from directly affiliated institutions under the Chinese Academy of Sciences .

Those who were qualified to enter here were at least associate researcher or associate professor level .

Every year, the conferring ceremony for associate professor level and above was held here .

This time it was different, it was not a normal award ceremony, because this year’s awarding ceremony has already been carried out .

This awarding ceremony was held for one person only .

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In the huge hall, there was a lot of discussion and whispering, and all were discussing today’s protagonist .

“Have you heard? This impromptu ceremony is held for a botanist named Ye Xiaochen . ”

“Ye Xiaochen, why haven’t I heard about him?”

“Yang He, does your plant department have this person?”

“No, I haven’t heard of him . ”

“Then it’s strange . Who in the end asked the headquarters to hold a personal awarding ceremony for him?”

“I heard that this person is very young . ”

“How young is he?”

“I don’t know . I just heard about it . Anyway, the information is tightly sealed by the upper head, and no information has been disclosed . ”

“I know a little bit of news . I heard that the cooperation with the southern province has something to do with this person . ”

“What more?”

… .

All kinds of discussion fulfilled the whole venue .

The news about Ye Xiaochen’s research of purification grass that absorbs nuclear radiation has been closely guarded by the state .

Many people only knew that the Chinese Academy of Science and the Southern province government were carrying out cooperation on scientific and technology, but what was the reason, not many people knew about it .

Although Ye Xiaochen was very popular in the Southern Province, it was only average across the nation-wide .

This was especially true in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, after all, who has time to care about the outside things .

Especially the information in this regard was suppressed .

When it was announced that the conferring ceremony of personal associate professor would be held, many people were still a little confused about it .

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