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Chapter 212

Shashi Huanghua Airport .

VIP lounge .

The delegates of the Southern Province going to Beijing were gathered together .

Here, Ye Xiaochen also met with other members of the working group .

He has seen most of them in Yang city .

However, he was seeing the provincial members for the first time .

Zhang Sheng, the provincial governor, Cao Hongqing, the Secretary-general of the provincial committee, Geng Chengyuan, director-general of the Province, Gu Xuanhao, director of Science and technology bureau, Chen Kai, president of the Nanjing University .

There were two standing committee members of the provincial committee .

The others were bureau level officials .

The whole working group was quite large, there were nearly 40 to fifty people in total and have chartered a flight .

If it was in the past, Ye Xiaochen would have been very nervous seeing so many senior officials at one time .

However, now it was different .

Although he did not gain the full experience, there was still experience to deal with the things now .

Moreover, he was the key figure in the cooperation between the Chinese Academy of Science and the Southern Province . No one would try to pretend to be a big man in front of him .

At three o’clock in the afternoon, the plane landed at Beijing Capital international airport .

To Ye Xiaochen’s surprise, someone from the Chinese Academy of Science came to pick him up at the airport .

“Mr . Ye, I am Xiao Ling from the administrative office of the Chinese Academy of Science . From now on, I will be your temporary assistant and arrange everything for you . ”

A petite and cute girl stood in front of Ye Xiaochen and said .

“Miss Xiao Ling, I’ll be troubling you . ”

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Ye Xiaochen shook hands, her hand was very soft as if there were no bones .

“Mr . Ye, just call me Xiao Ling . It’s my honor to be your assistant . ”

Xiao Ling hurriedly said .

For this task, she was very satisfied .

Now there was a lot of rumor about Ye Xiaochen within the Chinese Academy of Science . It was said that the academy was going to confer the title of associate professor to him .

Even if this title was temporary, within a year or two, he would be reaching the professor level .

She was interested in this, perhaps he would be the youngest professor in the history of the Chinese Academy of Sciences .

“Governor Zhang, Secretly general Cai, I am leaving first . ”

Ye Xiaochen said goodbye to the two standing committee members of the provincial party committee and boarded a black Audi with Xiao ling .

The Chinese Academy of Sciences has already arranged his itinerary .

Before the meeting on the scientific and technological cooperation, he would be going to the headquarters of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for getting the title .

After all, he was officially admitted to the Chinese Academy of Science and has become a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences .

It was urgent to confer the title of associate professor .

Ye Xiaochen would be appointed as the director of the research institute at the meeting, he must need to have a certain title .

The headquarters of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was located at 52 sanlihe roads .

It took more than an hour to reach .

The car drove inside the gate of the headquarters of the Chinese Academy of Science .

He has to say the capital was too big and the traffic condition was not very good, the traffic jam was very serious .

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The headquarters of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was very large, there was even an internal hotel, which was mainly used to receive personnel from the major branches of the Chinese Academy of Sciences across the country .

Ye Xiaochen’s accommodation was arranged in the internal hotel .

The hotel was pretty good .

“Mr . Ye, I am afraid you might be a little tired . Take a good rest, if you need something, just call me . ”

Xiao Ling, the temporary assistant was very attentive and handled everything properly .

“Okay . ”

Ye Xiaochen nodded .

After Xiao Ling left, Ye Xiaochen took a bath and laid on the bed . First, he opened the map from the Shennong system and checked the situation of the farm .

Everything was in order .

He took out his mobile phone, called home and said that he reached safely .

He opened WeChat, sent a message to Wang Xinyi, he chatted for a while, and then closed it .

Ye Xiaochen put down his phone, walked towards the window, opened the curtain, and saw the outside view through the glass .

The view was very wide .

The greenery inside the Chinese Academy of Science was very good .

Seriously, it would feel really good to be able to work in a place like this .

“Haha, let’s have a stroll  around the Chinese Academy of Sciences . ”

Ye Xiaochen naturally wasn’t tired, even if he doesn’t sleep for three days and three nights, he would still be in good spirits .

This was the first time he has come to the capital . Naturally, he has to take a good look at it .

He made a call to Xiao Ling .

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Since she was his assistant, naturally taking her would save a lot of trouble .

Shortly, Xiao Ling came over .

“Mr . Ye, do you want to take a stroll?”

Xiao Ling asked .

“Yes, I want to look around . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

“Okay . ”

Xiao Ling nodded quickly .

Immediately two people left the hotel, Xiao ling also arranged a small tour bus, which would be very convenient for them .

After all, the Chinese Academy of Sciences was too big, if they walked on foot, they would get tired easily .

In this way, Xiao Ling took Ye Xiaochen around the various areas and facilities of the Chinese Academy of Sciences .

Of course, it could be only seen from outside . As for entering some important building, they must need to have a pass or go through the formalities for approval .

As the largest comprehensive research center in China, there were too many secrets here .

Due to this, the security measures here were also very strict .

“Xiao Ling, why is there a cordon here?”

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen pointed to a park surrounded by the cordon .

Xiao Ling showed a hesitant look and then said, “This is Taishui garden . I don’t know the exact reason why it was blocked . I just heard that a person died here some time ago . ”


Ye Xiaochen was not surprised . After all, it was such a big place, the death of a person was very normal .

Without thinking much, he was about to leave, then suddenly an unusually loud and piercing scream came out of the park .

Xiao Ling shivered, she looked pale and could not help holding Ye XIaochen’s arms .

However, Ye Xiaochen didn’t care about this . He was staring towards the park, and his eyes showed a hint of a surprise because he sensed an invisible wave of evil yin .

Although it was a short time, he easily sensed it .

“Is it possible that there is a strong soul in the park?”

Ye Xiaochen was surprised .

Such a big scream naturally startled the people around, and shortly few people came .

“What’s the matter? There was another scream!”

“Did something happen again?”

“I heard that last time when a person died, he also screamed . ”

“Yes, I’ve also heard, this park seems very evil . ”


People were all outside the cordon standing and did not dare to go in .

Not before long, a patrol vehicle came and several uniformed guards with batons got off and hurriedly into the park .

“Mr . Ye, don’t go in . ”

Xiao Ling suddenly saw Ye Xiaochen cross the cordon and entered the park, so she couldn’t help shout .

However, as if Ye Xiaochen didn’t hear he proceeded .

Xiao Ling was anxious, she stomped her feet, and gritting her teeth quickly followed him .

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