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Chapter 210

Wang Shuisheng’s villa .

Ye Xiaochen and Wang Shuisheng were drinking tea .

“Haha, this woman is straight forward . ”

Wang Shusihneg took a sip of tea and chuckled .

“Yes, ten million yuan was donated casually, even without any credit . ”

Ye Xiaochen sighed .

If it was him, he would not have such courage .

“If Universal wants to go public successfully, this is a step they have to take . Compared with going public, the ten million yuan is nothing . ”

Wang Shuisheng continued, “and Xiaochen, since we are going to pull Universal into the board, we can use this opportunity to make a fortune . ”

“Brother Wang, what do you mean?”

Ye Xiaochen was not very familiar with the business affairs, now he has only just touched the surface and feels like getting a headache .

He felt he was not cut out for this .

“If Universal company goes public, we can buy some of the original shares before it goes public, and now we have the opportunity . ”

Wang Shuisheng laughed .

A company like Universal has great potential, especially when it cooperates with its own company, the shares would definitely become a good potential stock .

When there were opportunities to make money, naturally it shouldn’t be missed .

“In any case, brother Wang, you handle it . ”

Ye Xiaochen nodded .

He has more than ten million yuan in his hand, it would be a waste to just keep it in his bank, it was better to invest it .

As for the company founded with Wang Shusiheng, he doesn’t need to invest .

The name of the company has been decided, Earth Shennong .

Well, Ye Xiaochen directly used the name of the main task .

Anyways, this Earth Shennong company was established by him in order to complete the main task .

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Wang Shuisheng felt the name was good and was very apt with the nature of the company .

The registered capital of the company was 10 million yuan, but the total investment in the early stage had reached 100 million yuan .

According to Wang Shuisheng, since they were going to do it, they have to do it in a big way .

The site of the farm has been decided .

It was in Hongqi town, which borders Jing county and Yang city .

The land here was fertile and the terrain was good .

It was very suitable for building large scale farms .

According to the plan, the whole farm area would be around several hundred hectares .

Next month, the construction of the farm will start in full swing .

Back to the farm .

Ye Xaochen inspected all the immortal lands and returned to the iron shed .

He took out the Shennong system introduction guide and began to read it .

For the past few days, he has been studying the method to make Qiyuan medicine .

He currently has more than 18,000 immortal yuan in his account, which was enough to buy three batches of medicine materials .

However, he was not fully confident, according to the explanation of the Lao Tzu, in this kind of medicine it was needed to grasp the internal changes of its properties, so that it could be prepared smoothly, it couldn’t be casually just boiled .

In order to create Qiyuan medicine, he has to be very careful .

“There is also another difficulty, before using the dandelion spirit, from it the fake spirit silk must be removed, otherwise, it would affect the success rate of the medicine . ”

Ye Xiaochen pondered about it .

The false spirit silk was mixed with the real spirit silk of the dandelions spirit and was difficult to identify, it could only be removed with mental power .

Ye Xiaochen was just barely at the beginning of the foundation period . He has no mental power . at all . At most, he has the spirit talent, which has some advantages over the ordinary practitioners in the foundation period .

If you want to be a real immortal planter, you should at least achieve the Qi refining stage and have produced the mental power .

“It seems that only the most clumsy method can be used . ”

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Ye Xiaochen shook his head .

As he was going to Beijing in a few days to attend the cooperation meeting on scientific research between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and South province, so he did not intend to prepare the medicine now .

It has to wait until he comes back .

As for the management of the farm, it could only be handed over to the bean soldier Dou Huangyi .

Fortunately, after the upgrade of the Shennong system, the function has improved a lot .

The scope of the farm map has been greatly expanded, that was to say, within this range, it could be regarded as farm territory .

Also, even if he was miles away, he could still use the farm map to do some operations . For example, he would be able to send his voice to the target on the farm .

If he wants to do something, he could send a message to Dou Huangyi anytime to do it .

In addition, he could use the Art of plant growth on the immortal plants and even on the common vegetables through the farm map .

This kind of spell through the map was absolutely fantastic .

Through the farm map, he could also communicate with the immortal plants, and absorb the plant spirit qi for cultivation .

All these functions have brought him great convenience, and he could even go out for a long time .

January 1st .

Early in the morning .

Ye Xiaochen has finished his breakfast .

“Son, when you reach the capital, you must call back . ”

Mother said .

She was filled with pride that her son was going to attend a high-level meeting .

“Don’t worry, mother . ”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile .

He took the suitcase, went to the car, opened the car trunk, and put the suitcase on it .

“Mother, father, I’m leaving . ”

Ye Xiaochen waved at them, then got into the car and drove away .

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When the mother and father saw the car disappear, they went to the new house which was under construction .

Two floors have been built

The third floor was under construction .

The layout of the house was very unique, it was in accordance with the latest trend .

The house should be more than a million, at least should be around a million .

In this regard, the mother could only accept reluctantly .

Because she now understood that her son was in a different position .

The monthly income was several million yuan .

It was really nothing to spend a million on building a house, and the house shouldn’t be too shabby either .


Instead of going with Yang city delegates Ye Xiaochen directly drove to Shashi city .

He was going to his sister’s college .

Nanjing University Business school .

This was a secondary branch .

It was the practice of many ordinary schools to affiliate with the famous school in order to gain fame and expand enrollment .

Obviously, the standard of the teaching level of the business school was quite good .

The car stopped at the school gate .

Ye Xiaochen sitting in the car was waiting for his sister .

He has already called his sister,

Not before long, Ye Xiaochen saw her coming by riding a bicycle .

As she often eats the immortal spring immortal plant pickled vegetables, her skin has become very good even if she doesn’t use cosmetics .

She was actually a pretty girl, but she was a little malnourished before . Now she has a rosy complexion, her hair was dark and shiny and was dressed very well . She has turned into a real campus beauty .

“Brother . ”

Ye Ying stopped her bicycle to the side and smiled .

“Come inside . ”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile .

“Where are we going, brother? I have a class later . ”

Ye Ying said .

“I just want to tell you something . ”

Ye Xiaochen smiled .

Ye Ying sat in the car .

Ye Xiaochen told her about the postgraduate recommendation .

“Brother, is it true?”

Ye Ying’s eyes widened .

“Of course, you can choose Tsinghua or Peking university . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .


Ye Ying bowed her head as if she seemed to be hesitant about something .

“What’s the matter?”

“I don’t want to attend graduate School . ”

Ye Ying seems to have made up her mind, she looked up and said .

“Eh? Why?”

Ye Xiaochenw as stunned .

He thought Ye Ying would be very happy, who thought she didn’t want to go to graduate school at all . Was there any mistake?

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