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Chapter 209

In the blink of an eye, it was the end of December .

It was drizzling and the temperature was low .

Everyone was wearing thick clothes .

Shouyang mountain, Yang city .

This was a hill on the outskirts of the city .

it has beautiful scenery .

There used to be a large farmhouse here .

However, now the farmhouse has been changed and renamed .

It has become a branch of the immortal Spring restaurant in Yang city .

The restaurant has been decorated and renovated, with a flavor of nature suitable for the immortal spring restaurant .

Today was the opening day of the Yang city store .

Many people have been invited, it was much more than the first opening of the immortal spring restaurant .

Many leaders from both political and business circles in Yang city have come to attend .

It couldn’t be helped, the immortal restaurant was too hot now .

Even reservations couldn’t be made .

Now that the second branch has been opened, naturally, the opportunity to enjoy food has increased .

Moreover, it was much more convenient for guests from Yang city, as they no longer need to drive to Jing county .

The only thing they weren’t satisfied with was the weather was not good today . It was drizzling and made the people uncomfortable .

However, the guests were still in a good mood .

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Ye Xiacohen was overwhelmed with the guest greetings .

“Mr . Ye, I came here uninvited, you won’t have any opinion, right?”

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen met an unexpected acquaintance .

Ling Jinxiu .

The general manager of the Universal Company .

A smart and capable woman .

Last time when he met her, she personally gave Ye Xiaochen a Porsche Cayenne .

“So, it is Ms . Ling . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

“I haven’t congratulated Mr . Ye yet . You are soon going to become a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences . ”

Ling Jinxiu said .

She didn’t expect Ye Xiaochen would take such large steps, it seemed as if he became famous overnight .

Fortunately, she acted decisively last time and established a good relationship with Ye Xiaochen .

Thinking of that, she felt a little excited . If she could succeed, it would be very beneficial to her Universal Company .

At that time, it would only be a matter of time before the public listing .

And all of this was pinned on Ye Xiaochen .

It was because of this, as soon as the immortal spring restaurant in yang city opened, she came uninvited from Shashi city .

“Thank you . ”

Ye Xiaochen politely said .

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After chatting for a while, Ye Xiaochen left because he had more important guests to accompany .

By the time the party finished, it was past two o’clock in the afternoon .

After Ye Xiaochen sent off several important guests, he found that Ling Jinxiu was still there .

At this time, most of the guests who attended the opening ceremony had already left .

“Ms . Ling, do you have any other work?”

Ye Xiaochen knew that Ling Jinxiu came, this time certainly was not to just attend the opening ceremony, there should be other things .

“I think Mr . Ye is very busy,  it would be better to talk about it later . ”

Ling Jinxiu said .

“Ms . Ling, if there is any difficulty in seed research in which my help is required, just say me . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

“In fact, I’m embarrassed to talk about this matter . ”

Ling Jinxiu looked around and hesitated .

Ye Xiaochen understood the meaning of Ling Jinxiu and immediately took her into the office .

The two sat down .

“Mr . Ye, I heard that when the institute is going to be built, the local government will be responsible for solving the fund problem . Under normal circumstances, most of the funds can be raised from other channels, such as corporate sponsorship… . ”

Ling Jinxiu saw Ye Xiaochen’s tacit eye and immediately began to say .

Ye Xiaochen knows that it should be about this matter . Unexpectedly, the Universal Company was impatient and found him directly .

Ever since the news was released the institute was going to set up in Yang city, the southern province’s business community has been boiling up .

As long as any company that was connected with agriculture and the plant industry, almost all of them thought of sending money to the institute .

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The reason why these companies were so enthusiastic was to board the future research ship of the research institute .

A branch research institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences would surely produce a large number of results on agriculture and plants . If these achievements could be applied and promoted, how much huge benefits could be generated?

It could be said that as long as you could sponsor the research institute, the future return would be ten times more .

Obviously, Ling Jinxiu also had this idea .

As long as she could board this ship, the possibility of going public was definite .

“Ms . Ling, I am afraid I cannot do anything about this matter . After all, the local government should be responsible for the problem of funds . ”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head and said with a smile .

In fact, other research institutions would very welcome this kind of donation .

It was just that the situation was different here . Even if you want to send money, they do not necessarily need it . It also depends on whether you have a strong background and connections .

As the head of the future research institute, Ye Xiaochen has no problem attracting a company .

The problem was he was reluctant to pass this opportunity onto others because the company he was working with Wang Shuisheng was already in preparation .

He was prepared to leave this opportunity for his company .

He has already discussed it with Wang Shuisheng .

The cake was only so big, if one more person comes, the benefits would be reduced .

“Mr . Ye, are there really no ways?”

Lin Jinxiu’s pretty faces showed a sad look .

She doesn’t believe, Ye Xiaochen has no means but she understands that Ye Xiaochen does not want to help .

After all, the sponsorship quota was too competitive .

Although the Universal Company was not small, it was only a few hundred million yuan .

Compared to the real giants, it was still worse .

Now it wasn’t known how many capital tycoons were competing secretly .

It was because she wasn’t able to use other ways, she directly went to Ye Xiaochen .

It seems, now this also won’t work!

“Ms . Ling, it is very difficult . After all, there are only limited shares . However, I have a suggestion . ”

“Mr . Ye what suggestion? You can say it . ”

Ling Jinxiu leaned forwards and made the posture of listening .

“Although your Universal Company can’t be the first beneficiary, it should still be okay to be the second . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .


Ling Jinxiu was stunned for a moment, then she understood and immediately said, “What is the method Mr . Ye?”

“I have recently set up a company specializing in agriculture and planting . Maybe we can cooperate . ”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile .

Since Ye Xiaochen has set up an agricultural and planting company, naturally, he would not miss the opportunity and would definitely get the sponsorship quota .

If it were her, she would not give it to anyone else, not even the best friend .

On the battlefield, there was no mercy .

“Mr . Ye, our Universal Company is willing to contribute 10 million yuan for the establishment of the research institute under Mr . Ye’s company name . ”

Ling Jinxiu’s beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of firmness and made the decision .

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