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Chapter 211

Ye Ying looked up at Ye XIaochen and seemed embarrassed to speak anything .

Ye Xiaochen suddenly got a thought and immediately asked, “Sister, are you dating someone?”

Ye Ying’s cheeks were flushed and hurriedly said, “No, No…”

Ye Xiaochen was able to discern her actions, and he immediately understood, it was really the matter .

“Still saying no, I can clearly see that you are lying . I am asking you, who is your boyfriend?”

Ye Xiaochen knows his sister very well, and she couldn’t lie properly .

“Brother, don’t say it to the parents, okay?”

Ye Ying blushed and said in a low voice .

“So it is really true . You are pretty fast . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said .

“Brother, in fact, he has been chasing me since my second year, only this semester I promised him . ”

Ye Ying showed a hint of shyness .

“What is your boyfriend’s name?”

Ye Xiaochen asked curiously .

“His name is Guo Moyun . He is a graduate student in the Department of Computer Science at Nanjing University . ”

Ye Ying hurriedly said .

“Since he is a graduate student, why don’t you want to attend graduate school?”

Ye Xiaochen asked .

In fact, he was not very optimistic about his sister’s campus love .

In the campus love, only a few couples could get together till the end, and most of the others break up after graduation .

He didn’t want her to be so emotionally involved that she would miss a major life event like going to a graduate school .

“He is going to graduate next year if I go to graduate school, I’m afraid…”

Ye Ying said in a low voice .

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“You silly girl, even if he graduates, you can still study . ”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head .

People in love were really simple-minded!

“It’s not like that . He has opened a gaming studio with his classmates, mainly developing mobile games . It is said that he has already successfully created to a degree, and is negotiating with a game company . I hope I can help him after graduating from university . ”

Ye Ying smiled when she mentioned him .

“It seems that your boyfriend is quite capable . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

“Of course, he is first in the computer department of Nanjing University . Even before taking the graduation exam, many companies threw an olive branch at him, but his goal is to develop his own game . ”

Ye Ying smiled and said .

“Haha, then I have to definitely meet him . ”

Ye Xiaochen was a little curious about this Guo Moyun .

“Brother, you will not tell your parents, will you?”

Ye Ying was worried about this thing .

“Don’t worry about it . Wait for me to come back from the capital, at that time, you ask him to have a meal with me . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

Ye Ying nodded . She knows that as long as her elder brother agrees, then the parents should not have any problem .

“Brother it’s getting late, I am going to class . ”

Ye Ying looked at her watch and said in a hurry .

“Okay, this is what I brought for you . Keep it . ”

Ye Xiaochen picked up a bag from the back seat and handed it over to Ye Ying .

“Thank you, brother . ”

Ye Ying carrying the bag got off the car, then she put the bag in the basket in front of the cycle, and rode away .

“Hey, the sister has grown up!”

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Ye Xiaochen touched his chin, watched his sister bike disappear, and shook his head .

He started the car and turned away from the gate of the business school .

Shortly after he left, there was a boy with messy hair pushing the bicycle from one hand and carrying a phone in another hand, he curiously muttered, “It’s strange, how did my sister-in-law come out of that Porsche Cayenne . ”

“No, I must tell my boss about it . ”

Instead of going to business school, the male student went to Nanjing University .

The campus of  Nanjing University was much larger than that of business school .

As a famous university in Southern province, the teaching staff and scientific research level were undoubtedly highest in the whole province .

Near the old building of the campus .

Xia Ping parked his bicycle, then took breakfast from the basket, carrying in his hand walked towards the building .

On the third floor .

Xia Ping took out the keys and opened the door . The room inside seemed as if it had been transformed into a studio . The computers were set up and running .

There were also drawings hanging on the wall, all of which were characters from the various games .

Several young men were busy .

“Breakfast . ”

Xia Ping yelled .

“Second brother, why did it take you so long? We are starving to death . ”

A shirtless fat man came over, the fat in his body was undulating .

“Brother, I just saw the sister-in-law while coming . ”

Xia Ping didn’t give his normal greeting to the man, he quickly went inside and went towards a young man standing in front of the blackboard .

The young man was 1 . 7 meters tall and looked handsome .

“Oh . ”

The young man named Guo Moyun just nodded . His attention was still on the things written on the blackboard . He seemed to be thinking about something .

“I saw the sister-in-law getting off from a Porsche Cayenne . ”

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Xia Ping added another sentence .

Guo Moyun immediately turned around .

“What, sister-in-law came in a Porsche Cayenne? Which kid is it?”

“Damn, how dare that person try to rob our sister-in-law, does he not want to live?”

“Second brother, why didn’t you inform us earlier, we will show hell to that guy . ”

Everyone gathered and were resentful .

“Xia Ping, what’s going on?”

Guo Moyun was much calmer .

“Here is the video, you can have a look . ”

Xia Ping took out the mobile phone .

Guo Moyun took the phone and looked at it, others also were trying to squeeze their head to see .

“Oh move your head aside, I can’t see it . ”

“What is the rush?”

“I want to look!”

Several people wanted to see, but the phone screen was too small for everyone to look at it simultaneously .

“You see, this is Shashi city license plate . Someone from the city is trying to have ideas on our sister-in-law . ”

“I am very angry, rich people can blatantly rob other people’s girlfriends!”

“Damn, can you not come to such a vicious conclusion, I believe my sister-in-law is not such a person . ”

“Eh, that’s true, what is going on?”

“Let’s ask the sister-in-law . ”

“Yes, call her . ”

Xia Ping and several others were discussing .

Guo Moyun smiled and said,  “It’s okay . I believe her . ”

He continued to write something on the blackboard with chalk .

At this time, his mobile phone rang, he took it out to take a look, and the name it showed was -Ying

“Wow, it’s from my sister-in-law . Boss, hurry up . ”

“Hush, be quiet . Don’t disturb the boss to answer the phone . ”

Guo Moyun looked at his companions, he shook his head and laughed, then went to the balcony to answer the phone .

After a while, he came in with a slight smile on his face .

“Boss, what did the sister-in-law say?”

Xia Ping asked nervously .

“You guys are really skeptical people . It was your sister in law’s brother in the car . ”

Guo Moyun laughed and said .

“Wow, boss, brother-in-law came today . ”

“My god, he came driving in a Porsche Cayenne, doesn’t it mean that the sister-in-law’s family is good?”

“What did my sister-in-law say?”

Xia Ping asked impatiently .

“Her brother wants to meet me over dinner in a few days . ”

Guo Moyun silently said .

He didn’t expect Ye Ying’s family to be rich, although he doesn’t pay attention to the cars, he still recognized the Porsche Cayenne in the video, it should be at least two-three million yuan .

Would Ye Ying’s brother accept him?

He has a lot of confidence and a great career in the future .

However, now?

After all, it was still early, the future of mobile game development was still unknown, and even business partners hadn’t settled .

In short, everything was unknown .

He has always thought of himself as a calm and confident person, but at the moment, there was inexplicable nervousness in his heart .

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