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Chapter 208

The first type of immortal plant Ye Xiaochen chose to auction was immortal carrots .

All one hundred pieces were auctioned off at a time .

The base price was 200 immortal yuan .

There were only a few bidders, such as the Goddess of the Moon, who have herbivorous pets .

Finally, the hundred immortal carrots were sold at 250 immortal yuan .

Ye Xiaochen was quite satisfied .

Next was 100 immortal white radishes, the price was the same, 250 immortal yuan .

For the third auction item of immortal plants, Ye Xiaochen chose the immortal yellow bean .

20,000 immortal yellow beans .

It was divided into four batches .

The first batch has 2000 beans .

The second batch has 4000 beans .

The third batch has 6000 beans .

The fourth batch has 8000 beans .

He has carefully considered that having too many batches would reduce competition, and similarly, the number of beans in each batch could also affect bidders .

This was the summary he made when he checked some auction materials before .

“Seniors, the third type of immortal plant is immortal yellow beans, this is cultivated from the third generation immortal yellow beans and has an additional divinity of 1 . 98 and spiritual characteristic of 2 . 33”

Ye Xiaochen said the details of the immortal yellow beans .

For the immortals, they could know the quality of beans just by a glance .

Suddenly, many immortals on the scene were ready to bid on it .

The special feature of the immortal plants planted by Shennong lies in the divinity, and as well as being able to inherit the divinity and spiritual characteristics .

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Even if the immortal plants were lower grade, they were more precious than the ordinary lower grade immortal plants .

Due to this, the next auction of immortal yellow beans became extremely fierce, the previous auctioning of the immortal carrots and immortal radishes was simply not worth mentioning .

The first batch of immortal yellow beans, sold for 860 immortal yuan .

The second batch of immortal yellow beans, sold for 1780 immortal yuan .

The third batch of immortal yellow beans, sold for 2850 immortal yuan .

The fourth batch of immortal yellow beans, sold for 3870 immortal yuan .

He got a total of 9,360 immortal yuans .

Ye Xiaochen was very happy, the price of this immortal bean was much higher than he thought .

It seems many people mean more fierce competition .

Suddenly, he was looking forward to auctioning the immortal red beans .

For the fourth auction item, Ye Xiaochen chose 50,000 blades of immortal grass .

It was divided into two batches .

20,000 in one batch, and 30,000 in another batch .

These immortal grass were different from when he first harvested, now the grass has reached the ten circle pattern and the additional divinity value also increased a lot .

The first batch of immortal grass was sold for 630 immortal yuan .

The second batch of the immortal grass was sold for 970 immortal yuan .

This price was much higher than selling in the Store .

Ye Xiaochen’s heart was full of emotion, as expected, the auction was the King!

For the fifth item, Ye Xiaochen chose immortal wheat .

As for the immortal red bean, it would be auctioned at the last .

Ten thousand immortal wheat grains were divided into three groups .

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The first batch with 2,000 grains fetched 350 immortal yuan .

The second batch with 3,000 grains was sold for 530 immortal yuan .

The third batch of 5,000 grains went for 900 immortal yuan .

Next was the finale of the auction .

When Ye Xiaochen showed the information of the immortal red beans, it aroused the strong interest of the immortals .

The final result of the auction was beyond Ye Xiaochen’s imagination .

The six thousand immortal red beans were auctioned off in three batches .

The first batch of 1000, sold for 500 immortal yuan .

That was to say, the price of one immortal red bean has reached up to 50 spirit yuan .

It was only the first batch .

The competition for the second batch was even more intense, the 2000 immortal red beans sold for a whopping 1,100 immortal yuan .

And the third group consisting of 3000 immortal beans was terrifying, it was bought at 1,800 immortal yuan .

The six thousand immortal red beans were sold for 3,400 immortal yuan .

This auction was an absolute success, and the harvest was much higher than he expected .

After the auction finished, Ye Xiaochen expressed his thanks to the immortal who participated in the auction .

These immortals had a very good attitude, one by one they said goodbye to Ye Xiaochen and disappeared from the virtual space .

Shortly, the virtual space became empty .

Only Ye Xiaochen was remaining .

Ye Xiaochen took a look at the time, it was only more than an hour .

He quickly summoned the Shennong system and checked the balance of the immortal yuan in the account, it was more than 18,000 immortal yuan .

This was an absolutely unprecedented harvest .

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Previously because of the task reward, he got 100,000 immortal yuan, but that was different .

This time it was real hard income .

He thought about the time when he just got the Shennong system, in order to save a few immortal yuan he had to plan carefully!

Ye Xiaochen didn’t touch the immortal yuans for the time being .

As previously he had purchased several immortal skills, he has now practiced Plant identification, plant growth, and Casting bean soldiers .

As for the Cloud rain Dana, and Plant soldiers he had not practiced it yet .

He was not in a hurry to redeem other Shennong manual pages .

Farm, immortal land .

Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes and sat upon the bamboo bed .

He looked around, he was now in the immortal lands and was no longer in the virtual space .

It was a very different feeling .

The feeling of controlling everything in the virtual space like a god disappeared in reality .

There was a faint sense of loss in his heart .

However, he soon recovered, after all, it was just illusory .

“Ding, Main Task enabled: Earth Shennong . ”

“Task Description: As a Shennong, you must do something for the world to deserve the title of Shennong . Use your Shennong talent and planting skills to change this chaotic world . ”

“Main Task final reward: 100 million immortal yuan, qualification to ascend the immortal realm . True immortal occupation, Rank in the immortal class . ”

“Ding the branch task enabled: the first stage of branch task: it’s time for the world to realize the greatness of Shennong . Cultivate a super crop with the goal of everyone having food to eat . ”

“Task reward: 300,000 immortal yuan . ”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly heard a series of notifications from the system and was stunned .

He quickly opened the Shennong system to check the notification and was extremely surprised .

After a long time, he took a deep breath .

Damn, the rewards of the main task were too terrifying .

A hundred million immortal yuan .

Qualification to ascend into the immortal world!

Rank in the immortal class and the achievement of true immortal occupation position .

In this way, he could live forever .

This was many people’s wish!

However, Ye Xiaochen also knew that it was quite difficult for him to complete the main task .

As the task was too general, there was no specific description, and it wasn’t known to what extent to accomplish the task .

Fortunately, there was a branch task, which should be derived from the main task .

The first phase of the branch task was very clear, to cultivate super crops .

The task was simple .

The trouble was in the promotion .

Ye Xiaochen knew that if he researched a super crop, it would certainly affect the existing crop industry, it would be like a 12 magnitude earthquake for them .

He doesn’t know how many agricultural companies could go bankrupt .

It could be imagined that in the super crop promotion process it would encounter strong resistance .

The reason why he didn’t do it before was because of this .

Now, since it was a branch task, he was going to do it .

No matter how difficult it was to achieve, he would proceed .

Moreover, he would also get 300,000 immortal yuan .

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