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Chapter 207

Farm .

At 8:40 pm .

In the immortal greenhouse .

Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath, there was a look of excitement and expectation in his eyes .

His thoughts moved, he interacted with the Shennong system, and in the friend’s tab directly chose to open the virtual space .

Today was the appointed time for the auction of the immortal plant products .

He wondered how many immortals would come to the auction .

Generally speaking, the more the numbers, the more intense would be the competition .

With the opening of the virtual space, Ye Xiaochen felt the scene in front of him change and came to a closed space .

The space was very peculiar and was about one hundred square meters . It seemed to be suspended in the void, like a floating platform and there was boundless darkness outside .

On the contrary, inside the platform it was bright .

“Haha, this virtual space can be controlled by me . ”

Ye Xiaochen looked at himself and felt the body was real .

Moreover, he felt that he had absolute control over this virtual space .

His thoughts moved, and suddenly in the original empty virtual space, an earth-shaking change took place .

Many seats emerged, arranged into an oval shape increasing in an ascending manner, there were about 300-500 hundred seats .

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And at his location, an auction platform was created, this platform has become the center .

In addition, he also decorated the space with other decorations .

The final auction venue that formed had a modern style .

Ye Xiaochen looked around and nodded with satisfaction .

It has to be said that the virtual space of the Shennong system was really peculiar . If it could be used in the real world, it was definitely a kind of black technology!

Feeling that the auction venue was well arranged, Ye Xiaochen decided to open it to all the immortals .

Immediately, he invited all the immortals to his virtual space .

Not before long, he saw figures appearing out of thin air .

These figures were wearing strange costumes, at least in the eyes of Ye Xiaochen .

Some were dressed in Taoist clothes, some were dressed as monks, some in a scholarly style, some were dressed in armor, some were beautiful ladies in palace clothes and some were hot girls only partially covered with some metal armors .

Some had dark black robes, some wore feather crowns, few had double horns on their head and some had wings on their back, some were carrying a beast’s head, some had extremely deformed heads, some were extremely beautiful, and some were children in red aprons .

There were silver-haired old women, golden girls, there were giants with terrible faces, some had eyes like a copper bell, some had huge ears and some had three eyes .

Some had four arms on their bodies, few had a tail behind them, some wore masks, some were holding pagodas in their hands, some carried sticks and in few flames were bursting out of their body .

Ye Xiaochen was looking at the immortals .

The immortals were also looking at Ye Xiaochen .

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They have to pay attention to him . This was the future Shennong!

If they want to have a good life in the future, they need to deal well with Ye Xiaochen .

In this auction, almost all the immortal gods that could come were present .

Not for anything else, but to take a look at Ye Xiaochen .

“Thank you seniors for participating in this auction . I am very honored . ”

Ye Xiaochen coughed after a while and then quickly said .

“Haha, young follow Ye Xiaochen, your strength is too weak, you need to speed up your cultivation . ”

An immortal smiled and said . He had a thin and small figure and was carrying an iron stick .

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes fell on him and suddenly recognized him .

Great sage the equal of heaven, Sun Wukong(Monkey king . )

Compared with the Tv series Journey to the West, he looked much uglier and quite ferocious .

“May I ask, is this senior Sun Wukong?”

Ye Xiaochen cupped his hand and greeted him .

“It is Lao Sun, I didn’t expect you to know . That’s right, I heard that the mortals wrote about this Lao Sun in novels and even made it into Tv series . ”

Sun Wukong gave a feeling of being a chatterbox, he couldn’t stop talking .

“Ye Xiaochen, can you recognize this sister?”

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A charming and beautiful voice sounded .

Ye Xiaochen noticed her a long time ago because she was beautiful, very beautiful and no one could compare to her .

The immortal was dressed in white .

In Ye Xiaochen’s eyes, no one on the earth could be more beautiful than her .

She was perfect to the extreme, and the temperament was otherworldly .

Because she was so perfect, Ye Xiaochen felt it was an illusion and thought this was a fairy that came out from the painting .

“The senior sister is so beautiful, is it the Goddess of the Moon(Chang’e)?”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile .

“You also think this sister is beautiful?”

The Goddess of the Moon said with a smile .

Her smile could make flowers shy and also let the moon hide . The absolute embodiment of female beauty captivating the world . All the male immortals on the scene were attracted and the female immortals were jealous .

“Ye Xiaochen, I think it’s better if you ask people present here to introduce themselves to you . ”

All of sudden, sitting in the front row, a majestic and motherly demeanor immortal dressed in the palace dress said .

Although she was not as beautiful as the Goddess of the Moon, she has a graceful temperament .

Ye Xiaochen came back to his senses and was surprised in his heart . He didn’t expect that the Goddess of the Moon was so attractive that he would lose his sense .

He quickly looked at the beautiful lady in the palace dress who spoke, and then looked at the middle-aged man beside her who was wearing a dragon robe and crown .

He immediately knew who they were .

Needless to say, these two were heavenly lords, the Queen Mother of West, and the Jade Emperor .

“It was actually Queen Mother and Jade emperor, this boy thank you two for your support . ”

Ye Xiaochen was neither humble nor overbearing .

“Haha, Ye Xiaochen, work hard and in future, there will be a place for you in Heaven . ”

The two immortals smiled and nodded, they had a gentle attitude towards Ye Xiaochen .

Who let the Ye Xiaochen be the only Shennong in three realms after thousands of years, he was related to the future development of Heavenly Court!

Ye Xiaochen shuddered, and his heart was excited .

Even the two lords said that I have a promising future!

The thought of becoming an immortal, living a long life, made him feel full of strength and energy!

Next, various immortals introduced themselves one after another .

There were 348 immortals, all of them were famous, even in the mortal world .

Taoist Lao-Tze was also there, he was a white-haired old man with an immortal style and looked very kind .

“Seniors, it’s already late . Lets’ start the auction now . ”

After Ye Xiaochen got to know all the immortals, he immediately announced the opening of the auction .

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