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Chapter 206

“Brother Wang, is it because of the Tianheyuan project?”

Ye Xiaochen was silent for a moment and immediately understood Wang Shuisheng’s intention . He immediately said, “I didn’t help you for this, brother Wang, you don’t have to . . ”

“Xiaochen, listen to me . ”

Wang Shuisheng looked calm, “ It’s hard for you to imagine the difficulties and despair I have experienced this month . If the Tianheyuan project failed, I would have left with nothing . No, it’s more terrible than nothing, because I’ve offended too many people in my life . ”

“Xiaochen, it is you who rescued me from despair . In fact, this 5% share is not much . Only due to various reasons, I can only transfer this much . ”

Wang Shuisheng smiled and continued, “Moreover, I transferred the shares to you, there is also a little selfishness . ”

Ye Xiaochen didn’t speak and listened quietly .

“You are going to be the director of the future research institute and an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences . You have become the shareholder of the Jinyang group, it will also benefit the Jinyang group . ”

Wang Shuisheng chuckled .

This was his main purpose .

“Brother Wang, do you have any other plans?”

Ye Xiaochen heard the unexpected thing and asked curiously .

“Well, after the opening of the Tianheyuan project, the potential of the Jinyang group will be exhausted . It will become very difficult to grow and expand . Especially the outward expansion, there is too much resistance . Currently, our Jinyang’s 50% of the business is concentrated in the Yang city, and only little more than 45% are scattered in the Southern province . As for the business outside the province, it is not more than 5% . ”

Wang Shuisheng said “If a company wants to expand, it has to expand outward, if it cannot expand, then the decline will be inevitable . However, the major businesses of the Jinyang group are very competitive and it is impossible to continue to expand outward . But, your presence has given me hope . ”


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Ye Xiaochen questioned .

“Yes . ”

Wang Shuisheng nodded and said, “Secretary Zeng has told me about the rapeseeds you have cultivated . Originally, another big company in the city was responsible for the rapeseed industrialization plan . However, the company has no hope for this industrialization plan, so secretary Zeng hoped that the Jinyang group could take the lead . ”

Ye Xiaochen understood .

Wang Shuisheng transferred his shares not only because he was thankful to Ye Xiaochen because he saved the Jinyang group, but also because he wanted to tie Ye Xiaochen to the Jinyang group and enter the agricultural industry .

If he has Ye Xiaochen as the shareholder, they would have great advantages in the agriculture and farming industry .

“Xiaochen, let’s cooperate to set up a company in the agricultural industry . I’ll provide the capital and you will provide the technology, and each of us will hold half of the shares . What do you think?”

Wang Shuisheng finally told his biggest goal . In his opinion, the Jinyang’s 5% shares was a trivial matter, cooperating with Ye Xiaochen was the real event .

The Jinyang group performed better, that was it .

However, working with Ye Xiaochen was different, and he felt that the future would be bigger .

“Brother Wang, are you saying that the company is funded individually, and not in the name of Jinyang group?”

Ye Xiaochen was surprised .

He thought it would be under the name of Jinyang group .

“It’s natural . The situation of the Jinyang group is too complicated, and it will cause a lot of trouble . ”

Wang Shuisheng said bluntly .

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Although he was the chairman of the Jinyang group and holds the absolute right to speak, there were too many interests . In particular, there were many financial backers and political bigwigs also involved .

Ye Xiaochen nodded, this was true, if you let Jinyang group get involved, it would be really troublesome .

“Brother wang, it’s not a problem . You say how to open this company, you know, even when I opened the catering company I cooperated with others . I am just an arm-flinging shopkeeper, so I have to trouble you on this matter . ”

(arm-flinging shopkeeper: a person who asks others to work but does nothing himself:)

Ye Xiaochen didn’t think much and immediately agreed .

In fact, this was a plan he had thought about for a long time .

In the future, if the immortal spring company wants to expand its branches all over the country and even in the world, would it still depend on his farm?

This would not work, a larger farm must be established .

According to his plan, in the current farm, only the immortal plants would be grown in the future . As for the ordinary vegetables and fruits, the places must be changed .

As for ensuring the quality of the ordinary vegetables, this was not a problem at all, he has too many ways to achieve it .

Now that Wang Shuisheng has joined, it was good .

In this way, he doesn’t have to worry about carrying out the plan by himself .

In fact, he didn’t pay much attention to the issue of money, it should be just enough .

What he wants most is to improve the planting industry on the earth by using the planting technology he has learned from the Shennong system .

Food was essential for life .

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Planting was fundamental .

He hopes to be able to do his part for mankind in this respect .

Besides, if he could make more money this way, then he would not give up such a great opportunity .

Without much hesitation, Ye Xiaochen signed the share transfer agreement .

He knew the agreement would come into effect as soon as he signed .

He now owns the five percent shares of the Jinyang group, which was worth hundreds of million yuan .

In other words, he was now a real multi-millionaire .

When Wang Shuisheng saw Ye Xiaochen signed, he showed a happy smile .

The two people again discussed the matter of cooperation .

Wang Shuisheng outlined his vision for the company’s future .

“Xiaochen, please look at what needs to be modified in this plan . ”

Wang Shuisheng had done a good job of preparing a general plan .

Ye Xiaochen looked at the plan and immediately admired it very much, he was worthy of being an elite businessman, the vision was unique .

Wang Shuisheng described the plan with key points .

Let’s say the whole company was based on planting farms to form various derivative industries .

In Wang Shuisheng’s opinion, the vegetables Ye Xiaochen supplied to the immortal spring restaurant was just one of the simplest sales methods .

It was better to produce and sell, rather than just be a supplier of raw materials .

Besides, not only vegetables but also different kinds of ornamental plants, flowers, medicinal materials also could be planted .

For these things, Ye Xiaochen has considered before, but thinking about the farm scope he didn’t do it .

After all, the sales of vegetables were simple, but flowers and medicinal materials came in different classes and were much more complicated .

Since they wanted to set up a company specializing in farming and agriculture, naturally, growing these things they would get a lot of money .

Thinking about how much profit could be obtained by planting ordinary ginseng into precious old ginseng that was comparable to ten or a hundred years old?

It was simply unimaginable .

With Ye Xiaochen’s current technology, plus assistant of special medicine aids, it was not too hard to achieve this .

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen felt the future was very bright .

Wang Shuisheng was the best partner God has given to himself .

Deep knowledge and deep pockets .

Moreover, Wang Shuisheng might become his future brother-in-law .

The cooperation between the two was a perfect match .

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