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Chapter 205

After soaking the seeds of the two new immortal plants in the immortal solution, Ye Xiaochen began to prepare for the auction .

He sorted out all the immortal plants to be auctioned .

The 80 plants of the third generation of immortal yellow beans have produced more than 23,000 beans with ten circles pattern .

The 30 plants of the third generation of immortal red beans have produced more than 8,100 beans with ten circles pattern .

There was more than 57,000 immortal grass with nine circle patterns and more than 14,000 grains of immortal wheat with ten circle patterns .

Two hundred immortal carrots, ten circles .

Two hundred immortal radishes, ten circles .

Naturally, Ye Xiaochen wasn’t going to auction all of them, he was going to leave some with himself .

In the end, he decided to auction 6000 immortal red beans, 20,000 immortal yellow beans, 50,000 immortal grass .

The immortal grass was also useful after removing the spirit qi, when feeding the local chickens, putting little crushed grass in their feeds improved the meat quality of the chicken and the eggs they lay also have a special fragrance .

Immortal wheat, he was going to auction 10,000 grains .

He was going to auction only 100 pieces of immortal radishes and immortal carrots, as he still needed to trade with the Goddess of the Moon because of the contract .

There were many immortal plants and this much was enough to open a grand auction .

This time, he wasn’t in a hurry as he was before .

He informed the immortals in advance and set an exact time for the auction .

Moreover, he did not intend to use the discussion group for auction, as the auction atmosphere was not strong in that .

Therefore, he was going to spend some immortal yuan and open virtual space .

After the Shennong system was upgraded, in addition to the discussion group, a virtual space option was also added in the friend’s tab .

However, to use the virtual space the immortal yuan was required, it was not much expensive, just 30 immortal yuan per hour .

He believed that as long as the auction was held well, the additional cost of one to two hundred immortal yuan could be covered up .

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At the moment, he has sent the message to hundreds of immortals .

The auction would be held in three days .

He was looking forward to it, he would get a large amount of immortal yuan and more importantly, he would be able to see the real appearance of those immortals .

The virtual space allows a person’s spirit to enter, just like the virtual reality game in the novel .

In a virtual space, everyone would have a body, which would be no different from that in reality .


The news that the Chinese Academy of Sciences would be cooperating with the Southern province government to establish a scientific research branch has long been spread .

The news media of the southern province were rushing to report .

The scientific research community regarded this as the breakthrough in the rise of scientific research technology in the southern province .

It was mid-December .

In another half month, 2015 will come to an end and 2016 will start .

This morning, Ye Xiaochen was designing a plan to expand the farm .

According to his idea, the cultivating land of the currently developed farmland could be doubled .

There was plenty of free space on the farm anyway .

So, it was natural to have a good design .

With the money in hand, there was no need for the greenhouse design to be cheap and affordable as before .

Higher materials could be used .

Of course, he was not going to make a high-tech greenhouse .

After all, when the current farm was closed with the fences, an invisible field covered the farm .

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Within the field range, it was warm in winter and cool in the summer, the temperature was adaptable .

Even the insulation which Ye Xiaochen had bought before has now become unnecessary .

However, he doesn’t care about it now . The ten thousand yuan was lost, but it was not worth mentioning .

Moreover, when Ye Xiaochen planned to expand the farm’s greenhouse, there was no need to hire a construction team, if there were bean soldiers, they would do the work .

When the conditions were right, he would get more bean soldiers .

Tring Tring .

The phone ringing came, Ye Xiaochen took a look, it was Zeng Hongye .

“Xiaochen, I wanted to inform you that on the 3rd of the next month, cooperation on the Science and technology between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Southern Province would be held in Beijing . A series of agreements on scientific research cooperation will be signed . At that time, you will also need to attend the meeting in person . ”

Zeng Hongye said .

“Ah, I have to go?”

Ye Xiaochen was a little dumbfounded .

He really doesn’t want to leave home, after all, a lot of farm work needs to be taken care of .

“Of course, you have to go . You are the key person in the cooperation between our Southern province and the Chinese Academy of Sciences . Moreover, you will also be certainly rewarded with the title of professor and become the director of the new research branch . As the cooperation representative of both the Chinese Academy of Sciences and our Southern province government, if you are not there, then what is the significance of this cooperation?”

Zeng Hongye didn’t know whether to laugh or cry .

“Well, I understand . By the way, sister Zeng, are you also going?”

Ye Xiaochen said helplessly .

“I am definitely going . This time the team going to Beijing is quite large . Even some members of  the provincial party committee will be going . ”

Zeng Hongye laughed and said .

“Oh, all are big people . ”

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Ye Xiaochen said .

“You are also a big man . Now, who doesn’ t treat you as a treasure? You are a big shot!”

Zeng Hongye teased .

Ye Xiaochen knew that the cooperation between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Southern province government was not as simple as just establishing a research branch, there would be more cooperative projects .

This research branch was just an opportunity .

It was precise because of this that the southern province government attaches great importance to this scientific cooperation . It would give a boost to the scientific research industry and other industries of the southern province .

It was said that after the news about the cooperation between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Southern province government spread, the share prices of some of the companies related to the scientific research industry in southern province have soared .

Just as Ye Xiaochen hung up the phone, his phone rang again .

It was from Wang Shuisheng .

Wang Shuisheng has been busy recently .

As the nuclear radiation in the construction site has been cleared, the construction will resume in a week .

When the time comes, the 980 immortal blades of grass would be transplanted .

These immortal grasses would become important research specimens for the research institute .

“Xiaochen, congratulations”

Wang Shuisheng laughed and said .

Ye Xiaochen knew what he meant, Wang Shuisheng must have got the news, “Brother Wang, the construction work should be about to start . ”

“Almost ready to resume . ”

Wang Shuisheng continued, “By the way, Xiaochen, do you have time today, can you come here?”

“eh, Yes . What’s the reason?”

Ye Xiaochen asked .

“You will know when you come here . ”

Wang Shuisheng spoke mysteriously .

“Brother Wang, why are you playing riddles with me? Okay, I will arrive there in the afternoon . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

In the afternoon . Ye Xiaochen drove straight to the Yang city .

This was the headquarters building of the Jinyang group .

To construct a big building as the office of the company, only some powerful companies have the strength .

There was no doubt that the Jinyang group had such strength .

Although it has experienced the nuclear radiation incident and the group was greatly affected, it has been finally solved .

“Eh? Brother Wang, what do you mean?”

In Wang Shuisheng’s office .

Ye Xiaochen looked at the document handed over by Wang Shuisheng and was greatly shocked .

“It doesn’t mean much, this is what you deserve . Xiaochen, sign it . ”

Wang Shuisheng laughed .

Ye Xiaochen stupidly looked at the share transfer agreement paper .

Five percent of the Jinyang group .

Wang Shuisheng would be transferring 5 percent shares from his name to Ye Xiaochen .

Don’t look at it just as 5 percent, it was worth hundreds of millions yuan!

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