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Chapter 202

Before practicing the casting bean soldiers, Ye Xiaochen had another thing to do, that was to arrange a spirit gathering array and gather the free spirit qi of the whole farm .

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He took out the spirit gathering array disc plate, which was a foot high . He didn’t know with what materials it was built, it was densely covered with strange textures, and had different kinds of immortal rune marks on it .

In the center, there was a slot for placing the immortal stones .

The fire immortal stone could only be used in the fission spirit gathering array .

He did not have any other type of immortal stone . Although they were available in the Store, they were extremely expensive .

He could only choose a low-level spirit crystal, but it was not cheap and it gets consumed too fast . He was reluctant to spend the immortal yuans .

However, there was no other way . His cultivation was too low now and he couldn’t rely on his divine energy .

He wants to practice the technique of casting bean soldiers without any mistake .

So he bought a spirit crystal for a hundred immortal yuan .

He took out the spirit crystal . Its size was similar to a rice grain, it was transparent and exquisite like a crystal, but was not as bright as the immortal stone .

He placed the spirit crystal in the slot and activated the spirit gathering array, immediately it started to continuously gather the immortal spirit qi on the farm .

When practicing the casting bean soldier, naturally the immortal spirit qi would be helpful .

This was not enough .

Ye Xiaochen also took out the spirit qi he collected during these days and also placed several barrels of water from the immortal spring water in the spirit gathering array .

The wave of spirit qi in the air would immediately be restrained by the spirit gathering array and would not be lost .

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Now that Ye Xiaochen has started immortal cultivation, he doesn’t need to worry about breathing the dense immortal spirit qi . He would be able to bear it, and would not have poisoning or other symptoms .

When he was surrounded by the dense immortal spirit qi, he felt his breathing comfortable and his whole body felt refreshed .

Ye Xiaochen took out the immortal yellow bean .

This immortal yellow bean couldn’t be planted, otherwise, the plant consciousness would awaken and it couldn’t be refined into the bean soldiers at all .

He placed the immortal bean in the law made from the tree trunk .

The reason he placed only one grain was naturally to first test it . If it fails, it would become a waste .

Moreover, he estimated that currently, he could only refine one grain .

After preparing properly, Ye Xiaochen took out the page in which the casting bean soldier technique was recorded .

He could see a strange image in the middle of the page .

He knew that this was the core rune of the casting bean soldier technique .

Only by mastering this rune would it be possible for him to refine the bean soldiers .

After he saw the image, he tried to visualize it and operated his energy .

He closed his eyes and his forehead was sweating .

It was very difficult to visualize this rune and construct it with divine energy .

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During this period, when he has time, he would try to visualize the rune, but he has never constructed it with energy, because it was very risky, as there was no medium for the rune, it was a very dangerous thing and could hurt his spiritual consciousness .

All of a sudden, Ye Xiaochen’s whole body shook, on the tip of fingers, strange white light wrapped around it and emitted a strange wave .

The sweat was flowing down from his nose .

He opened his eyes and suddenly pointed his fingers at the immortal yellow bean .

At the same time, he pinched the seal with his other hand, and a thread of energy waves were spreading like cobwebs through the narrow space .

In an instant, the altar, the law, the seal shook, and released a chilling breath .

Moreover, a white mist seeped out from the platform, this was the water of the Yinhe river, which was stirred by the energy and became a mist .

And the burning phosphorus file leaped and flashed .

immediately, all five yin auxiliary materials complemented each other and formed a strange force field, covering the immortal bean .

From Ye Xiaochen’s fingers, the faint white covered the immortal bean .

Driven by the strange force field, the immortal yellow bean’s spiritual characteristic was activated .

Suddenly, the white light penetrated and blended into the immortal bean at a very slow speed .

It took a dozen breaths before the white light completely blended with the immortal yellow bean .

Ye Xiaochen’s face turned pale and his fingers were shaking .

It was very expensive .

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He felt the energy in the divine crystal was almost exhausted .

There was the support of the spirit gathering qi, which quickly could restore the energy .

Absorbing the immortal spirit qi could restore Shennong’s energy . However, if you want to improve the cultivation, then you must absorb the plant spirit qi .

“Haha, it seems my talent is pretty good . I succeeded the first time . ”

Ye Xiaochen saw on the immortal yellow bean there were strange textures and was completely different from the original shape .

Now the immortal yellow beans have fully inspired the spiritual characteristic .

Moreover, the plant consciousness in the immortal bean has been completely dispersed by the core rune, and it would dominate the operation of the immortal bean .

Those strange textures on the beans were an external manifestation of the core rune .

Ye Xiaochen picked up the immortal bean and used his spirit, he could only sense the core rune .

As for plant consciousness, it has completely disappeared .

Originally, if there was no plant consciousness, it meant that the vitality of the immortal bean has completely dissipated, but the vitality in this immortal bean was perfectly preserved .

Of course, if he now wants to plant his immortal bean, it won’t work .

Because this immortal bean was no longer a seed but has become a magic weapon .

“The next step is to use the immortal bean to summon the soul and attach it on itself . ”

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes shined .

The casting bean soldier was divided into three parts . The first part was refining the core run into the immortal bean . The second part was to attach the soul and the third part was to plant his imprint .

Different ranks of immortal bean could summon different levels of souls .

The immortal bean refined by Ye Xiachen was not very strong .

He doesn’t know how strong the soul could it summon?

The soul here doesn’t refer to the soul of a person . Once a person dies, the soul will be scattered and there is no possibility of existence .

The soul here was an energy body that condenses in some special circumstances .

These energy bodies do not appear under the sunlight and not even on the surface of the earth .

Generally only in the underground world, in a special yin place, the soul cloud exists .

These souls could be summoned by the refined immortal bean .

Any soul doesn’t have wisdom but has a soul instinct . Naturally, a spiritual immortal bean has a strong attraction to the soul .

Ye Xiaochen collected the refined immortal bean .

In the farm, the soul could not be summoned, as the fence formed a shielding force that could block those souls .

Ye Xiaochen cleaned up the things; the platform, the seal, and other things . He put them into the storage space . Then after removing the spirit gathering array, he went out .

As for summoning the soul, he was going to wait till night and go out to a place full of yin .

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