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Chapter 203

Late at Night .

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Ye Xiaochen came to a forest in the mountains .

Obviously, he came here to summon the soul and refine the immortal bean into a real bean soldier .

“Well, this place is not bad . The yin qi is strong enough . Moreover, at this time, the yin qi between heaven and earth flourishes, and the yang qi drops greatly . It should be enough to summon the yin soul . ”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the surrounding environment and nodded .

Currently, the temperature was less, plus the night breeze blowing the weather was very cold .

Nevertheless, Ye Xiaochen didn’t feel cold at all, he had the energy for the protection and his body was also strengthened .

He sat down cross-legged, took out the immortal bean, and held it in the palm of his hand .

He calmed down his breathing and began to practice the casting bean soldier .

He made the signs with his fingers and finally formed a soul summoning seal . With the waves of the divine energy, a strange sound came out from the palm of his hand .

The spiritual breath of the immortal bean was transmitted along with this wave .

Gradually, from Ye Xiaochen’s spirit sense, the world seemed to greatly change, from the depths of the earth, it seemed a mass of yin air was drilling out .

That was a summoned soul .

However, as soon as the soul reached the surface of the earth, it did not dare to come out .

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Even when it was night, even when the place was full of yin qi and the yang qi was dropped to lowest, the yin souls were still afraid .

“Eh, still not coming out?”

Ye Xiaochen’s thoughts moved, he suddenly urged the divine energy, the soul seal stirred, and a more intense sound wave transmitted .

All of sudden, the soul could not resist and finally came out . It turned into an invisible wind and rushed directly towards Ye Xiaochen .

“Good, it came out”

In his sense, the soul was almost invisible and was just like the wind .

If ordinary people get struck the soul, they would have a shortage of qi and blood and would have a serious illness .

However, Ye Xiaochen had the divine energy to protect the body and didn’t need to care about it .

In an instant, the mass of yin air drilled into the immortal bean .

Ye Xiaochen didn’t let go, as this was not enough .

This soul was too weak .

The souls were very peculiar and have the ability to devour and grow .

In order to take possession of this spirit immortal bean, the souls would be fighting with each other and devour each other by instinct . The final soul would be a stronger soul .

Sure enough, just when this one entered, immediately few more souls emerged and entered into the immortal bean .

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The souls came rushing one after another .

In the end, thirteen souls entered the immortal bean .

“It seems there are only thirteen souls in this place . ”

Ye Xiaochen did not see any more souls coming out, and knew there were no more souls in this place .

The formation rate of the souls was quite low and coupled with mutual engulfment, there were very few .

At this time, the devouring of the soul has ended, and finally, a powerful soul was formed .

Ye Xiaochen smiled and immediately carried out the last part of refining the bean soldiers .

It took a long time, when he finished, he recovered his energy and looked at the immortal bean in the palm of his hand .

He could sense that he had formed a peculiar bond with the immortal bean .

All of a sudden, he operated his divine energy and the immortal bean flew out, it twirled in the air, and immediately the air was filled with black fog .

“Yin soldier assemble . ”

He began to control the black mist and shaped it .

It took more than ten seconds for the black mist to turn into a naked man; the muscles were strong, the face was dull and eyes were pale .

He stepped forward and touched the yin soldier, it felt like real .

In fact, this Yin soldier was just a shell, and the interior was filled with Yin qi .

As long as the shell was broken, the yin soldier like a deflated balloon would shrivel and turn into the black fog again .

Although the shell was thin, it’s defense was amazing and the ordinary sword couldn’t be able to break it .

“Well with my current accomplishment, I can only urge one Yin soldier at a time . If it is to carry out only physical manual labor and not the fighting, I should be able to maintain its existence all time . Moreover, the bean soldiers have the ability to absorb the immortal spirit qi . ”

Ye Xiaochen nodded with satisfaction .

In this way, with the help of the yin soldiers, the farm would not face any shortage of labor .

Originally, the yin soldiers have no wisdom but have strong shape-changing ability . As long as they were inscribed with various control information, they could do anything .

However, the yin soldiers, refined by Ye Xiaochen seemed to have some consciousness or have a sense of awakening .

If he has guessed correctly, it might have to do with his divine talent, as well as the additional divinity value in the immortal bean .

This was the key .

Why do the heavenly soldier and generals in the immortal world possess wisdom?

It was because they were refined from beans having divinity .

If it was an ordinary immortal bean, no matter how powerful the refining method was, it was impossible to produce wisdom .

Unless it was a powerful person with supreme magical ability and personally enlightens it .

However, in this, the consumption was quite large and could not be used on a large scale .

Moreover, those who were capable of it, why will they do it?

Ye Xiaochen changed the seal . Suddenly, the bean soldier shook and turned into black fog . After rolling and surging, it turned into a black tiger .

He jumped and landed on the back of the black tiger .

The back of the black tiger was very strong when he landed on it, the black tiger’s body didn’t shake at all, showing it has a strong strength and balance .

Under his control, the black tiger galloped through the forest .

It was extremely fast, flexible, and light .

It didn’t take much time for Ye Xiaochen riding on the black tiger to reach the cement road at the foot of the mountain .

He jumped off the black tiger’s back and snapped his finger . Suddenly, the black tiger collapsed turned into the immortal beans, and fell on the palm of his hands .

“Tut, tut, this bean soldier is really good . The shape-changing ability is matchless, It can turn into a human for labor and as an animal to become mount . ”

Ye Xiaochen smiled .

“Well, in the future I can use the wind attribute immortal bean to refine it into a soldier and it will have the ability to fly!”

Although the bean soldier could be changed into any shape, if he wanted to fly, just by having the wings won’t be enough, it also needs the power of the wind attribute immortal bean .

Just like how the fire attribute wind soldiers could manipulate flames and the water attribute bean soldiers have the ability to control water .

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