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Chapter 201

At Zeng Hongye’s office .

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Only Ye Xiaochen and Zeng Hongye were present .

Zeng Hongye personally brewed tea for Ye Xiaochen .

“Xiaochen, thank you very much for today . ”

Zeng Hongye sat down and said .

All this time, she had been under a lot of pressure, and now the matter was finally over .

This time, as one of the leaders who contributed to the settlement of the institute, she has achieved an amazing achievement .

The possibility of rising her position was increased .

Originally, when she became the top leader of the Yang city, she had already reached the peak . After all, in the official career, it was difficult to go far without enough background and support . What was more was that she was a woman, which even became more difficult .

“How is sister Zeng going to thank me?”

Ye Xiaochen asked with a smile .

He was now facing Zeng Hongye, the kind of nervousness he had in the past was gone .

After all, when the status was different so would be the friendship .

Now the status gap between them was not that big .

“Don’t worry, I said I will be your matchmaker, I certainly won’t break my promise, why are you in such a hurry?”

Zeng Hongye said with a smile .

Ye Xiaochen blushed .

“Haha, okay, I will not tease you anymore . I’ll tell you the truth . The above has already said that there is no problem with the recommendation of your sister’s postgraduate . There are several recommendations: The Nanjing university in our province, the Jiaotong University, and the Fudan University, among these she could choose any major . As for Peking University and Tsinghua University, the choice of majors is a little small . ”

Zeng Hongye said .

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Ye Xiaochen was overjoyed .

In order to get a recommendation, just a normal relationship would have not been enough .

Only the provincial and ministerial level could have this capability .

“More real than gold . ”

Zeng Hongye laughed and said .

“Haha, that’s great . I have to ask my sister which university she wants to choose . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

His intention was Tsinghua university, which was China’s top three universities .

“Anyway, there is plenty of time to think about it . ”

Zeng Hongye smiled and said .

After chatting for a while, Ye Xiaochen left .

He had planned to go to Wang Xinyi, but after some thinking, he directly went to the farm .

Although the relationship with Wang Xinyi has become closer, it hasn’t been fully explained .

Because he was not sure whether Wang Xinyi would accept it .

He was still a little worried, after all, Wang Xinyi was very concerned about her defects .

He thought about the immortal wind medicinal herb whose growth rate has greatly increased and has grown more than 20 cm tall . It was estimated that it would mature in half a month .

However, the more immortal wind medicinal herb was closer to maturity, the more worried he was .

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Could the immortal wind medicinal herb really cure Wang Xinyi’s defects?

With his current financial resources, he could easily buy a lower grade immortal medicinal herb from the Store .

“Well, no matter what, after I reach the farm, I will buy a lower grade immortal wind medicinal herb from the store,”

Ye Xiaochen finally made his decision .

Immediately, he drove to the farm and quickly bought a lower grade immortal wind medicinal herb from the Store .

It cost 230 immortal yan .

The plant was not fresh, but dehydrated and dried .

It was well preserved .

Only in this way, the maximum efficiency could be maintained .

He applied the plant identification technique, a white light shined on the immortal wind medicinal herb, and its information was immediately revealed .

After looking at it for a while, suddenly he thought of a problem .

How to use this immortal wind medicinal herb? Should it be boiled and taken directly or should it be combined with some other herbs?

“Oh that’s right, if something is unclear, I can ask an immortal!”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly got the idea, at most he has to pay some immortal yuan .

He immediately contacted Taoist Lao Tzu .

When it comes to alchemy and medicine refining, Lao Tzu was the best .

Taoist Lao Tzu quickly replied .

“Little friend Ye Xiaochen, the immortal medicinal herb cannot be taken directly by the mortal even after removing the immortal spirit qi, its medicinal properties are too strong and belong to violent medicine . Ordinary mortals won’t be able to bear it . The medicinal herb must be taken with gentle auxiliary medicine . Also, the human being you are talking about has an innate defect and represents the loss of ear organ . It should be treated from the root . It is not as simple as repairing an ear organ . You must also add Qiyuan medicine . ”

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Ye Xiaochen’s eyes brightened, he was really professional . Ye  Xiaochen quickly asked what gentle auxiliary medicines and Qiyuan medicine were .

“For the auxiliary gentle medicine, you can use the purple water chestnut accompanied by ruler grass and mountain carat root . As for Qiyuan medicine, it is more precious and at least should be a black grade elixir . For example, the dandelion spirit, you grind the three medicinal materials, and in accordance with the corresponding proportion boil them into a soup . And have to drink three times, the person should be cured . ”

Lao Tzu’s answer was very detailed .

Ye Xiaochen noted it down .

“Also, while taking medication, there are some taboos, such as . ”

Taoist Lao Tzu reminded him .

After Ye Xiaochen paid the immortal yuan, he quickly thanked him .

The auxiliary medicines were cheap . The lower grade was only one to two hundred yuan, but the dandelion spirit was expensive . It was black grade third-rank elixir, even the small one was two to three thousand immortal yuan .

One batch would be one medicinal soup

At least three were required .

If all were added, the cost would reach nearly ten thousand immortal yuan .

Ye Xiaochen sighed . It seemed that nothing could be done for the time being .

He currently had insufficient immortal yuans, and could not afford to buy the dandelion spirit!

It was not possible until the auction .

Ye Xiaochen collected back the immortal wind medicinal herb he bought .

He put this matter aside for a while and began to focus on refining the bean soldier .

Next, he spent several days visiting large and small graveyards of the Jing county and even Yang city .

Fortunately, he was sensitive to Yin qi and eventually found a group of phosphorous fire .

It was a lot of trouble .

He didn’t know how to control the fire . Fortunately, there was a container for phosphorus fire in the store, which cost him 100 immortal yuan . Otherwise, it would have been more troublesome .

In a simple shed next to the immortal land .

This was specially built by Ye Xiaochen .

In the center, there was a black earthen platform .

It was made with the soil from the thousand-year tomb and from the water of Underground Yinhe river .

On the platform, there was silver-white seal, emitting a metallic smell .

It was made from mercury .

Originally, mercury was liquid and very volatile .

However, Ye Xiaochen used the energy from the crystal to solidify the mercury .

The law was already in place, it was made from the trunk of a willow tree that was hundreds of years old .

For this thing, he had to secretly cut down a protected precious old tree in a park .

Police were still investigating the damage caused to the willow tree .

To make the law, it was better to use the heart of the willow tree, otherwise, he wouldn’t have cut down the whole tree .

In addition, there was a candle, this was not an ordinary candle but made from phosphorus from a mixture of phosphorus .

He used the stored phosphorus fire to light the candle, it immediately emitted a blue-green flame .

The five auxiliary Yin materials were ready .

Ye Xiaochen was ready to start refining the bean soldiers .

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