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Chapter 200

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes narrowed, his thoughts moved and he communicated with the divine crystal in the danitan .

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The crystal fissioned and the energy was released .

At the same time, the eyes of Heavenly law appeared in his consciousness .

In an instant, the plant identification technique started .

A white light shot out and landed on the immortal beans . Immediately, the information of each bean appeared .

Ye Xiaochen was stunned, the two kinds of beans have reached the 10 circles .

That was to say, they were just one step away to reach lower grade quality .

Under the general circumstance, nine circles should have been normal .

However, all the immortal lands were upgraded to the second level, which greatly increased the fertility of the immortal land .

In addition, the immortal spring waters were also upgraded to the second level, which increased the density of the immortal spirit qi .

Moreover, Ye Xiaochen cultivated the Shennong tactics, and after condensing the crystal, he has been often using the Art of Growth on the immortal plants and also has been playing flute music of spirit song of plants

All kinds of situations combined have made these two varieties of immortal beans reach ten circles .

As long as one step further could be taken, it would become a lower product immortal plant .

Naturally, Ye Xiaochen’s knows that this small step was hard to cross .

This was a real barrier .

Many immortal planters were stuck in this step .

However, Ye Xiaochen was confident that it would not be difficult for him .

Because he was Shennong .

The existence of Shennong talent has predestined him to be different from ordinary immortal planters .

In addition to reaching the ten circle pattern, Ye Xiaochen also found that the two varieties of immortal beans’ divinity and spiritual characteristics were much higher than the first generation of immortal beans .

There should be approximately 8,700 immortal yellow beans and 8,100 immortal red beans .

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For the time being, he didn’t plan to sell the immortal beans .

He prepared to store it first .

The last harvested immortal grass was still stored in the warehouse .

He was waiting for the other immortal plants to mature .

According to his estimation, the immortal wheat and immortal yellow beans, as well as the radish and carrots, would mature in a week at most .

When these plants mature, he was going to hold a grand auction .

In this way, the types of immortal plants in the auction would be rich .

As for the idle immortal land, he plans to plant the second-generation immortal bean .

At the moment, he collected all the immortal beans .

“Well, let’s take a look at personal information . ”

Ye Xiaochen’s thoughts moved, summoned the Shennong system, and checked his information .

User: Ye Xiaochen .

Occupation: Shen Nong(Level 2) .

Cultivation: Foundation construction period(initial)

Talents : Spiritual+1, Yield(Production) +1, Quality +1, Acceleration +1, Disease- resistance +1, Insect resistance+1, Variation +1, Strength +1, Anti-poisonous Physique+1,Divinity +1 .

Immortal Yuan: 2851 immortal yuan, 67 spirit yuan .

Experience: 126/1000 .

After the upgrade, the experience value has changed . If he has to upgrade to level 3, he must accumulate 1000 experience points .

Since the task column has appeared in level 2, he believes that there would be more changes in level 3 .

This was not easy to achieve!

With the current efficiency, it’s afraid that it would take at least a few years to upgrade .

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However, he was not in a hurry .

He should eat bite by bite and should walk step by step .

He currently has only completed two system tasks .

In addition, the main task was still being generated and hasn’t been shown, it was not known what kind of task would appear in the main task .

He was looking forward to it .

The next morning .

Ye Xiaochen came to Yang city government building, where he met with the working group of the province .

The level of this working group was not low . The group leader was Wei Zixuan, the Standing committee member of the provincial party committee and executive vice governor of the province, others were also at least the department level, and could be called heavyweights .

Zeng Hongye, leaders of Yang city, and mayors were also present .

Even Liu Xianjin, the secretary of the Jing county came in person .

This meeting was mainly about the settlement of the research branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences .

Although the province hoped to establish the research institute in Shashi city, it was just that Ye Xiaochen was from Yang city .

Moreover, Yang city was also a part of the Southern Province .

Naturally, the province could not intervene in administration and could only persuade in terms of overall policy and other aspects, hoping that Ye Xiaochen could choose Shashi city .

Unfortunately, Yang city strongly disagreed .

Naturally, in this conflict of interest, they would not yield an inch .

Yang city has an absolute advantage!

Moreover, Ye Xiaochen prefers to settle in Yang city .

Although Liu Xianjin of Jing county also gave his terms, no one took him seriously .

Liu Xianjin looked at Ye Xiaochen frequently, but Ye Xiaochen pretended not to see him .

He had previously contacted Ye Xiaochen, hoping to choose the county .

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Ye Xiaochen gave an ambiguous answer . Anyway, he was the key person now, and no one dares to offend him .

When the institute gets completed, his status would further increase .

Even if he completely ignores Liu Xianjin, what was wrong in that? Does he dare to offend him?

Once he becomes the head of the institute, his rank would not be lower than him .

Although the Chinese Academy of Sciences was a public institution and only had a technical grade, if compared to the state level, the head of the institute was at least equivalent to the bureau-level official .

Well, even if it was not at the bureau-level, it was possible to get the department-level status .

In the end, Ye Xiaochen was a person who remembers enmity . Previously, Liu Xianjin secretly aimed at the immortal restaurant behind his back and he has kept it in his mind .

Liu Xianjin saw this scene and sighed in his heart, he knew that Jing county had no chance .

Such a great opportunity has slipped away under his eyes .

There was regret in his heart!

He regretted attacking the immortal spring restaurant .

Otherwise, there would have been a possibility of success if he used proper reasoning and gave benefits .

Unfortunately, there was no medicine for regret .

“Leaders, I’d like to express my opinion . In fact, my work requirements are very simple . I can sleep until I wake up naturally, no need in hurrying to rush to work, no one cares about me going to work, if I want to go I will go or I will take rest . It should be close to home, so I can eat hot meals prepared by my family . These are simple requirements . ”

Ye Xiaochen coughed and expressed his own thought, the requirements were simple enough .

The whole scene immediately quieted down .

Everyone gave Ye Xiaochen a strange look .

They were all saying in their hearts, “Damn, if there is such a good job in this world, we would definitely fight for it!”

The people in the working group looked at each other helplessly, and they knew that Ye Xiaochen’s attitude already gave the answer .

There was no need to persuade anymore, it would have no effect .

Ye Xiaohcen’s identity was very special, and he couldn’t be replaced .

Without Ye Xiaochen, there would be no research institute .

It could already be said that Ye Xiaochen has made a great contribution to the scientific research work of the Southern province!

The working group left .

As for the settlement of the research institute, it was already decided .

The Yang city leaders finally heaved a sigh of relief, and immediately became excited .

The institute was finally going to be settled down in Yang city .

Next, they would be busy with the construction of the institute .

Land, buildings, money, staff, and other things, all were the responsibility of the local government .

Although it was technical cooperation, the Chinese Academy of Sciences would provide technology and researchers .

As for the money, every single penny will be given by the local government, even the salaries of the researchers and the local financial funds .

In the final analysis, this was also a major strategy of the development and expansion of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, there were limits to how much money the central government could allocate .

They need more resources and cut costs .

Not to mention that the Chinese Academy of Sciences was a comprehensive research institute, there were a large number of companies and cooperative enterprises under the direct control of it .  

After the establishment of the research institute of plant consciousness in Yang city, the Chinese Academy of Sciences would have patents and other rights once the scientific results came out .

When other companies want to use the technology, they must pay the high patent fees and subsequent dividends .

Ye Xiaochen as the core person naturally would get a very high dividend .

The specific dividend depends on how the next contract was created .

Generally speaking, the higher the technical level, the higher the proportion of dividends would be .

For example, Academicians have the highest dividend ratio .

Due to this, as long as any Academician has a practical achievement, they would not have any shortage of money . All of them were rich people, with millions of money .

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