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Chapter 199

Even without any professional training, Ye Xiaochen infiltrated the ancient tomb just using the strength of entry-level cultivation .

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“Huh, this ancient tomb is really extraordinary, it ‘s very big . ”

Ye Xiaochen walked inside the tomb, although in some key positions the monitoring equipment was installed, it was impossible to have no blind spots .

Therefore, Ye Xiaochen walked easily in the ancient tomb .

Moreover, the interior of the tomb was dark, even if there were monitoring equipment, it was almost useless .

Finally, Ye Xiaochen reached the depth of the ancient tomb .

Although it was dark, he was an immortal cultivator . Ye Xiaochen operated his energy and condensed it in his eyes, his eyesight improved, and it became just like daytime .

The divine energy was so magical that some simple application could produce different kinds of magical effects .

All the things in the tomb have been excavated, and the remaining were the things which couldn’t be moved, such as pillars, stone table, and murals on the walls .

Ye Xiaochen arrived at the original location of the coffin .

The whole coffin had been removed, leaving behind a dark soil under the empty space .

Although the whole tomb was covered with bricks and stones just like a closed chamber .

Only one place would not be covered and that was the place where the coffin was placed .

Only in this way, the coffin could really be connected with the earth to meet the requirements of burial .

The grave soil was underneath the coffin .

This was the heaviest place with yin qi in the tomb .

“It’s so gloomy . No wonder the grave soil here has become dark color . ”

Ye Xiaochen’s spirit was extremely sensitive and could feel the astonishing cold breath emanating from the grave soil .

He quickly took out the immortal hoe and the woven bag, and bean to fill the bag

With the bag becoming full, he didn’t take it anymore . This was enough .

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He was about to leave, but suddenly he saw a faint yellow light in the pit .

With a thought, he quickly removed the soil with the immortal hoe and soon saw a bead .

This bead looked like a common marble .

However, Ye Xiaochen knew that in this thousand-year-old tomb, nothing was ordinary .

What was more that this bead was in the grave soil?

“Was it there before, or it was put in during the burial time?”

Ye Xiaochen pondered .

There were many taboos for the burial during ancient times, and this grave must have been cleared up before .

Therefore, the possibility was high that the bead was put during the burial time .

He picked up the bead and used his spirit talent to sense .

All of sudden he was shocked, he felt the rich evil yin qi, which made his whole body feel cold .

“Unexpectedly it is a dharma treasure that absorbs evil yin qi?”

Ye Xiaochen was very surprised .

The tomb most pays attention to the Feng shui . If it was a kind of yin demon place, it would easily produce corpse change and would have a great influence on the younger generation .

Therefore, the best choice for a tomb was Feng Shui treasured land, where evil yin could not invade but could nourish gentle yin qi and later generations could prosper .

However, the Feng shui treasure land, after years, could change one day .

After all, the geography of mountains and rivers were not undeviating .

Obviously, the owner of the ancient tomb placed the bead to absorb the evil yin qi in advance . In this way, even if the Feng Shui of the tomb changes, the dharma bead could continuously absorb the evil yin qi .

“It seems that the arrangement of this tomb is not simple . There was a Fusang tree, and now there was a bead that could absorb evil yin qi . Maybe there are still some other arrangements . ”

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Ye Xiaochen sighed .

Such a bead was very valuable . It might be more precious than the mother-son demon seal bottle gourd .

“Haha, this bead has very rich evil yin qi . If it is used to cultivate the Yin demon magic, it can become a good material . Even it can be used to refine offensive attack weapons . ”

Ye Xiaochen collected the beans and stood up .

Naturally, he doesn’t know how to refine any weapon and could only keep it for the time being .

Moreover, this kind of evil yin magic bead was good for planting Yin attribute immortal plants . The evil yin qi in the bead was a very good nutrient .

“The yin spirit earth has been collected . Next, it’s time to find the other four materials . ”

Ye Xiaochen thought and then left the tomb .

For several days, Ye Xiaochen had been looking for the auxiliary materials .

Mercury was simple to get .

Yin spirit wood was easy to get, there were willow trees in the world more than a hundred years old .

There was no problem in getting the yin spirit water . On the net, there were many records of the underground river .

Only getting the phosphorus fire was troublesome .

The phosphorus fire was not the fire that was directly obtained by igniting phosphorus powder .

The phosphorus fire exits in the cemetery were also known as the ghost fire .

The ghost fire of the graveyard was the best yin spirit fire .

Most of the time was wasted on finding the auxiliary material ghost fire .

The search could happen only at night .

And in this season, the probability of ghost fire appearing was very low .

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9 am .

The sun was shining .

In the immortal land .

The phone rang .

Ye Xiaochen who was sleeping got up from the bamboo bed .

Last night, he went to look for the phosphorus fire . He has searched one hundred to two hundred kilometres and didn’t come back home till six in the morning .

Although he slept only for more than two hours, he was still very energetic .

He picked his phone and saw that Zeng Hongye was calling .

He thought that it might have to do something with the research institute .

“Hello sister Zeng, how do you have the time to call?”

Ye Xiaochen answered the call .

“Can’t I have time? The provincial government is going to send some people . You must stand firm . Sister Zeng’s achievement depends on you this time . ”

Zeng Hongye said with a smile .

“What if they make me an offer that I can’t refuse?”

Ye Xiaochen joked .

“I can become a matchmaker for you, is it okay?”

Zeng Hongye said .

“Does sister Zeng have a niece or sister to introduce me?”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

“I have a sister, her name is Wang Xinyi, are you satisfied?”

Zeng Hongye said .

Ye Xiaochen was dumbfounded .  Okay, you win .

He chatted for a while before hanging up the call .

Ye Xiaochen didn’t continue to sleep and started to take care of the farm .

While watering, Ye Xiaochen found that the two types of immortal beans have matured .

The farm has changed a lot since the immortal lands were upgraded .

After all, all the immortal lands and immortal spring waters were upgraded to the second level . The growth rate of the immortal plants has become extremely amazing, at least they have more than doubled .

This effect was very astonishing, it means that the same immortal plants could be harvested in half the time than its previous growth .

Not only the growth rate but also the yield and quality of the plant have been improved .

Naturally, his income per time was raised sharply .

Originally there was still some time before both the beans mature, but now it has matured overnight .

Thirty immortal yellow beans .

Thirty immortal red beans .

Moreover, these were the second generation of immortal beans .

They were even more precious .

Immediately, he harvested .

After harvesting, he got a total of 2548 immortal yellow bean pods and 2471 immortal red bean pods .

After he removed the shells, he immediately began to appraise, using the skill of plant identification technique .

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