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“ Why does doing business so difficult?”

Ye Xiaochen felt very bitter and helpless.

The first, the sale of his vegetables and fruits became a big problem. If not for coincidentally meeting Liu Fushen whose supply has ran out, he is afraid that he might still having a headache going around the market for selling vegetables.

If he didn’t save the son of Wang Shuisheng, perhaps he would be riding tricycle everyday and going to the market to sell vegetables.


Now the immortal carrots have been harvested, but he still stuck on the problem of sales.

After losing the store consignment, Ye Xiaochen knows that his only opportunity lies in selling the immortal carrots to his immortal friends, even if it was asked for a cheap price he can’t refuse, otherwise, without having immortal yuan he can’t buy the immortal plant’s seeds.

As for the purchasing of immortal land and other farm buildings, practicing cultivation techniques and magic weapons, for a short period of time he need to forget it.

He has clearly understood, there was a problem in his planning, he not only wasting his time, he even took a great risk  which may even turn the Shennong System into a waste.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Xiaochen knew that it was time to do his best in selling his products.

“ Goddess of Moon, I am sorry, my immortal carrots are defective, this was the first time I’ve planted it, so inevitably there were some problems, I believe that in the next planting, can certainly improve the quality, as long as Goddess of Moon accept this batch of immortal carrots, the price can be lower.”

Ye Xiaochen thought and didn’t know what to say anymore.

He is not a person who is good at explaining things, he does not have any talent in product marketing. Otherwise, when the time to find sales for his fruits and vegetables, he wouldn’t run into the wall everywhere, unable to persuade others.

Finally, after considering it again and again, he sent the message.

He felt very upset, the meaning of this sentence shows that even he is not confident, can it really impress the Goddess of Moon?

“ Ye Xiaochen, actually I am buying immortal carrots for my pet rabbit, my rabbit doesn’t eat defective immortal carrots, also, if I really buy, there will be no use and it will only be a waste, so..”

In a while, the Goddess of Moon replied.

When Ye Xiaochen saw the message, his heart was filled with disappointment and he knew that he had failed to sell.

If you can’t use it, only a fool will buy it.

He had failed to sell to the Goddess of Moon, not to mention, it will not be any difference with other gods, after all, the immortal carrot is too ordinary and the demand is also small.

He has lost all confidence in selling the immortal carrot.

“ I’m sorry to bother you.”

While he was preparing to send the message, suddenly, the Goddess of Moon sent Ye Xiaochen a message,” however, Ye Xiaochen, it is not impossible for me to buy this batch of immortal carrots, but I have a condition.”

Seeing the message, Ye Xiaochen was slightly startled, there was a touch of surprise on his face, right now any condition is acceptable for him, even yielding his body is not a problem.

After all, if he cannot sell the immortal carrot, he wouldn’t be able to obtain immortal yuan and he cannot buy anything, then it is almost destroying the Shennong System.

“ Please say, Goddess of Moon.”

Ye Xiaochen quickly deleted the previous message and hastily sent a new one.

“ Ye Xiaochen, I hope that you keep planting the immortal carrots, if aft

er planting, there are best and top grade immortal carrots, you must first sell it to me.”

The Goddess of Moon sent the message .

“ So simple?”

Ye Xiaochen was slightly startled and felt unbelievable, he thought that the Goddess of the Moon will give him a very harsh conditions.

Although he has doubts, Ye Xiaochen is very happy and hurriedly replied: ” Well, Goddess of Moon , I promise you.”

The Goddess of Moon: “ Good, then let’s sign together an immortal deed (contract) now, in case for evidence later.”

Soon, in Ye Xiaochen’s mind, emerged out a strange talisman, he seemed to be able to understand what is in the talisman, it is an immortal deed, which records the content of the contract, it is very detailed.

Ye Xiaochen carefully read it, he felt it is fairly reasonable and did not exceed the limit of category, so did not have any idea of bargaining and agreed directly.

Suddenly, this immortal deed talisman broke into countless lights and disappeared in Ye Xiaochen’s head.

Faintly he felt that the immortal deed  talisman is everywhere.

As long as he violate the contract,something bad will happen.

Ye Xiaochen does not care, as long as he can sell this batch of immortal carrots, it will be the biggest success, for other thing, presently there is no need to consider.

Finally, the Goddess of Moon with a price of one immortal yuan for an immortal carrot, purchased all 49 immortal carrot from Ye Xiaochen.

About the normal price, Ye Xiaochen temporarily does not have any idea, after all, there is no price given in the store.

Therefore, this price can only be decided by the Goddess of Moon.

Later, the Goddess of Moon buy at this price.

As for low grade, high grade and best grade carrots. Temporarily, there is no fixed price. Ye Xiaochen is not a fool. Now, if the price is fixed, who knows if the Goddess of Moon may take advantage of that loophole and he may suffer a great loss.

Ye Xiaochen spent some time and dug out all the 49 immortal carrots, and through a transaction sold to the Goddess of Moon for immortal yuan.

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen obtained his first 49 immortal yuan.

Ye Xiaochen sighed in his heart, although the process has twists and turn, eventually, he made a start!

Unfortunately, forty-nine immortal yuan is too little, the things in the store are very expensive.

As for buying immortal land, warehouse and the immortal spring, he temporarily does not want to think about it.

The road of Shennong, it has still a very long way to go!

Ye Xiaochen cleared up his mind and once again became competitive.

The idea of buying a boiler for disposition of medicine, he has not dispelled.

There are a lot of grades of boilers in the store, he certainly can not afford the high grade one, it is at least one hundred thousand immortal yuan, as for the lowest one, it can be bought for 35 immortal yuan.

Well in fact, for Ye Xiaochen, it is not cheap!

He only has 49 immortal yuan, after deducting the price of a boiler, only 14 immortal yuan remained, and it can only get one pack of immortal carrot seeds.

He gritted his teeth and bought a pack of immorta carrot seeds and a cheap boiler.

All of a sudden, he was only left with 4 immortal yuan.

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes flashed, he is trying to find something that he required strongly now among those beautiful collections in the store.

Suddenly, his eyes revealed a bright and excited light, immortal bean (red), one immortal yuan, the fire attribute, can be used as refining material for fire bean puppet.

Immortal bean (green), one immortal yuan, the wood attribute, can be used as refining material for wood bean puppet.

Immortal bean (black), one immortal yuan, the water attribute, can be used as refining material for water bean puppet.


Immortal bean (yellow), one immortal yuan, the soil attribute, can be used as refining material for soil bean puppet.

Immortal bean (blue), one immortal yuan, the wind attribute, can be used as refining material for wind bean puppet.

Immortal bean (white), one immortal yuan, the metal attribute, can be used as refining of material for metal bean puppet.

Immortal bean (purple), one immortal yuan, the thunder attribute, can be used as refining material for thunder bean puppet.

“ This immortal beans are good, although a little expensive, but as long as it was successfully planted, harvest will be great!”

Ye Xiaochen carefully looked at the seven type of immortal beans and soon decided.

He finally chose, the (yellow) immortal bean, which is the easiest to plant.

As for the other types of immortal beans, besides requiring immortal earth, other conditions are quite harsh, for example the (Red) immortal bean needs some fire type immortal fertilizers, otherwise the fire immortal qi will be inadequate which extremely affecting the beans quality.

And for the others, it is also the same.

Only the (yellow) immortal bean, belongs to the soil properties, the earth itself contains the properties of soil, so the minimum planting conditions is achieved.


Ye Xiaochen condition is now limited, he can only chose the (yellow) immortal beans.

Spending the last four immortal yuan, he bought four (yellow) immortal beans.

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