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All the immortal carrots have been traded to the Goddess of the Moon. Ah, there is still one which has been cut off by Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen looked at the immortal carrots stem and leaves on the ground, he doesn't know how to deal with it.

He has asked the Goddess of the Moon before, these immortal carrots stem and leaves are of little value.

" Yes, the immortal carrot leaves and stem are not much value for gods, but for me, it might not be the case, the immortal carrots stem and leaves also contains immortal aura if used as green manure, won’t' it be useful?

Ye Xiaochen suddenly had an idea.

Before the family farm frequently used the green manure compost, it is safe for the environment, economically beneficial and can save lots of money.

The reason for the quality of immortal carrot did not increase may be related to not using immortal fertilizer and immortal water.

Now he does not have any immortal yuan to buy the immortal fertilizer and also cannot exchange for the immortal spring, he can only use the immortal carrots stem and leaves as green manure.

This stem and leaves can not be placed in the soil directly, must wait for them to rot and turn into fertilizer, he does not know how long he needs to wait, after all this is not a paddy field and he can not speed up the process of decay.

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen collected all the stems and leaves of the immortal carrot, used a blade to chop it into pieces, then using a wooden hammer and crushed it into juice, mixed with a certain percentage of lime. Finally, the crushed immortal carrot stems and leaves were piled up in a ventilated bamboo basket and some immortal soil was sprinkled on the outer layer.

This is the process of composting.

This immortal carrot stem and leaves belong to the immortal plant. He doesn’t know if it will work with this ordinary fertilizing method.

Let’s try first.

After completing all these, Ye Xiaochen did not directly start planting the immortal carrot seeds and yellow Immortal beans. After reading Shennong Introduction Guide for a long time, he has some ideas. He may be able to improve the yield and quality of the planted Immortal plants.

Ye Xiaochen took out the immortal hoe and began to loosen the soil carefully. Soil particle size should not be too small so that it can form a cellular gap, which can guarantee the content of the oxygen and the moisture, which is favorable to the plants.

The immortal plant is also a plant but it needs the immortal spirit.

Similarly, the immortal plants also required various types of minerals, for example, phosphorous, potassium, nitrogen and so on.

It is present in the soil, but the growth of the previous immortal carrots would definitely reduce the minerals and he need to supplement it.

As for the immortal spirit, Ye Xiaochen doesn't need to worry about it, the immortal land is very strange, it has a peculiar effect which converts the solar energy into immortal spirit.

Ye Xiaochen also put some fertilizers.

Restoring the soil fertility is also a skill.

Ye Xiaochen has learned this skill and can actually be said good. Of course, to be able to achieve most fair stage is certainly not possible. Moreover, the requirement of fertilizer in the immortal plant is different from ordinary plants.

Fortunately, in Shennong Introduction Guide, there is information on this, there is no need for him to explore this one by one and it can be used directly.

After completing the preparatory work, Ye Xiaochen planted 150 grains of the immortal carrot seeds completely.

The piece of immortal land is not large, but the carrot itself can be planted densely,even immortal carrot has similar characteristics. Before, planting 50 immortal carrots were a waste of the immortal land.

He also planted four yellow immortal beans in a corner.

According to his understanding of the yellow immortal bean, coupled with the growth requirement of ordinary beans, the yellow immortal beans should have good adaptability, the requirement of its growth condition is not high, as long as there is sufficient fertility in the soil it will be good. After all, this is a soil attribute immortal beans.

He has a very high expectations of this immortal yellow beans.

The most important thing is after harvesting the yellow immortal beans, it can be used again for planting seeds.

Certainly, it will reduce the quality, but Ye Xiaochen has a sense of expectation.

From the store, buying immortal plants seed is a waste of immortal yuan.

As a future Shennong, he should be able to achieve self-sufficiency, cultivating his own quality plants seeds.

The reason that he does not use the idea of carrot seeds, mainly because it takes too long for the seed to mature, it takes two years for ordinary carrots. Even if he has the Shennong talent and can shorten the cycle of immortal carrots, it is estimated that it will still take a few months, but the red carrot itself will get wasted too, the loss outweighs the gain.

When all seeds have been finished planted, Ye Xiaochen finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He was about to leave, when he saw his two dogs lying on the immortal soil where he has planted the seeds, Ye Xiaochen hastily scolded, " Lay aside, there are seeds."

After all the immortal land is not big, the seeds when compared with the previous time it is more in quantity, he must naturally use all the land.

If these dogs lied down above, who knows, if it will affect the development of the immortal plants?

The two dogs looked at Ye Xiaochen with eyes filled with grievance, the original lying place can be said as a souvenir but it's a pity that the immortal seeds have been planted, they can only lay down their heads and went to a corner of the field, they still extended their head towards the immortal field as if trying to breathe the fresh air.

In this regard, Ye Xiaochen can only shake his head.

Returning to the shed, Ye Xiaochen opened the Shennong System, looking at the position of immortal yuan, there is a big zero character, he felt a very heavy sense of loss, when can he gains tens of thousands of immortal yuan.

looking at the location of experience, there is only 1 point of experience value.

Ye Xiaochen was depressed, it was said that to upgrade to the second level Shennong, doesn’t he need to plant one hundred times?

Shaking his head he tidied up his mood, from the storage space, he took out the boiler, it is a square and a half meter long. In the aspect of appearance, it looks extraordinary, there is a strange texture that feels moist as jade, and it is not heavy.

The inside of the boiler is not the same as the outside, unexpectedly, it has a hemispheroid liner.

The whole boiler is divided into two parts, the shell, and the inner liner.

The shell is made of unknown metal, the glass liner is like a jade-like material

There is a space between the shell and the liner.

After reading the manual, Ye Xiaochen figured out how to use the boiler.

There are several ways to use this boiler. First is suffering, second is curing, third is dissolution, fourth is smelting.

Recalling the prescription of the plant promoting growth agent and its configuration in his mind, he was ready to start configuring the agent.

Suddenly, his phone rang, Ye Xiaochen took a look, it is from his mother, it is certainly about food.

Immediately, he put the boiler back into the storage.

This thing does not belong to the earth, it is best to keep it in the storage space.

Returning home.

At dinner, his mother brought up a topic, "  Ye Xiaochen, your aunt called, she said she act as a matchmaker for you, the girls' side condition is good, the person is also beautiful, her education is little less. After graduating from high school, she directly started working. Now, she is aged twenty-three, she is three years old younger than you, if you want, you can meet her after two days."

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