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“ The store consignment?”

Ye Xiaochen heard the sound of a system prompt, his eyes were shining and was looking forward to it.

In his heart, another idea emerged.

He thought he could only sell to gods, now with this store consignment, things have become different.

He is absolutely ignorant about the values of this products, while selling to the gods, if those gods take an opportunity to offer a very low price, will he not suffer a big loss?

Now let’s try the store, so I can know the prices.

Quickly Ye Xiaochen made the decision.

He quickly in his heart summoned the system, wanting to put carrots in store for sale.

“ Drop, there is limitation on quantity to put in store, the immortal carrot belongs to the low-end goods, needs at least 100 immortal carrots to carry on the consignment.”

Hearing the sound of Shennong System, Ye Xiaochen almost wanted to curse.


No wonder the system provided 100 immortal seeds of carrot, originally this was the lowest limit to put consignment on store.

Now he had only planted fifty, which is half of the amount and can’t be consign in the store, even if the remaining immortal carrot seeds are planted it will take more than a month to harvest, this cycle is too long, he can’t wait till then.

Thinking till here, Ye Xiaochen didn’t have any choice but to rely on immortal friends.

Since the acceptance of friend request,these gods never made a movement,and also don’t know if can be contact.

Anyways let’s try.

“ Hello, I am Ye Xiaochen, I have nice immortal carrots, if needed please contact me.”

The next step is to wait, as whether there will be result he does not know.

He did not continue to dig the immortal carrots, there is no special warehouse,after digging there might be possibilities of losing the aura.

He picked up the immortal carrot he dug before,and started to read System Introduction Guide about the knowledge of identification, to appraise this immortal carrot.

There are several aspect for identification of plant, first is the physical appearance. From the appearance, need to check the luster, size and other factors.

The physical appearance of the immortal carrot when compared with ordinary carrot, is naturally good but compared to the true immortal carrot, it is not quite good as the the size is quite small, this point is enough to reduce the quality of the immortal carrot.

Second is the taste, whether it is human or god’s the  taste is a must, this Ye Xiaochen can’t identify, after all he can’t eat this immortal carrot.

Third is the nutritional values, certainly for the immortal carrot, it not only needs nutritional value but also need to contain special immortal aura, Ye Xiaochen also has no way to identify this.

The fourth is the immortal pattern, any immortal plant has special immortal patterns, it should not only contain immortal aura but also need to have pattern, the more line you have, the more complex it is, representing the grade of the immortal plant to be higher.

Existence of immortal pattern decides the grade of the immortal plant, because of the difference in immortal pattern, there are different grade, in simple terms it is divided into defective, low grade, high grade and best quality goods.

“ I don’t know which grade does this immortal carrot belongs to?”


In Ye Xiachen’s heart, it was as there is cat’s claw, itchy wants to know the immortal pattern inside the immortal carrot.

The immortal carrot needs to be cut to see the line inside.

If he was a true practitioner, with just the bir

th of will he can penetrate inside the carrot, but Ye Xiaochen does not have this ability right now.


“ Anyway, if he can’t verify the pattern in the immortal carrot personally, he is not qualified to become a Shennong Emperor. Even though this is wasteful, it is unavoidable.”

Ye Xiaochen soon made up his mind.

This could be used to exchange for an immortal yuan, a waste,Ye Xiaochen felt sad

In order to study it, he does not have any alternative.

Ye Xiaochen returned to the shed and took out a fruit knife.

Unlike immortal land, the immortal carrot  is not hard and is similar to ordinary carrot.

However, Ye Xiaochen is very curious, the immortal soil is very hard, how can the soft carrot grow in it?

Can plants grow in steel?

It is impossible.

But the immortal carrot can grow.

Ye Xiaochen can only attribute these to the extraordinaires of immortal plants.

He cut the tail part carefully.

“ Gee, it is pretty hard.”

It took a lot of effort for Ye Xiaochen to cut down this section.

The tail part is red, but there is a strange texture, vague, fuzzy, it is not quite clear.

“ The pattern is round, it is defective!”

Ye Xiaochen was disappointed after seeing this fuzzy immortal pattern.

He thought if he was a Shennong, top grade carrot would come out, but now it is very disappointing.

There are different kind of pattern in the immortal plants.

The defective ones usually contain round patterns, similar to the big tree on earth will form a ring.


As long as there is circular pattern, the immortal plant is defective, no matter how many numbers are there, it cannot break out of the category of defective.

The more number of rings, it means a little higher quality, after all, there is also different types in defective

If it is a low grade usually there is a reticulate pattern, that is to say there is a general mesh texture.

Whether it is round line or reticulate pattern it belongs to the statics lines.

While the top grade patterns are dynamic, the immortal lines changes from time to time, they are quite strange.

As for the best quality immortal plant, it practically does not exist and the  Shennong Introduction Guide didn’t mention anything about it.

Suddenly, a bell rang in his head, Ye Xiaochen whole body shook, this a God friend contacting himself.

Ye Xiaochen quickly opened the Shennong Interface System, on the surface of friend, he saw a small picture flashing.

“ The Goddess of the Moon ?”

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes lit up.

It is known to every family about the legend Goddess of Moon.

He could understand the reason for the  Goddess of Moon, he is afraid this is related to her pet rabbit, after all, rabbit loves carrots the most.

After thinking, Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath, he hurriedly opened the flashing picture and started to contact with Godess of Moon.

“ Ye Xiaochen, how many immortal carrots do you have? Is the quality high? My rabbit on moon only eats high grade immortal carrots.”

After Ye Xiaochen seeing the message of Goddess of Moon Fairy, he was dumbfounded.


Fuck, it only eats high grade immortal carrots?

What rabbit, holds such high taste.

Is this batch of immortal carrot can only be kept with myself?

He felt the tragedy, he has cut an immortal carrot, now even if he plants all 50 immortal carrots seeds, finally there will only be 99 immortal carrots, just short of a single carrot ah!

Cheap hand!

Suddenly Ye Xiaochen regretted it. Why did he study the immortal pattern of an immortal carrot!

Now, he can’t even put it on the store for sale.

Ye Xiaochen regretted it very much.

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