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Chapter 198

“Fusang Wuqu tree, black-order fifth-rank, branch of the Fusang divine wood tree??”

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The identification information was not detailed, there were some question marks .

“It turned out this is not a pure Fusang divine wood tree, the real name is Fusang wuqu tree . ”

Ye Xiaochen breathed a sigh of relief .

The grade of the Fusang wuqu tree was a little high, he had just started learning the plant identification technique, and could only see just a few simple information .

Just this appraisal, Ye Xiaochen found that his energy was consumed one third .

The higher the rank of the immortal plant, the more energy it requires to identify .

He couldn’t help but look at the nearby immortal red beans and used the plant identification technique again . A white light shone on it, and the detailed information of the immortal plant appeared in his consciousness .

This information also had detailed data on all aspects of defects and deficiencies present in the immortal red beans .

As long as Ye Xiaochen could remove these defects one by one, the quality of the immortal red beans would be greatly improved .

“Haha, I did not expect that this plant identification is more useful than imagined . It seems that I still underestimate the immortal skills . ”

Ye Xiaochen was overjoyed .

Moreover, the energy consumed for the identification of the immortal red bean was far less than the energy consumed for the identification of the Fusang tree .

The best way to practice plant identification was to use it more so that the skill proficiency and attainment would improve .

Of course, the people with a high level of understanding know to adjust the consumption of energy and could improve the effect of spells .

Maybe it was due to Shennong talent, that he was really compatible with cultivating this plant identification technique . After using it several times, he found that he has made remarkable progress .

Next, he turned his attention towards the casting bean soldier .

Compared with the plant identification, the practice of the casting bean soldier was much more difficult . Because to refine the bean soldiers, he must require some auxiliary materials .

Yin spirit soil to build a platform .

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Yin spirit wood to build law .

Yin spirit metal for engraving seal .

Yin spirit water for the mist .

Yin spirit fire to lead the soul .

These five kinds of auxiliary materials were not hard to find .

The Yin spirit soil could be obtained from the grave soil of the tomb . The older the tomb, the better . If it was a tomb with thousands of years of history, then there would be absolutely top yin spirit soil .

Yin spirit wood, could be any locust tree or willow tree, the greater the age of the tree, the better the wood would be .

Yin spirit metal, mercury could be used .

In some ancient tombs, mercury was often used as a preventive method .

Yin spirit water, the water should be the underground river, which has almost no contact with outside or surface systems .

The phosphorous fire could be used as the yin spirit fire .

“Since I am going to refine the bean soldiers, these things must be prepared well . ”

Ye Xiaochen thought .

He put back the casting bean soldier page and looked at the other three immortal skills . Although he didn’t practice, he understood it well .

Next, he has to start preparing the auxiliary materials required to refine bean soldiers .


In a hidden plane space of the earth .

If the earth’s surface layer space was the outer world, then this hidden plane space was the inner world .

The inner world was almost completely isolated from the outer world, with only some channels connected .

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For some reason, these channels have been isolated by some invisible force .

The people of the inner world couldn’t go out .

And the people of the outer world could not find the existence of the inner world .

The two worlds peacefully operate without interfering with each other .

The geographical environment of the inner world was quite different from that of the outer world .

Moreover, there was spirit qi in the inner world, which the outer world doesn’t have .

Though the spirit qi was not dense, because of this spirit qi the development process of the inner world was quite different from that of the outer world . This was a world of cultivation .

Many myths and legends that exist in the outer world, the shadows and clues could be found in this inner world .

Kunlun .

The inner world, Eastern Dao Domain holy land .

In an immortal palace looking construction, there was a strange sky platform .

It was said that the Eastern Dao Domain was the closest place to the immortal kingdom . Every cultivator who ascends in the Eastern Dao Domain ascends from here

Immortal Ascension .

This was the name of the sky platform .

At this moment, on this platform, there were ten immortal cultivators of different ages standing .

Everyone had an unimaginable strong breath .

In the inner world, they could be regarded as the peak existences .

They were the top ten nascent soul cultivators of the Eastern Dao Domain .

If they wanted they could leave their corporeal body and ascend as the nascent soul .

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Naturally, such an ascension method belongs to the lowest type, the achievement in the future would be limited and would not have a high position in the immortal kingdom .

Many people wanted to take the next step and ascend .

However, natural ascension hasn’t happened in the Eastern Dao Domain for hundreds of years .

The nascent soul cultivator reaches the end of life and in order to survive could not help but ascend with just a nascent soul .

All of a sudden, on the sky on this platform, a crack was opened and a talisman emerged from it .

At the same time a loud voice sounded, “On the jade emperor’s decree, the heavens have restarted the immortal seed program and has bestowed the broken boundary talisman . All the major sects in the  Eastern Dao Domain  could choose a batch of excellent foundation periods to seek the experience of the secular world . ”

The ten nascent soul cultivators were both excited and confused .

They were excited that the immortal seed program had finally been restarted .

This was the method to let the immortal cultivator heavens in a single step .

As long as the cultivators pass the selection of the immortal seed program, they could become the immortal seed and get the power to ascend the immortal kingdom .

What puzzling was that the selection of this immortal seed program would be mainly based on the experience with the secular world?

Moreover, the level was so low . It was just the foundation period .

In the inner world, those who could become a cultivator seed should have at least been at the Qi refining!

The foundation establishment depends on the external spirit qi . In the Qi refining, even in the world without spirit qi, other energies could be refined and the cultivation could be enhanced, but the cultivation speed would be for less than that practice from that of spirit qi .

They were doubtful, but still restarting the immortal seed program was a good thing .

At the moment, the ten cultivators accepted the jade emperor degree and began to implement it in the Eastern Dao Domain .


The next afternoon, Ye Xiaochen directly from the farm went straight to Shashi city .

He was going to the Mawangdui Han tombs, where the tomb of Li Cang was just discovered a few months ago .

With a history of more than a thousand years, the grave soil must be very good .

Four’ o’clock in the afternoon .

Ye Xiaochen has reached the Mawangdui tomb . Of course, he came as a tourist .

The tomb of Li Cang, which was under excavation, has been sealed off and no tourist could enter .

Moreover, the security was relatively strict, there was an armed police squad stationed .

At the starting time of excavation, a full platoon of armed police has been stationed .

As the excavation progressed, the precious cultural relics were removed, which gradually reduced the intensity of guarding .

The night was quite silent .

The visibility was very low today .

The weather was very cold, so only a few people were outside .

The patrol force of the armed police squad was not as strong as it was before . The area was surrounded by tall barriers and was covered with cameras, so they were not afraid of anyone entering .

After all, currently, there was nothing valuable in the Li Cang tomb .

The night breeze blew .

Ye Xiaochen’s body became light . As long as he slightly mobilizes the energy of the crystal and operates on his leg, he would become as light as swallow immediately .

He could reach a height of more than 3 meters with a light jump .

Besides, his physical quality has been enhanced by the energy and could be regarded as a real-life superman .

This was just the beginning of the cultivation of the immortal . And the cultivation of the Shennong tactic was not good at fighting .

This was just the power of the immortal cultivator .

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