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Chapter 197

Immortal lands were the most important part of the farm . Even if his planting skills and Shennong talents were strong, if there were no immortal lands it would be useless . It’s hard for even a clever woman to cook without rice .

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The firs level immortal land allows the planting of any level of immortal plants, but the growth rate and the quality would be low .

Not to mention the Fusang tree, let’s take immortal medicinal grass as an example . It was a yellow-order seventh rank immortal plant . If it was not due to his art of growth, the growth speed of it would be extremely slow .

The higher the level of immortal lands, the greater the benefit to the immortal plants .

If the level of the immortal land was increased, then the growth rate, quality, and yield of the immortal plants would definitely be improved .

If the first level of the immortal land needed 100 immortal yuan .

Then the second level immortal land requires 1000 immortal yuan .

Twelve immortal lands, to upgrade all to the second level immortal land, it would cost 12,00 immortal yuan .

Ye Xiaochen was not reluctant, and he upgraded all the immortal land .

Suddenly, rays of light rose from the immortal land .

It took quite a while to calm down .

Looking at the immortal land through the display of the Shennong system, all of them have been upgraded to the second level immortal land, and all aspects of its data have been greatly improved .

The four immortal springs were also upgraded, the price was the same as the immortal land, and cost him four thousand immortal yuan .

Then there was also the warehouse, which also has been upgraded to the second level .

The volume of the second level warehouse has changed greatly, its space was increased by tenfold .

Only the fence, Ye Xiaochen didn’t upgrade it for the time being .

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He would do it later .

He also bought an ordinary spirit gathering array disk at five thousand immortal yuan .

This ordinary spirit gathering array was different from the Fission spirit gathering array, it condenses the free immortal qi of the farm and concentrates to a certain extent .

Without the immortal stone to drive, Ye Xiaochen could only use his energy to drive it, with many limitations .

Once his energy was completely consumed, the array would stop running .

If there was immortal stone, it would continue to run .

In this way, he spent more than 94,00 yuan in total .

Now in Ye Xiaochen’s account, only less than eight thousand immortal yuan remained .

Ye Xiaochen didn’t leave the store and searched for something .

Immortal Qiu egg, 50 immortal yuan .

Immortal Qiu larvae, 500 immortal yuan .

Immortal Qiu adult, five thousand immortal yuan .

Ye Xiaochen gritted his teeth and directly bought the adult immortal Qiu .

If he takes an embryo, it would take too long .

After breeding the pollination bee, he didn’t want to do it again .

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Although the adult immortal Qiu costs five thousand immortal yuan, it could be directly used . With its presence, he won’t be having a hard time to plow the immortal land in the future . The immortal Qiu could deal with these problems and its effect would be even better than directly plowing . Because the immortal Qiu while plowing secretes a kind of immortal saliva, which effectively increases the fertility of the immortal soil when mixed .

Besides, the immortal Qiu doesn’t need to be fed .

This could save a lot of costs .

Unlike the pollination bee, for whom Ye Xiaochen has to take care of it well and make delicious food .

After purchasing the adult immortal Qiu, Ye Xiaochen had only little more than 2000 immortal yuan left with him .

Ye Xiaochen doesn’t care, as long as it was worth the money .

He hastily took out the five pages .

It was the pages from the Shennong Manual .

He studied it carefully .

Although there was an immortal words dictionary, it was not very easy to translate the above immortal words .

A few hours later .

Ye Xiaochen got a good understanding of all the five kinds of immortal spells .

Plant identification, Cloud rain Dana, Plant growth were all auxiliary type immortal skills .

Plant identification could identify all the plants and vegetation .

According to the accomplishment of the user, the identification information obtained varies by details . The higher the level of the plants, the higher level of achievement required in plant identification .

The cloud and rain Dana could turn the waters of the immortal spring into rainy clouds . While raining, the immortal qi spirit in the rain would not escape and could be completely integrated into the immortal land .

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Plant Growth was a much more advanced skill compared to the so-called art of growth . Once there was a high achievement, with just a wave of the hand it could lead to the growth of a large number of immortal plants, and the seed could become a mature immortal plant in just a very short time .

(TN: changing grass and trees all soldiers to Plant soldiers skill)

Moreover, this Plant Growth was the foundation for Plant soldier skills .

The Plant soldiers, it was a spell that made the plants and grass turn into a powerful fighting force .

Although Shennong was not good at fighting, he also could face some dangerous situations . In this way, he could use “Plant soldiers” to turn the surrounding environment into a strong fighting force .

Casting Bean soldiers belongs to both auxiliary and combat type skills . The immortal beans and the immortal grains could be refined into the soldiers .

This was the secret skill Ye Xiaochen currently needed the most .

If he could make the bean soldiers, then the problem of the human resource of the farm could be solved perfectly .

Also, the bean soldier had combat power and could guard the farm .

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes gleamed with anticipation .

Once he mastered these immortal skills, it would be easier for him to plant the immortal plants and he would also have great power to protect himself .

Imagining about mastering the ‘Plant Soldier’, then with just a wave of the hand he could control a large number of surrounding plants and could launch strange attacks on the enemy .

There were also the bean soldiers, as long as he threw the refined immortal beans, they could be transformed into power bean soldiers .

Just thinking about it made him feel very good .

“Haha, I will start practicing these immortal skills right now . ”

Ye Xiaochen was excited and quickly picked up the pages .

“If you want to refine the immortal beans and let it become a container for the spirit, you must first have a thorough understanding of the immortal beans, and the Plant identification is essential in it . ”

After carefully studying it, Ye Xiaochen touched his chin and pondered .

Without plant identification, the success rate of the refining bean soldiers would be reduced .

The next moment he quickly picked up the plant identification page and began to read .

This plant identification belongs to a strange type of immortal skill . The information of the plants could be obtained by communication with heaven and earth through heavenly law power .

According to the description of the plant identification . The heavenly law includes everything, everything in the world has a fixed destiny, all of which without exception runs under the rules of heavenly law . Just like a computer, any program software must be run under the rules of the system, and naturally, through the special method, you could use the system to query the detailed data information of these program software .

The plant identification was equivalent to a search query .

Ye Xiaochen looked at an eye-like pattern on the paper, which had a strange texture . When he looked at it, his eyes suddenly felt a tingling sensation, the eye pattern seemed to produce a terrible suction, which attracted his spiritual consciousness .


In his mind, a huge eye appeared, like the eyes of heaven which monitor the operation of all things in the world .

After a long time, Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes and revealed the color of shock . The immortal skills were really magical, just this plant identification gave him a huge shock, he has really entered the magical field of immortal cultivation .

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen went near the Fusang tree, he narrowed his eyes and operated the plant identification technique . In the dantian, fission happened, and the energy was released . Suddenly, the eyes of heavenly law emerged, bursting out with white light, shining on the Fusang tree .

In an instant, an extremely mysterious message flowed out from the eyes of heavenly law and integrated into Ye Xiaochen’s consciousness .

Suddenly, the information about the Fusang tree emerged .

(TN: Qiu is a little dragon with horns in ancient myths and legends . )

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