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Chapter 196

Over the next two days, Ye Xiaochen stayed at the farm except for visiting Wang Xinyi twice .

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He was waiting for the Shennong System to upgrade .

Afternoon .

Ye Xiaochen looked at his phone, the time limit of the three-day upgrade was getting closer and closer .

His heart was nervous and at the same time was expectant, his palms have become all sweaty .

All of a sudden, the sweet system sound came, “Ding, the System upgrade is complete, the Taskbar is turned on . ”

Immediately afterward, a screen of light appeared .

It was the interface of the Shennong system .

In addition to the personal, farm, friend, and store, another tab was added .


Ye Xiaochen was surprised .

It seems that this was the focus of the upgrade .

He studied the task tab carefully and was pleasantly surprised .

This task tab was to complete the system released task, and after completion, he could get a certain amount of immortal yuan or other rewards .

“Haha, I already said that it is too slow to earn immortal yuans just by planting immortal plants . It’s time to increase the sources of earning immortal yuan . This taskbar is good, I like it . ”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help laughing .

Moreover, he found that several system tasks had been published under the task section .

“System Task 1: plant a yellow grade inferior product immortal plant, reward 10,000 immortal yuan . ”

“System task 2: plant a yellow grade ninth-rank attributed immortal plant, reward 10,000 immortal yuan or a piece of inferior immortal stone with the corresponding attribute . ”

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“System Task 3: cultivate a mortal plant into an immortal plant, reward 10,000 immortal yuan . ”

Ye Xiaochen found that in addition to the three system tasks, there was also a main task in the generation .

“Main task?”

Ye Xiaochen was a little surprised, after the careful study, he realized that the main task had something to do with his world .

The system task released by the system, he could accept it or reject it, but the main task he must do .

Moreover, the reward for the main task would be extremely rich, far higher than the system task reward .

However, as the system just recently upgraded, this main task was still in the generation and does not know how long it would take to appear .

“Haha, three system tasks, I naturally will take all . Anyway, there is no time limit for it . ”

Immediately, his thoughts moved and accepted the three system tasks .

“Ding, congratulations, completed the system task 2 . Please choose the reward . ”

In Ye Xiaochen’s amazement, a small screen of light appeared with two options; ten thousand immortal yuan and one piece of inferior fire immortal stone .


Ye Xiaochen suddenly thought of the Fusang tree, if he didn’t guess wrong, it was the reason for his second task completion .

Thinking of this, his heart was in happiness . He didn’t expect to complete the second task of the system so easily .

It seems that my luck is quite good .

“What should I choose, inferior immortal stone or immortal yuan?”

Ye Xiaochen pondered .

It was reasonable to say that the inferior fire immortal stone should have a higher value .

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It was just useless for him currently . After all, he doesn’t practice the fire system .

Naturally, if he could buy an array and put in the immortal land, he could plant the fire attribute immortal plants .

“What I lack now most is the immortal yuan . With enough immortal yuan, I can buy a page of the Shennong manual . ”

Ye Xiaochen bit his teeth .

Moreover, it takes a lot of money to buy the array .

“Let’s choose the fire immortal stone . Alas, this is for the long-term benefit . With the fire immortal stone and the array, I can plant the fire attribute immortal plants continuously . ”

Ye Xiaochen wouldn’t get tempted by the immortal yuan .

Shortly, he chose the inferior immortal stone .

The next moment, a fist-sized irregular red crystal appeared on his hand .

It seemed as if flames were surging and rolling inside it, there was a warm feeling when it was touched, very strange .

Ye Xiaochen knows although the stone was only fist-sized, it contained a very strong fire system immortal spirit . Once it erupts, it would have an unimaginable and amazing destructive power .

Fortunately, the structure of the immortal stone was very stable . Unless it was used by the array, the energy in the immortal stone was difficult to release .

Unlike the higher immortal practitioner having the ability to absorb directly, the lower fire system cultivators must rely on arrays to stimulate the spirit of the immortal stone for cultivating .

“The lowest grade Fission spirit gathering array at least needs six or seven thousand immortal yuan . It seems I have to accumulate the immortal yuan . ”

Ye Xiaochen felt helpless .

The immortal yuans were not enough!

He put away the fire immortal stone and looked at the screen of light again . Suddenly, he froze for a second and rubbed the eyes with his hands .

The original system task 2 was refreshed .

In other words, as long as a system was completed, there would be a new task to replace the older one .

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“System task 2: plant an immortal plant that surpassed the yellow grade . Reward 100,000 immortal yuan or a piece of lower grade immortal stone with the corresponding attribute . ”

Ye Xiaochen thought in his heart, the real Fusang tree was a ninth rank immortal plant .

He doesn’t know what grade he planted?

Thinking of this, he accepted the system task with expectation in his heart .

“Ding, congratulations, completed the system task 2 . Please choose the reward . ”

The system prompt came again .

Ye Xiaochen’s face flushed and his body trembled .


It’ s so exciting .

Really a surprise!

His Fusang tree has really reached the black grade immortal plant .

This time, he chose immortal yuan .

Anyway, there was already an inferior grade immortal stone .

Although the value of the lower grade immortal stone was far higher than the 100,000 immortal yuan, the 100,000 immortal yuan was too important for him now .

Ye Xiaochen saw that the immortal yuan in his account increased by 100,000 immortal yuan, there were tears of happiness .

This was great!

One hundred thousand immortal yuan!

He looked at system task 2 again, it was refreshed .

“System task 2: plant a black grade ninth-rank immortal plant, reward 1 million immortal yuan or a piece of middle-grade immortal stone with the corresponding attribute . ”

Ye Xiaochen accepted the task again .

Unfortunately, there was no miracle .

The task wasn’t completed .

Obviously, the Fusang tree was not the black grade ninth rank immortal plant .

He believed that he would soon know the specific level .

What was he going to do with the immortal yuans?

Of Course, buy, buy, buy…

Lower-grade Fission spirit gathering array, 5800 immortal yuan, bought it .

He had been looking forward to the plant identification page of the Shennong manual .

Plant identification, page 48 of the first generation Shennong manual, price 7,777 immortal yuan .

Dana, page 972, price 9,999 immortal yuan .

Grass and tree are all soldiers, page 1,245, worth 23,333 immortal yuan .

Casting bean soldiers, page 1,196, price 15,555

Plant growth, page 547, 8,888 immortal yuan .

The secret skill plant growth was different from the Art of growth Ye Xiaochen had learned from the Shennong system introduction guide . It was a real systematic magical skill of growth and not just a simple growth skill .

Shortly, he purchased the five pages of the Shennong manual .

In addition to the previous array disk, it cost him more than 72,000 immortal yuan .

Next, Ye Xiaochen’s set his goal to upgrade the immortal land .

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