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Chapter 195

On the farm .

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Ye Xiaochen hung up the phone, he had been thinking that for a long time he hadn’t checked his personal information .

Ye Xiaochen called out the Shennong system and checked it .

User: Ye Xiaochen .

Occupation: Shen Nong(Level 1) .

Cultivation: Foundation construction period(initial)

Talents : Spiritual+1, Yield(Production) +1, Quality +1, Acceleration +1, Disease- resistance +1, Insect resistance+1, Variation +1, Strength +1, Anti-poisonous Physique+1,Divinity +1 .

Immortal Yuan: 2056 immortal yuan, 39 spirit yuan .

Experience: 96/100 .

Ye Xiaochen was a little surprised when last time he harvested the immortal yellow beans the divine talent seemed to be 0 . 98, and now it has reached 1 so quickly .

Also, the experience value has reached 96, just four points away from reaching 100 .

That was to say, in the next harvest of the immortal plants, he could upgrade the system .

He was curious about what changes would happen after the Shennong system upgrades .

Suddenly, a thought came, should he harvest the immortal grass?

Thinking of this, he immediately made up his mind and the next moment took out the immortal sickle and applied the spirit lock liquid on it .

Sure enough, after he harvested all the immortal grass, he heard the system prompt .

“Ding, the experience value has exceeded 100, you are eligible for the upgrade . Do you want to upgrade?”

Ye Xiaochen’s heart was excited and hurriedly let the system upgrade .

“Ding, this upgrade will last for three days . In these three days, some functions of the system will not be available . ”

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Hearing the system prompt, Ye Xiaochen was slightly shocked and then took a deep breath for a moment . It seems that there would be major changes in this upgrade .  I am looking forward to it!

The next moment, he felt as if the Shennong system had disappeared completely, and he could no longer summon it .

He was both looking forward and nervous .

He was a little afraid that the Shennong system would suddenly disappear from his life like a dream .

However, he could not help but take a breath of relief when he saw the immortal plants around him and the divine crystal in the dantian .

All this was true .

It was just an upgrade .

The next morning .

Ye Xiaochen went to the immortal spring restaurant in Jing county to attend the company meeting .

This meeting was mainly to discuss the opening of the branch in Yang city .

In addition to the company’s management and several shareholders, there were three more people who would be participating in the Yang city branch meeting .

This was the first time for Wang Shaobing and others to attend the meeting of the immortal spring company, they were very excited .

Although they could only participate in the Yang city branch, still it also means that they have really entered the interest group represented by Ye Xiaochen .

This was a company with great development potential in the future .

Especially Ye Xiaochen, a top botanist who has a bright future .

They have learned from some secret channels that the Chinese Academy of Sciences would be cooperating with the local government of the Southern province to establish a research institute branch and the key person in that was Ye Xiaochen .

Although they just know the general situation, they feel that Ye Xiaochen has amazing power .

It would be strange not to get rich if you followed such a person .

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The meeting led by Ye Xiacohen went smoothly, and the framework of all aspects was well organized .

After the meeting .

Ye Xiaochen was sitting in his office .

Now that the company was expanding, the original three-story building couldn’t meet its demand .

He rented a two-story multi-functional villa nearby as the office .

The rent was very low .

Backed by the immortal spring restaurant, the purple mountain villa was now a booming business .

The purple mountain villa’s owner couldn’t wait to tie the villa and the immortal spring restaurant together, and also intended to invest in shares .

Unfortunately, Li Jiaren and others would never agree .

“Sister Juan, are you happy here?”

Ye Xiaochen sat on the sofa, while Xie Juan sat opposite to him .

“Of course, happy . The salary is high and the treatment is good . ”

Xie Juan said with a smile .

“Your belly has become so big, don’t work too hard . If you have something, just ask for leave . ”

Ye Xiaochen looked at Xie Juan’s big belly . It’s almost seven months, it’s estimated the baby would be born in another two or three months .

“It’s okay, I can handle it before the delivery . ”

Xie Juan laughed .

“You are a fan of money, and afraid to take leaves to get just a basic salary . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said .

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“Oh, you can see my thoughts . Don’t say it, just give me some face . ”

Xie Juan rolled her eyes .

“I think it is better to let Cai Qiang join the logistic group . ”

Ye Xiaochen continued, “ This can also reduce your burden . Don’t work too hard or you will suffer . ”

“It is just a little hard, just forget it . I joining your company is already enough, if you let him also join, it will make you embarrassed . ”

Xie Juan shook her head and said .

She knew that many of her relatives were envious of her . After all, she has a good job and a nice salary .

Some people already hoped that Ye Xiaochen could arrange a job for them .

In fact, it was not difficult to give ordinary work with a general salary, but they were not willing to do it .

There was no other way and it was impossible to put them in an important position when they don’t have the ability .

Although Xie Juan entered the company with the help of Ye Xiaochen, her ability, and her work was excellent and no one in the company had any objection .

“Otherwise, I’ll arrange him in a friend’s company . ”

Ye Xiaochen thought for a while and said .

“Brother Chen, thank you . ”

Xie Juan smiled sweetly .

Currently, Cai Qiang was handling the online store, and his income was not stable .

The work introduced by Ye Xiaochen certainly wouldn’t be bad .

“It’s nothing . ”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile .

He was a man of affection .

Usually, anyone asks him for help, he always tries to help them .

Previous time second uncle’s son said that the factory he opened was not running well, and getting funds was difficult . He wanted to borrow the money . Ye Xiaochen said nothing and gave 100000 yuan .

Not too much and not too little .

It was only one hundred thousand yuan and was nothing to him . Last month, the dividend of the immortal spring restaurant reached a new height, it was more than 5 million yuan .

Now he has more than ten million yuan .

With such a large amount of money, he thinks it was not good to just let it stay in the card and plans to invest it .

It was just that he doesn’t have any good projects . And the immortal spring company doesn’t need his input to open the restaurants .

“It would have been perfect to expand the farm . It’s just…”

After Xie Juan left, Ye Xiaochen was immersed in deep thought .

The size of the farm limits the production of the immortal spring vegetables .

And he couldn’t hire employees .

“It seems that when the system gets upgraded, I have to consider buying a batch of bean soldiers . ”

Ye Xiaochen thought in his mind .

Only the bean soldiers puppets could solve the needs .

Although it would add a large amount of consumption, he couldn’t help it .

“I hope that after the upgrade of the system, it will increase the channels of making immortal yuans!”

Ye Xiaochen was looking forward to it .

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