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Chapter 194

Such momentum and temperament couldn’t affect Ye Xiaochen .

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Although he had not yet built the foundation, he was now an immortal cultivator .

In the private room .

Ye Xiaochen was observing Lin Xianting .

Lin Xianting was also observing Ye Xioachen .

She was amazed that Ye Xiaochen, the renowned top botanist was younger than she thought .

The kind of temperament he exuded, even she couldn’t help but take a look a few more times .

She was a strong-willed woman and has long passed the age of general woman impulse, but now seeing Ye Xiaochen still gave her a different feeling .

The two exchanged greetings .

Lin Xinating finally explained her things .

The dishes have already been served .

Ye XIaochen took a chopstick, put a dish in his mouth, chewed it slowly, and suddenly said, “Director Lin, I’m really sorry, you probably don’t know the reason . Originally, the Chinese Academy of Sciences was not prepared to cooperate with the local government and was directly going to set up the research lab in the headquarters . I refused it because I’m a person who likes my home and doesn’t want to leave my hometown . ”

He clearly refused her .

It was better to be clear than drag it .

Li Xianting’s face did not show any disappointment .

Only she knew what she was thinking .

“Mr . Ye, in fact, I understand your point of view . I am from Guangdong province and have been working in different provinces . I rarely go back in a year . Sometimes I feel quite helpless . ”

Lin Xianting smiled slightly and showed the charm of mature women .

Moreover, her voice was pleasant to hear .

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In her words, there was a unique charm, enough to make people unable to refuse her .

Ye Xiaochen didn’t interrupt and listened quietly .

“However, I have never regretted it, because I think what I have done is worthwhile . I have built a home for the family to live comfortably, I can also make myself shine and do my best for the people’s livelihood . ”

Lin Xianting’s voice contained infectious power, enough impact on anyone’s mind .

However, Ye Xiaochen was not the kind of person who was easy to be influenced by .

He was very calm .

This woman really knows how to persuade, and could even touch the softest part of the person .

“Mr . Ye, your ability ensures you won’t be ordinary . It will not only affect your life but also your family . If you stay in the Southern province or even in your hometown for development, you must bear somethings, when you get brilliant glory . Sometimes, it can become a difficulty for you . This is the test that every famous official must pass . If you change your mind and take another road, you will find that all those difficulties will be solved . ”

Lin Xianting said .

Ye Xiaochen was completely impressed by her speech .

He had to admit that what Lin Xianting said was very reasonable .

If there were no restrictions on the farm, he would have definitely preferred to work elsewhere .

Now it won’t work .

No matter what Lin Xianting said, his face didn’t change .

Lin Xianting didn’t expect that Ye Xiaochen being young was still very hidden .

She was unable to reach the bottom of Ye Xiaochen .

Immediately, she decided to change the strategy and start with a different side .

“Mr . Ye, I heard that you have a sister who is studying in Shashi city?”

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Lin Xianting suddenly laughed .

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes suddenly narrowed, did she want to threaten?

Li Xianting naturally knew what Ye Xiaochen was thinking, and could see that ye Xiaochen was a man who cared for his family .

“If Mr . Ye is willing, I can help your sister admitted to the Wuda university in the future and even won’t have problems with job placement and civil servant exams . ”

Lin Xianting finally used a different method to impress Ye Xiaochen .

She has already investigated . Ye Ying, Ye XIaochen’s younger sister, has an average grade . Although she studies at Nanjing University, it was the secondary branch and it would be very difficult for her to take the postgraduate entrance exam .

As for entering the top domestic famous university like Wuda, there was no need to even think about it .

Ye Xiaochen sighed, this Lin Xianting was really too powerful .

If he had not made up his mind already, he might have been moved .

If his sister could enter into a university like Wuda, the future would be definitely bright .

It was a pity .

“Director Lin, there are some reasons, so I can only set up the research institute in the Southern Province . I‘m really sorry . ”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly interrupted Lin Xianting’s sentence .

Lin Xianting finally revealed a hint of disappointment on her face .

Although she has other strategies, Ye Xiaochen’s attitude was obvious and this method won’t work .

“It’s okay . This is Mr . Ye’ s choice . I wish Mr . Ye to have greater achievements in the future, and I hope there will be more opportunities for cooperation with you in the future . ”

Lin Xianting’s face showed a bright smile and didn’t seem to be affected by Ye Xiaochen’s refusal .

Ye Xiaochen exclaimed, really a formidable woman, no wonder she could reach such a high position .

After dinner, Lin Xianting left without any hesitation .

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Of course, she paid the bill .

As soon as Ye Xiaochen reached the farm from the immortal spring restaurant, his phone rang . It was Zeng Hongye who called him, she asked about Lin Xianting, the director of the Northern Province government office, and about his dinner with her .

Ye Xiaochen was speechless, it was afterward he became aware of how Zeng Hongye got to know .

“Xioachen, please don’t mind . Now your identity is sensitive . We have sent someone to watch you . But it will never affect your life and your family’s life . ”

Zeng Hongye thought Ye Xioachen might misunderstand .

“It’s all right . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

From the government side, someone secretly was sent to protect him, he knew about it .

It was not a surprise, after all, when the purification grass was stolen, no one dared to judge whether the organization behind the scene would not stare at Ye Xiaochen .

With his current practice, though he was just a beginner, he was very sensitive .

Those who were secretly protecting him were strong but they could not hide from him .

“Xiaochen, now the province is very concerned about the institute matter, although the internal competition is fierce and everyone wants to let the institute settle in their place, this is an internal matter . Once it involves external provinces, that is an external contradiction and nature is totally different . You must be firm . ”

Zeng Hongye said earnestly .

“Sister Zeng, I know . But the conditions offered by the northern province are very good . For example, my sister can enter the Wuda university and she will also get a civil servant job . Now I am confused . ”

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes and said .

Although he couldn’t go to the Northern Province, he must get some benefits .

“You boy, if you want to get benefits from me, I don’t have the ability to do so . But I can tell you that the top officials will not have a problem with such a request . ”

Zeng Hongye didn’t know whether to laugh or cry .

“Hey, sister Zeng, it’s better to have more benefits . If it is Tsinghua or Peking university, it will be even better . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said .

“Come on, you think it is easy to enter Tsinghua or Peking university, but I will try, anyway let the head worry about it . ”

Zeng Hongye said .

They chatted for a few more minutes and hung up .

Ye Xiaochen touched his chin, opened the contact list, and called his sister .

“Sister, how are your studies going on recently?”

Ye Xiaochen asked .

“It’s okay . ”

Ye Ying said .

“Don’t take too much strain . I will mail you some pickled vegetables . Remember, don’t give anyone else this pickled vegetables, this is very expensive . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

It was not that he was stingy, but these pickled vegetables were the immortal pickled vegetables!

The immortal plants were used to make .

Only the family member could eat it .

“I understand I really don’t know why you are so stingy . ”

Ye Ying promised .

She doesn’t remember how many times her brother has reminded her . Now she secretly eats the immortal pickled vegetables, otherwise, if her roommates or classmates see it, they would want to eat it .

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