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Chapter 193

Yang City .

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Wang Shuisheng’s villa .

Wang Shuisheng was not here . He has been busy with the construction site work recently .

After his arduous efforts, he was temporarily relieved . Moreover, nuclear radiation at the construction site had been reduced to a safe level . It would not be long before even the nuclear radiation deep underground could be completely removed .

Wang Xinyi’s courtyard .

“Xinyi, I have recently learned a tune . I will use the bamboo flute to play it for you, ok?”

Ye Xiaochen made the hand signs .

Wang Xinyi’s face slightly stiffened, she could not hear, how could she be able to hear the flute played by Ye Xiaochen?

“Don’t worry . My flute tune is not ordinary . I can definitely make you hear it . ”

Ye Xiaochen said confidently .

His spirit song sheet of plants was extraordinary and has the peculiar effect of penetrating the soul .

Even if Wang Xinyi’s ears could not hear it, her soul would be able to hear it .

This was the music beyond the five senses .

Ye Xiaochen knew that Wang Xinyi since childhood had never heard any real music .

After learning the spirit song sheet of plants, he wanted it to play it for Wang Xinyi .


Wang Xinyi couldn’t believe it .

Although she could not hear it, she could understand the music, and because of that, her heart always yearned to listen to the beautiful sound .

“Believe me . ”

Ye Xiaochen gestured .

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He took out the bamboo flute he had brought with him .

At this moment, Ye Xiaochen exuded an indescribable temperament .

After his last play, he naturally integrated his temperament with the mystery of the music score .

Now playing the flute again, he immediately inspired this unique, natural, and ethereal temperament .

Wang Xinyi was in a trance, she felt that Ye Xiaochen had undergone some great changes .

Although it appeared close, it seemed far away, creating unpredictable, ethereal, and close to nature temperament .

She couldn’t help but stand stupidly .

All of a sudden, a strange flute sound suddenly transmitted through her mind and resounded .

It was so wonderful that her original silent world suddenly became lively .

She couldn’t help closing her eyes .

Suddenly, from the corner of her eye, the crystal tears started dripping, it was the tears of happiness and excitement .

Although she doesn’t know how Ye Xiaochen achieved it, she could hear the music .

The music was beautiful, more beautiful than she had thought .

Her heart seemed to be dancing with a myriad of notes, like a spirit .

After a long time, the song ended .

Wang Xinyi was completely infatuated .

At the moment, Chu Qingqing, Xibao, and his nanny were standing and listening at the door of the courtyard, suddenly when the sound of the flute disappeared, they felt a sense of loss .

In the courtyard, the trees, plants, and grass that have been swaying have calmed down .

The seemingly unchanged courtyard, at this moment, seems to have become more vivid and lively .

The two tuberoses unexpectedly blossomed and released a light fragrance .

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Wang Xinyi opened her tear-filled beautiful eyes and looked at Ye Xiaochen with deep affection .

The two people’s eyes met, but they were silent .

Chu Qingqing knocked on the door of the courtyard and entered .

“Xioachen, the flute you just now played was very pleasant to hear . ”

Chu Qingqing said .

She had no idea Ye Xiaochen had so many talents . The flute sounded so beautiful that she was completely immersed in it .

“Uncle Ye, Xibao wants to learn it . ”

Xibao rushed to Ye Xiaochen and like a koala hanged on him .

“If Xibao wants to learn, then uncle Ye will teach you . ”

Ye Xiaochen rubbed Xibao’s hair and smiled .

Chu Qingqing saw Wang Xinyi’s eyes were moist .

She didn’t know what happened .

She naturally wouldn’t have known that the flute Ye XIaochen played was extraordinary, Wang Xinyi was able to hear it and so she cried tears of happiness .

If she knew, she would have been shocked .

Chu Qingqing left with Xibao, who was reluctant to leave .

In the courtyard, only two people were there, Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi .

“Xinyi, was it nice?”

Ye Xiaochen asked with signs .

“Nice . I have never heard real music . Thank you, Xiaochen . ”

Wang Xinyi nodded softly .

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She seemed to be a little immersed in the sound of the flute and was unable to forget it .

For ordinary people, the sound of flute heard by ear overshadows the sound that touches the soul .

Wang Xinyi was different, she was born deaf .

Therefore, the sound of the flute that was heard from the soul has grown stronger and stronger, and would not dissipate for a long time .

“It’s okay . I can always play the flute for you in the future . ”

Looking at this girl, his heart was full of pity, he couldn’t help take out the tissue and wiped the tears from her face .

Wang Xinyi’s cheeks were flushed, but she did not refuse and let Ye XIaochen wipe the tears .

At this moment, the two hearts seemed to have been linked together .

On the road .

Ye Xiaochen was driving the car .

His heart was still thinking about today’s things with Wang Xinyi and there was a faint smile on his face .

Suddenly, his phone rang .

While driving he picked it up and saw that it was an unknown number .

If it was changed to a normal day, he wouldn’t pick up strangers’ calls .

However, currently, he was in a good mood and answered the call .

“Hello, is this Mr . Ye Xiaochen? I am Lin Xianting, director of the Northern Province government office . Can I have an appointment with you for dinner?”

A very attractive female voice came from the phone .

From the voice alone, it could be judged that the owner of the voice was a beautiful woman or has an excellent temperament .

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but produce the thought of wanting to see the owner of the voice .

However, why does the director of the Northern province government officials want to meet him?

This was a senior official at the bureau level, what is this big person wants from him?

All of sudden, he thought about the matter of the Chinese Academy of Science preparing to set up the institute for plant consciousness .  I am afraid that the Northern province is also fighting for the settlement of this research .  

“I am . Director Lin, if you have anything to say, please tell me directly on the phone . ”

Ye Xiaochen didn’t want to cause too much trouble in this matter . According to his thoughts, if there were no accidents, the research institute must be built in Yang city .

He was afraid of any administrative power of making waves .

As far as he knows, Shashi city, the provincial capital of the southern province was also determined to win this research institution .

Although no one has been sent to negotiate with him, it is estimated they would definitely send someone .

“Mr . Ye, I am afraid it may be difficult to explain the matter in a few words . Currently, I have arrived in Jing county . I sincerely hope to meet Mr . Ye . ”

Lin Xinating’s voice made Ye Xiaochen a little overwhelmed . This woman knows how to take advantage of her voice .

Ye Xiaochen thought about it since she had arrived, if he didn’t see her, he would not be giving a face .

No matter what, she was official at the bureau level .

“That’s great . Mr . Ye, I have reserved a private room in the immortal spring restaurant of Jing county . I heard this restaurant has a good reputation . I think food should be delicious . I don’t know if Mr . Ye likes it or not?”

Lin Xianting hurriedly said .

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help laughing, this restaurant was owned by him, would it not taste good?

“This restaurant is very good . I’m sure it won’t disappoint director Lin . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said .

After hanging the call, he drove directly to the immortal spring restaurant .

He saw Lin Xianting, she was in her thirties . She was charming, and a beautiful woman with noble and elegant temperament .

Moreover, such a beautiful woman also had a kind of aura that could be seen from afar but could not be touched .

It was not like the pure aura that should not be stained, but a dignified temperament of the official, which exuded invisibly .

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