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Plant growth promoting agent, it is a kind of special medicament specially for the issue of plant aging.

In the “Shennong System Introduction Guide”, the prescription of medicine and its production process is given in detail.

The reason for this is the most complex and stupid method is mainly related to the requirement of large number of raw materials and high accuracy, the most  important thing is the cost is too high and its use is not only once, it is a temporary solution and not a permanent cure. The plant growth promoting agent can only slow down the aging of the plant, it needs to be used for a long time.

For the two common strain of tuberoses, using this precious plant promoting agent is definitely a big loss.

At least right now, Ye Xiaochen can’t afford it.

Certainly, this plant growth promoting agent needs to be make, he can’t stand  seeing Wang Xinyi sad, when the time comes, he will let Wang Shuisheng bear the cost.

Ye Xiaochen took out a pen and paper and began to write a list, in the prescription of plant growth promoting agent, altogether involves 78 raw materials, which includes 48 species of herbs, eleven types of insects, eight kinds of minerals, six types of animal bodies,three gas components, a liquid inquident and microbe.

May be for convenience, the “Shennong System” has provided the raw materials name that can be found on earth.

As a result, Ye Xiaochen does not need to identify those things one by one, saving him a lot of time.

“ It is pity that there is no Ling water, otherwise, the success rate or efficiency will improve by a lot.”

Ye Xiaochen carefully analysed the prescription, perhaps because of the Shennong System, he doesn’t think this as a dull work, but felt a lot of excitement, as if his interest was aroused.

Pharmacology things are very deep,before, Ye Xiaochen had different look towards pharmacology. Now, looking at the prescription, he can’t understand the pharmacological change and can only read without thinking.

This sparked his interest in this area, he has decided to learn about this.

Shennong, is not only about planting but is also linked with the pharmacology of plants.

The next day, after the distribution of his vegetables, Ye Xiaochen went to the city’s pharmacy with the prescription to ask around, all kind of materials can’t be found here, because many cannot be called medicines.

Finally, Ye Xiaochen could only find 58 kinds of medical materials, which includes 42 kinds of plant materials, eight kinds of insects, five kinds of minerals and body of three animals.

Just with these materials, Ye Xiaochen had to spent more than 5 thousand yuan,he didn’t have any choice, the quantity of the materials are many, there are also some relatively rare medicinal herbs, such as ginseng, chinese knotweed and so on.

Ye Xiaocen felt pain, earning money is not easy!

He was unable to buy some material, a few are common such as walnut, lime,body fluids of cockroach.

As for other materials, it is quite troublesome.

The next few days, Ye Xiaochen felt a headache. In order to gather the materials,he had to go to different places personally to collect the materials, for example the venom sac of a coral snake, the bigger the snake the better, he had to kill the snake to take the sac, Ye Xiaochen is most afraid of snake, he almost collapsed.

After preparing for a week, Ye Xiaochen has managed to collect all the materials.

For all these stuff, Ye Xiaochen has estimated that he had spent at least 10,000 yuan.

Ye Xiaochen suddenly felt doubt, did he commit some crime?

(Tn:i guess here he is referring to his pending money as punishment for some sort of sin)


of Wang Shuisheng calling and inquiring about the progress to help Wang Xinyi, he did not give up.

After all, Wang Xinyi is having hopes on him.

He didn’t have the heart to disappoint her.


Ye Xiaochen has transformed the farm shed into a laboratory, the two old refrigerator are mainly used for putting in the raw materials, after all, now the temperature is high, preserving it outside is not good, he need to put these things in low temperature.

“ For now, the gathering of the materials is basically completed.”

“ The next step is to attempt to make the potion.”

Ye Xiaochen put down the “Shennong Introduction Guide” and released a long breath. He recalled each step and process given in the prescription without making any mistakes.

Since his possession of the Shennong System, Ye Xiaochen’s memory has increased, he can remember such complex recipe and method of preparation for several days without writing it down

“ The last thing that is missing is a boiler for modulation.”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the boiler placed in the corner, it was ordered by him, he had to spent over a thousand yuan, but after making a careful analysis, he thought that using this kind of boiler on unprocessed medicinal herbs, he is afraid that the success rate will not be high.

With the materials he has prepared, he can only try for two – three times.

“ If I can buy the special boiler from the Shennong System store it will be good.”

Ye Xiaochen thought.

This special boiler is very magical, even if Ye Xiaochen cannot activate the magical effects of this special boiler, this boiler’s characteristics can allow the success rate to improve by a lot.

Unfortunately, he does not have any immortal yuan.

“ Yes, the immortal carrots should be mature by now, I have already waited for several day, I should dig some now.”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly thought, he hurriedly stood up and walked out of the shed.

The change in the immortal land is very large, the carrot leaves are more lush and taller.

By Ye Xiaochen’s experience, the carrots in the soil should be mature.

The size of the carrot itself has a very great relationship with the growth of the leaves itself.

He is looking forward to it.

“ Well, let’s dig one to try and see.”

Ye Xiaochen quickly took out the immortal hoe.

The two dogs lying in the ground seeing Ye Xiaochen’s moves, got up and wagged their tails behind Ye Xiaochen,

During the growth period of the immortal carrots, the two dogs were behaved, they didn’t destroy the immortal carrots.

He was worried before that the dogs might get tempted and eat the leaves of the immortal carrots and who knows after eating they might get poisoned? Now it looks like the two dogs know to avoid disaster and didn’t eat the immortal carrots.

With the immortal hoe in his hand, Ye Xiaochen began to dig up.

He dug very carefully, he was afraid of hurting the immortal carrots, if in digging it is hurt, who knows if it can be sold or not?

Hard immortal soil easily passes through under the immortal hoe like tofu.

He spent a lot of effort and finally picked out an immortal carrot without hurting its root block.

When the root block of the immortal carrot appeared, Ye Xiaochen was a little disappointed.

This immortal carrot is a little small, really a waste of long lush leaves!

The carrot is smaller than the carrot available in the market, its speciality is- it is really red, the color is bright, eye-catching, very clean, looks very good and is small in size.

The most peculiar thing is that there is a faint light on the surface of the immortal carrot.

“ Ding, whether want to put the immortal carrot in the store? Note: the sale price of goods priced by the store, has no right to interfere, the store consignment fee will be 5%”

Suddenly, in Ye Xiaochen’s mind the sound of the system came.

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