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Chapter 189

Many experts listened to the lecture very carefully .

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Ye Xiaochen has fully mastered the rhythm of the course .

Little by little, he threw out his theoretical points and gradually guided experts’ thinking direction .

Obviously, these experts were people with high IQ . No matter how complicated the theoretical knowledge was, it was not difficult for them . What needed to be considered was whether they could accept it or not .

After Ye Xiaochen’s in-depth explanation and some experiments, many experts believed the concept .

Especially those botanists, they all had a huge interest in it .

Some experts, such as nuclear experts, they were not entirely convinced by Ye Xiaochen’s theory .

For them, they were more interested in the absorption of nuclear radiation by the purification grass .

They waited till Ye XIoachen’s lecture to come to this concept, but some nuclear experts could not bear it .

Professor Qian suddenly stood up and said, “Mr . Ye, the theory of the plant consciousness you mentioned is very wonderful, even a layman like me who is not involved in botany is interested . ”

He praised Ye Xiaochen .

However, the implication was that these nuclear experts were just interested in it nothing more .

“May I ask Mr . Ye, why does the purification grass absorb the nuclear radiation?”

Professor Qian finally asked the important question .

All the nuclear experts stared at Ye Xiaochen, this was their most important concern .

The same was true for the plant experts .

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It was just Ye Xiaochen’s knowledge about the plant consciousness that made them unknowingly draw into it .

“Professor Qian, you have asked a good question, but the reason why I first mentioned the plant consciousness was that the nuclear radiation absorption ability of the purification grass is based on the plant consciousness . ”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile .

Professor Qian was stunned for a moment and immediately asked, “Please ask Mr . Ye to give us a detailed explanation . ”

Then he bent towards Ye Xiaochen and asked in a sincere tone .

“Naturally . Academician Liu, I would like to ask you what determines the different characteristics of a plant in its growth process . ”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly looked at the genome expert Liu Minsgheng .

“It is obviously genes, and the current transgenic technology is based on this principle . ”

Liu Mingsheng said .

“Yes, genes . Although we have an electron microscope that can look at the atomic level and even can observe the genes, we cannot identify the genes . Naturally, we cannot confirm the specific effect of these genes . So, this problem returns to the plant consciousness . All we have to do is indirectly observe the gene by communicating with the plant consciousness . We can use this to control the gene structure and achieve the transformation of the plant characteristic . In the final analysis, without mastering the plant consciousness the plant transformation technology cannot be carried out . Unless modern technology can be developed to a certain extent that it can directly carry out the super precision gene transformation technique . ”

Ye Xiaochen smiled gently and said .

This theory was correct, but for the time being Ye Xiaochen couldn’t apply it as he doesn’t have a high degree of control over consciousness .

Unless his cultivation progresses further, he builds the foundation and gives birth to the spirit knowledge .

This spirit knowledge could not be compared with spirit talent .

Nuclear experts were dumbstruck, if they couldn’t master the plant consciousness, they wouldn’t be able to study and analyze the principle of how the purification grass could absorb radiation . What was the meaning of their participation in this investigation?

The botanists, on the other hand, were secretly pleased because it meant that the botanists were more important than the nuclear experts .

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This research was no longer a nuclear field but purely in the field of botany .

“Mr, Ye, I have heard that you have developed a five-finger spirit listening method that can let people communicate with the plant consciousness . I don’t know if there is such a thing . ”

Professor Qian hurriedly asked him .

If they couldn’t participate in the study of the purification grass then it would be a shame for the nuclear experts .

“Yes, the five finger spirit listening method could let people communicate with the plant consciousness . However, not everyone has the talent for it . If you are willing to learn, I can teach you now . ”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and said .

Naturally, the experts present were willing to learn and if they couldn’t learn this method, then they wouldn’t be able to communicate the plant consciousness, let alone participate in the research of the purification grass .

Immediately, all the experts got excited .

This was true even for the nuclear experts who didn’t have this thought before .

They couldn’t help it, they wouldn’t even be able to participate in the research of the purification grass without learning this spirit listening method .

They all wondered, whether in this way they were going to switch to the dry botany research .

Ye Xiaochen began to teach the people the method .

Ye Xiaochen has no way of judging how many people could learn the method . After all, to learn the five finger spirit listening method they must have a spirit talent .

Generally speaking, the botanists were more likely . After all, they were interested in plants, must have a gift for this .

The fact was the same, Ye Xiaochen was speechless after the test of the spirit listening method .

Not even one nuclear expert and other related assistant had the talent .

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On the other hand, seven botanists had entered the spirit listening state .

Two academicians, three botanist experts, and two assistants of botanist experts .

Ye Xiaochen sighed in his heart, they were worthy of being academicians, they even have the spirit talent .

In opposition, the nuclear experts were all disappointed .

They understood that talent was talent and it couldn’t be forced . This five finger spirit listening method was biased to botany . They were nuclear experts and didn’t have any connection with botany at all .

The morning lecture was over .

People started to leave, after all, it was time for lunch .

Ye Xiaochen didn’t leave and had the meal in the canteen of the research institute .

The food was not bad, there was variety and had rich nutrients .

Ye Xiaochen was greatly welcomed here . All the experts and the researchers he met greeted him very politely .

In the middle of the meal, Yang kai suddenly came with his meal plate .

“Academician Yang . ”

Ye Xiaochen greeted him .

“Xiaochen, don’t be so polite, just call me Brother Yang . ”

Yang Kai said with a smile .

Ye Xiaochen blushed .

“I will call you old Yang . ”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly said .

Considering Yang kai’s age, it was enough to be his grandfather .

“Xiaochen, just now few of the old guys contacted the head and hoped that you can join the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and even let you be head of the new research institute . You think about it . ”

Yang Kai said .

In fact, the previous time he asked Ye Xiaochen, but that time he only invited him to do research work in the Chinese Academy of Science, as for being the head of the new research institute, it was impossible .

What place was the Chinese Academy of Science? There are tens of thousands of graduate students . It could be said the doctoral students were many, and master students were everywhere .

“Old Yang, I really don’t want to leave my hometown . Anyway, this research work, where can it not be done? I live comfortably at home . ”

Ye Xiaochen said helplessly .

“Xiaochen, you don’t have to refuse in such a hurry . I haven’t finished yet . The new research institute just mentioned is specially built for you by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and will be specialized in studying plant consciousness . It will be directly under the Chinese Academy of Sciences and will be a national key research institute, which you will be the main person in charge of . You will enjoy allowance and even the promise from the head, and after three years you could be elected to be the academician of the Chinese Academy of science . Haha, once you succeed, you will become the youngest academician in the decade since the founding of the Chinese Academy of sciences . ”

Yang Kai carefully observed Ye Xiaochen’s expression .

For a person to establish a professional research institution, there were not many cases in the Chinese Academy of Science, and all that did were real super-technical power .

It was a great honor for the researcher .

After the lecture, some of his old fellows immediately reported to the headquarters of the Chinese Academy of Sciences . It took a lot of talking before the headquarters agreed .

He believed that it would be hard for ye Xiaochen to resist such temptation .

No one would be able to refuse it .

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