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Chapter 190

Unfortunately, Yang Kai underestimated Ye Xiaochen .

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Ye Xiaochen already had his own ideas and plans .

Besides, his farm couldn’t be moved at all . The foundation was set in his hometown and it was impossible for him to leave the foundation and go to other places .

“Old Yang, I really appreciate your kindness . I’m afraid I still cannot promise . ”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head .

“Xioachen, why can’t you agree? Such an opportunity is very rare . ”

It was hard for Yang Kai to understand .

People like Ye Xiaochen not entering the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which was absolutely the biggest loss for the Chinese Academy of Sciences .

“Old Yang, the biggest dream in my life is to have a field, grow some vegetables, and do some research in leisure time, this is enough . ”

Ye Xiaochen quietly said .

Ye Xiaochen almost vomited blood .  If this was your ideal, then this ideal was too small .

Well, he knew that people like Ye Xiaochen have a firm character and it was hard to change the decision .

It seems that they have to think of some other methods .

After eating the meal, Yang Kai quickly went away .

Ye Xiaochen touched his chin, he saw old Yang’s depressed appearance just now and felt a little funny in his heart .

Hey! I really didn’t want to do this, but if I don’t do it, how can I achieve my purpose? 

As a world-class research institution, the Chinese Academy of Sciences was the highest academic institution of natural science in China; the highest advisory body of science and technology, and the center of integrated research and development of natural science .

Once the research institute of plant consciousness was directly under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, it was equivalent to having enough background to rely on .

As soon as the research institute was established, it would be his responsibility .

His status as the top botanist would also be solidified .

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For the purpose of the nation establishing the research institute in Yang city and being in control of it, this was Ye Xiaochen’s final goal .

In a conference room .

Yang Kai, other academicians, and botanical experts were in discussion .

All of them have learned the spirit listening method .

This means that they have the qualification to study plant consciousness in the future .

That’s why they attached so much importance to it .

“He really doesn’t want to do it . ”

The female academician was surprised .

Her name was Sun Miaomao, a top botanist . It was said she comes from a family having a long history of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners . She has good medical skills . Her main research direction was to cultivate various kinds of precious Chinese herbal medicines .

“This is a national key research institution, even we old guys are not qualified for it . ”

Another old expert found it difficult to understand .

This man’s name was Hua Jingrun, and he specializes in research on traditional crops .

“What can we do?”

“Yes, if Ye Xiaochen can’t join the Chinese Academy of Sciences, I’m afraid it will have a great impact on the study of the plant consciousness . ”

“The study of the plant consciousness was founded by Ye Xiaochen, and he should be in charge . Even if we start it, I am afraid it will be difficult . This is a new field and there is no experience . ”

Other experts were worried .

“What do you think if we establish the research institute in the Southern Province?”

Yang Kai suddenly said .

“Eh, yes, it is possible . ”

“Yes, there are branches of the Chinese Academy of Sciences all over the country, and it is feasible to set up one in the Southern province . ”

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The two academicians’ eyes lit up .

Previously, they had hit a dead-end and had not thought of it .

“I just don’t know if the headquarters will agree . ”

Someone worriedly said .

“It should not be a problem . After all, there is purification grass here, no one can remove this fact . As long as we properly operate, it is enough to succeed . ”

Sun Miaomiao said .

Soon, several people agreed .

Two o’clock in the afternoon .

In the assembly hall .

This time, the number of experts participating has been reduced by half .

However, everyone from the plant group still took part .

Although for most people they didn’t have the spirit talent, this did not stop them from learning the knowledge .

This might be the future development direction in the field of botany .

This time, Ye Xiaochen explained about the cultivation of purification grass .

Naturally, the premise to cultivate was to be able to master the spirit listening method and be able to use brain waves .

At the end of the day, this was just a theory . If you want to apply it to practice, only Ye Xiaochen could do it .

In fact, even he couldn’t do it .

However, all that was needed was the ability to bluff in front of these experts .

Anyways, all the theories he said were true and not fiction .

For several days, Ye Xiaochen came to the institute and explained the content of the lesson plan in simple and profound ways .

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So far, the basic outline theory system of the plant consciousness has been constructed .

It was no longer a scattered thing but has a basic framework .

Yang Kai and other experts who were starting to learn the spirit listening method have higher talent and sharper insights than others . In just a few days, they have basically completed the baptism of the theoretical basis .

They were eager to learn more advanced knowledge .

However, Ye Xiaochen told them that if they want to learn more advanced knowledge, only by mastering the spirit listening method and having the ability to communicate with the plant consciousness could they enter the magic door .

On this day, Ye Xiaochen finished his last lecture . From tomorrow, he will not be coming to the institute again .

What should be taught has been taught .

When he packed up things and was about to leave, Yang Kai stopped him with the same old questions .

“Old Yang, you are embarrassing me like this . ”

Ye Xiaochen knew that Yang Kai came for that matter .

These days, Yang Kai comes to him every day, trying to persuade him to go to the Chinese Academy of Sciences .

Ye Xiaochen hasn’t promised him .

“This time is different . You come with me . ”

Yang Kai shook his head and said .

Ye Xiaochen had some doubts but he still followed Yang Kai into the conference room .

There were several other academicians and experts, all of whom were beginners at the spirit listening method .

It could be said that they were the people who were most eager to establish a research institute of plant consciousness .

“Xiaochen, we have coordinated with the above and are ready to build the plant consciousness research institute in the Southern Province, and are in cooperation with the Southern Province . ”

Yang Kai said .

“Institute will be built in the Southern Province?”

Ye Xiaochen showed a hint of surprise, it seems that things were turning the way he planned .

“Yes . ”

Yang Kai nodded .

For this matter, some of the old guys don’t know how many relationships they had to contact .

If it weren’t for the study of the plant consciousness, why would they care so much about it?

“Where exactly it will be?”

Ye Xiaochen asked curiously .

“We haven’t decided yet . After all, this kind of cooperation with the local government involves too many things . Of course, the main thing to consider is the opinion of the person who will be in charge in the future . ”

Yang Kai said .

“Of course, I think it is better to be in Jing county, or even better in Taiping town, it is very close to home . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said .

Yang Kai and others directly laughed involuntarily .

However, they were relieved in their hearts that Ye Xiaochen had not refused, indicating that it wasn’t that he didn’t want to enter the Chinese Academy of Sciences, but he didn’t want to work outside the city .

“Since it is chosen in the Southern province, whether it will be Sahsi city, Yang city, or Jing county, it depends on your opinion . ”

Yang Kai said with a smile .

Others nodded . If Ye Xiaochen wasn’t willing, it would be useless .

When Ye XIaochen saw this, he was secretly relieved in his heart . Although he used old Yang in order to achieve his own goal, he was sorry .

Besides, he believed that they wouldn’t have any opinions .

After all, as soon as the research institute would be established, those who learned the spirit listening method would also benefit from it .

However, Ye Xiaochen didn’t think that because of research institute settlement problems, in the following period, it would lead to a battle between many provinces and cities .

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