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Chapter 188

“Let’s do an experiment . ”

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Ye Xiaochen smiled and said, “I have recently discovered a very interesting phenomenon, which might explain the existence of the plant consciousness . ”

Suddenly, he looked at a young man sitting at the lower right of the podium and nodded .

The young man was a temporary assistant assigned to him by the institute .

The young man quickly got up and brought a large glass box, in which was a pot of rose plant containing buds .

“Do you see this? It’s a rose pot that has been sealed in a glass box . ”

Ye Xiaochen moved the big glass to the podium, tapped on the glass, and made a thumping sound .

“In my study of plant consciousness, there is no isolation, there is no barrier for the communication between consciousness and even this layer of glass cannot isolate it . ”

Ye Xiaochen said gently .

The people present on the scene were extremely curious .

“Mr . Ye, can I have a look at this rose pot?”

Suddenly someone sitting in the crowd stood up and said .

He was a nuclear engineering expert .

Ye Xiaochen remembered his name, identity, position, and other details .

“Of course, professor Qian . ”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile .

Professor Qian hurriedly went and began to examine the glass box carefully .

“Haha, this should be reinforced glass . Even bullets cannot pass through it . Besides, the connection between the base and the cover is a kind of sealing screw . ”

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Professor Qian’s discerning eyes could judge it at a glance .

The reason he checked it so carefully was to see if there were any other tricks .

Shortly, Professor Qian went down .

“Is there anyone else who wants to check?”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

He knew that the professor Qian came to see, it shows his unconvinced attitude .

However, he doesn’t care, after all, they were the national level experts . How high was their status? Today they came to listen to a class of juniors . Even if they do not say, or show it on the face, their heart has different ideas .

If he could not persuade them and make them satisfied, it was afraid some of them would never give a face to him, and even would attack together .

Academic research was so serious that no one will talk about affection .

With Professor Qian as the representative, no one else came up .

If even a nuclear expert like professor Qian couldn’t see any problem, then even if they go up and check it would be in vain .

“If there is no one . I’ll proceed with the experiment . ”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and said .

Suddenly, he lifted the box and directly moved it to Academican’s Yang’s table .

“Academician Yang, why don’t you be my partner in this experiment?”

Ye Xiaochen smiled .

“I am honored . I don’t know what I need to do?”

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Yang Kai stood up and asked with a smile .

“Very simple, with the communication I have formed a bridge with the rose’s consciousness . Now it can understand what we say and you can give commands to do anything you want . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

Yang Kai was startled and he couldn’t believe it .

All the people present were in an uproar .

Plants could understand human speech?

Was this a joke?

Not to mention plants, even in animals, only a few of them have this ability, but also need to be carefully trained and there are still limitations in it .

“Then I’ll try . ”

Yang Kai took a deep breath .

When he saw Ye Xiaochen’s smiling face, he suddenly felt that he must believe Ye Xiaochen .

This young man was bound to create a miracle .

Even the purification grass that absorbs nuclear radiation was researched, so this plant consciousness that could understand human speed was not impossible .

“Let the buds bloom . ”

Yang Kai’s face became solemn and he began to speak .

Lots of eyes were fixed on the rose in the glass box .

With the ending of Yang Kai’s word, a magical scene happened, the rose in the glass box suddenly bloomed .

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The flower was bright, beautiful, and delicate .

Everyone was stunned .

Yang Kai was also shocked in his heart, and then immediately his eyes became fanatical .

If it was normal to communicate with plants using the five finger spirit listening method, then this kind of thing has gone a step further .

This represents that Ye Xiaochen has made great progress in the research of plant consciousness .

“Flowers close and become buds . ”

Shortly the rose which had opened completely closed, and became buds again .

Then Yang Kai gave several commands, and at last, was to let the rose wither . Suddenly, the original delicate rose withered, the flower fell off, and the leaves gradually dried up . The process which originally takes several days was completed in a few seconds .

“Mr . Ye, how can this be done in an isolation glass box? The glass box is closed, so the voice shouldn’t pass through . How can it receive my orders?”

Yang Kai asked the biggest doubt in his heart .

In fact, this was also the people’s doubt .

“Haha, in fact, this is actually what I want to talk about in today’s course . It is the core principle to cultivate the purification grass . ”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and went back to the podium .

At the moment, he could feel many eyes that had doubted and despised have become solemn .

This represents a change in their mindset .

This was a good start, and that’s why Ye Xioachen did this experiment .

“In the theoretical concept I established, everything in the world has waves, magnetic fields, and the whole world is composed of particles, energy, and various waves . Naturally, it is also the same for our human body . As long as our consciousness can think, there will be waves, which is the brain wave . ”

“I named the brainwave thought as mental power . In some fiction, there is the concept of mental power . I think this idea is meaningful, although the mental power represented in fiction is not true, it still represents a kind of supernatural ability . For example, here it allows us to communicate with the plant consciousness . Of course, the ordinary people’s brain waves were not strong and even if it was strong, they don’t know how to use it . ”

“Once we master the application of brain waves, we can make incredible changes . That is to say, Academician Liu who is an expert in genetic research knows how to detect genes, but he can only use indirect detection methods . If he wants to distinguish between different genes, then even the scanning electron microscope, transmission electron microscope, atomic force microscope with the highest resolution cannot be able to identify . However, I can say with certainty that as long as we master the application of the brain waves, we may be able to observe at the genetic level . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

“Mr . Ye, can you use your mind to observe at the genetic level?”

Liu Mingsheng’s eyes were hot, he stared at Ye Xiaochen and asked quickly .

“I haven’t tried this yet, because my research direction is not this . I believe you all know that compared with the actual existence like genes, consciousness is more illusory . Since the brain waves thought can sense consciousness, then let alone the genes . Academician Liu, do you think it’s true?”

“It’s true, but at the core of all this, it is required to confirm the existence of consciousness and whether the brain waves can really communicate”

Liu Mingsheng said .

A lot of people showed a deep thought .

If such questions could be verified, then the value contained in it would be too great, it was equivalent to opening up a new scientific field .

When Ye Xiaochen saw this, he felt a sigh of relief in his heart, he finally entered into the topic .

It was not easy to teach this class .

It cost him a lot of brain cells to be reasonable but also not to expose too many advanced things, and also to be able to build a contour theory that could support a new discipline .

He believed that the experts in front of him will become the seeds of his new discipline after this class .

This kind of high-level and comprehensive scientific research was difficult to develop without starting from the top and was not possible just relying on unorthodox ways .

Like now, with the help of the purification grass, he found breakthroughs at once .

The next plan would be much easier .

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