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Chapter 184
Chapter 184- Inspirational Story
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After the initial shock, Ye Xiaochen believed little .

In reality, there were real stories like Cinderella becoming a beautiful princess, and a dark fat girl becoming a fair-skinned and beautiful girl .

And, he finally remembered the story of Liang Wenjing from the depths of his memory, the figure was vaguely overlapping with the person in front of him .

The original name of the fat girl was not Liang Wenjing, but Liang Meili .

(TN: Meili- It means beautiful . It is also the ideal state in terms of form, proportion, layout, grace, color or sound )

Well, it was quite a common and simple name .

Because of this, the fat girl Liang Meili had become the target of many students bullying and teasing .

With Ye Xiaochen’s former personality, the reason why he could still remember was that he and Liang Meili had been deskmates for two years .

The two were considered the class weirdo’s

One likes to cry, and the other doesn’t talk, silent and introverted .

There was another thing common between them, the results were poor . Of course, Ye Xiaochen’s results were better than Liang Meili’s .

Until the third year of junior middle school, he worked hard and made rapid progress and was admitted in the Jing county number one high school in one stroke, which was absolutely a kind of explosion, even the teacher in charge of the class couldn’t believe it .

As for Liang Meili, there was no such good luck, she studied in the Taiping town middle school and later didn’t know about her .

“Liang Wenjing, did you, did you have plastic surgery?”

Ye Xiaochen carefully looked at the half-smiling Liang Wenjing, the face was delicate, there were light makeup and thin cosmetic powder, plus that kind of literary temperament, it was very attractive .

It was hard for him to relate this gorgeous girl with that dark fat girl .

Although a girl changes eighteen times between childhood and womanhood, it was a too big change .

“What do you think?”

Liang Wenjing smiled and said .

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“How would I know, but I don’t think your nose was long, is it made long?”

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes .

“You can touch and see whether my nose was made long or not?”

“Really can touch?”

Ye Xiaochen was stunned .

“Of course, we are old classmates, we shared the same trials and tribulations in the beginning . ”

Liang Wenjing nodded .

“Then I am touching, if the nose collapses, don’t blame me?”

Ye Xiaochen said and stretched out his hand and directly touched Laing Wenjing’s nose .

Soft and delicate, an indescribable feeling .

“You really touched it! What do you think? is it fake?”

Liang Wenjing’s nose was touched by Ye Xiaochen’s hand and it felt itchy, her cheeks were vaguely covered with a layer of redness .

“I don’t think so?”

Ye Xiaochen retracted his hand and was very surprised .

“Of course, this girl was born beautiful, I was just a little fat and dark at the beginning . ”

Liang Wenjing proudly said .

When she was in junior middle school, her family was still poor and she had to go home to work every day, therefore she was tanned .

“By the way, how did you become a music teacher?”

Ye Xiaochen asked curiously .

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“After I passed the high school entrance examination, I only went to high school for one year and didn’t continue . Instead, I went to the supergirl voice of mango TV . ”

Speaking of the past, Liang Wenjing’s delicate face showed a touch of nostalgia .

“Supergirl voice?”

Ye Xiaochen was dumbfounded, the dark fat girl who liked to cry and got poor grades went to participate in the supergirl voice?

“Why? Don’t believe me? You can find my name if you look at the supergirl voice information of that year . To speak it was the supergirl voice that changed me . In fact, I always like music and could sing well, but at that time I was introverted and cowardly, and did not dare to sing in front of outsiders . ”

A faint smile appeared on Liang Wenjing’s face .

“Then suddenly how did you participate in the supergirl voice?”

Ye Xiaochen knew about this program . In the beginning, it was very popular, now some female stars stood out because of the supergirl voice .

Since Liang Wejning was not famous, it means that she participated in the super girl voice, and she was not popular .

“In fact, I didn’t plan to take part in it . I just accompanied a classmate . Due to an unexpected turn of events, I replaced her and participated . You don’t know when I went on the stage, I felt suffocated . My mind was blank . It was teacher Shen Yue who comforted me, let me not be nervous and relaxed . When I overcame the nervousness and sang, several judges and teachers were shocked . They described my voice as the sound of nature . ”

Liang Wenjing chuckled lightly .

“Then Why are you not popular?”

Ye Xiachen asked .

“You, Why can’t you ask a good question?”

Liang Wenjing glared Ye Xiaochen .

“Cough, can’t I be curious?”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

“Do you think that on a stage like a supergirl voice just the sound being good, you could sing? How many people like me were there? And you need to know that to pass the round of the supergirl voice at that time, besides the votes of judges and teachers, there was also the requirement of votes from the audience . As a result, I was eliminated in the Final district round . ”

Liang Wenjing said calmly .

Ye Xiaochen was speechless .

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Yes, at that time, the audience who watched super girl voices were all young girls and boys . Who wouldn’t like beautiful girls?

Even if the girl was not pretty, she should have a personality, like a joyful older brother or composed elder sister .

The girls like Liang Meili were at a disadvantage on the starting line .

After all the people who could enter the next level, which one of them wasn’t elites selected from hundreds of contestants?

Therefore, Liang Meili faced tragedy .

“Fortunately, that opportunity changed my life . Later I was recommended by Shen Yue and was admitted to the City Modern Music school . ”

Liang Wenjing’s Tone was a little sad .

If it wasn’t for that supergirl voice, maybe she would sink forever and spend her time as a fat girl .

“Since you have gone to music school, have a talent for singing, and became a beauty, you should have become a big star, right?”

Ye Xiaochen did not expect that Liang Wenjing would have such a complicated and inspirational experience and asked curiously .

“Who said going to music school will become a singing star?”

Liang Wenjing smiled and continued “Actually, I didn’t have this plan at the beginning . I like the music . What I like is its essence . It can make me confident and has changed my life . As for the other thing, I am not used to that kind of life . ”

“So it turned out like this . Ah, you did this step wrong . Otherwise, now I should have a classmate who is a big star! ”

Ye Xiaochen said in a grieving tone .

“Well, I finished my story . You say about yourself, how a poor short man became a tall rich handsome man?”

Liang Wenjing asked with a smile .

“I used to be short?”

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes .

“Almost had such an impression otherwise, how could I be a little uncertain when I saw you at first sight?”

Liang Wenjing laughed .

The current Liang Wenjing, that kind of natural conversation, was different from Ye Xiaochen’s impression of Liang Meili, the two were very different .

Whether it was the appearance, temperament, or self-confidence .

In fact, he himself was not the same .

Had he not acquired the Shennong system, he would have continued to remain a common man .

“Well I am still a poor man and I do farming . ”

Said Ye Xiaochen .

“Liar . Do you look like a farmer now?”

Liang Wenjing didn’t believe him at all .

“You wouldn’t believe it . To be more specific, I built a farm at home and planted some vegetables and fruits . Oh also, I opened a restaurant . ”

Ye Xiaochen shrugged and said .

“Is it true? Where is your restaurant? If I have time, I’ll go and cheer for you . ”

Said Liang Wenjing .

“I’ll welcome you . And I’ll treat you to dinner at my restaurant . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

“Good . ”

Liang Wenjing raised her wrist, looked at her watch, and said while smiling, “Now, let’s start our class . ”

“Good . ”

Ye Xiaochen nodded .

Soon, Liang Wenjing began to teach Ye Xiaochen .

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