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Chapter 185
Chapter 185- What was this rhythm?
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It was already past five o’clock and the lecture was at its end .

“Okay . let’s stop here for today . ”

Liang Wenjing said .

She stood up, took a glass of warm water, and drank to moisten her throat .

By the time Liang Wenjing finished packing and handled the training center, it was almost six o’clock .

Downstairs, Ye Xiaochen leaned in front of the Porsche Cayenne and waited for Liang Wenjing to come down .

Not before long Liang Wenjing came down .

“Is this your car?”

Liang Wenjing looked at the Porsche cayenne behind Ye Xiaochen and was somewhat surprised .

“That’s right . ”

Ye Xiaochen nodded .

“It seems that my old classmate has really made a fortune . ”

Liang Wenjing laughed .

“What fortune! I am punching the face and making it fat . ”

(TN: “! am punching the face and making it fat”-[ to slap one’s face until it’s swollen in an effort to look imposing]generally means exaggerating their ability . )

Ye Xiaochen said .

“Haha . ”

Liang Wenjing smiled and obviously didn’t believe it .

“Get in the car . I am going to take you to a good place . ”

Said ye Xiaochen .

“What good place? What about your restaurant? Don’t dare to take me, is your restaurant a black shop?”

(TN: black shop here means the place that scams . )

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Liang Wenjing laughed and said .

“The good place I said was naturally the restaurant I opened . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

“I‘ll see whether you are just boasting . ”

Liang Wenjing continued, “By the way, I rode a folding mountain Bicycle . Can I put it in your car?”

“Bicycle? Okay, where is it?”

Ye Xiaochen nodded .

“Over there . ”

Liang Wenjing went to a store not far away and brought a folding bicycle from inside .

Liang Wenjing carried the bicycle as if it didn’t have any weight, you could tell from the first glance that it was very expensive .

Ye Xiaochen opened the trunk and put the folded bicycle in it . He asked curiously, “You could buy a car when you are able to ride a bicycle like this . What will you do when it rains?”

“I can’t drive . I can use a bus or taxi on rainy days . ”

Liang Wenjing sat on the front seat and shook her head .

“You can go to driving school if you don’t know how to drive . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

“Forget it . I dare not even ride an electric car . How could I dare to drive? As soon as I get to the street, I can’t even distinguish the direction and will get nervous . I have checked it’s a driving phobia . Anyway, it is good, I can still exercise by cycling . ”

Said Liang Wenjing .

Ye Xiaochen chatted with Liang Wenjing while driving .

Ten minutes later, they arrived at the entrance of the purple mountain villa .

“Ye Xiaochen, why are we here?”

Liang Wenjing was surprised to see that Ye Xiaochen brought her to the development zone and it was still the purple mountain villa .

Now the purple mountain villa was very famous .

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It was not that the villa was famous for itself, but because the immortal spring restaurant was in this purple mountain villa .

The owner of the purple mountain villa has made a lot of money .

“You know this place?”

Ye Xiaochen asked .

“I’ve been here once . The food in the immortal spring restaurant was really delicious . ”

Said Liang Wenjing .

“How about we have a big meal?”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said .

“I thought we were going to your restaurant?”

Liang Wenjing was puzzled .

Suddenly, she seemed to think of something, “Ye Xiaochen, eh . I always seemed to have heard this name before?”

“Ye Xiaochen, are you that Ye Xiaochen who is the famous owner of the immortal spring restaurant and also in the news? ”

She finally remembered .

So, wasn’t Ye Xiaochen the famous top botanist of Yang city?

Her beautiful eyes lit up .

“I am so famous that even the old classmate didn’t recognize me . ”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile .

“Now I found that among the old schoolmates you are deepest hidden . ”

Liang Wenjing laughed and said .

“Are you still in touch with other middle school students?”

Ye Xiaochen asked .

“Yes, there was a get together the previous year, I just went back to my hometown to manage matters of the music training center and went to see the old schoolmates thinking they could recommend me some students, but Ye XIaochen, why didn’t you come?”

Liang Wenjing said .

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“I was still working at that time . ”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head .

At that time, it was the worst time for him and he wasn’t in any mood to attend the middle school reunion .

Most importantly, he had no contacts with his junior middle school classmates and probably no one remembered him .

“You have become beautiful . I think all the old schoolmates would have been shocked after seeing you . ”

Ye Xiaochen said while laughing .

“That’s right, but unlike you, no one thought I did plastic surgery . ”

Liang Wenjing glared at Ye Xiaochen .

“No way . Those people just didn’t say, but they might have thought of it . ”

Ye Xiaochen damaged those old schoolmates with this sentence .

“Do you think everyone is like you?”

Liang Wenjing’s character was quite different from that of before . She talked naturally and there was no unfamiliar tone .

Perhaps it was the relationship of being an old classmate that let her be very relaxed .

“We have reached . ”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and parked the car in the parking lot .

The two got out of the car .

All of a sudden, several cars came over . One of them was a white BMW, which stopped not far away . A young man came out of the car, he was dressed in famous brand clothes and looked handsome .

“Wenjing, you are also here?”

The young man saw Liang Wenjing, he immediately came over and looked pleasantly surprised .

“Yes . ”

When Liang Wenjing saw the young man, she reacted coldly .

This person was a playboy who relied on his rich family and reputation was not good . Ever since she met him, he has been pestering her .

“My father and some of his business friends are also going to the immortal spring restaurant for dinner . Why don’t we go together?”

Shao Xiaobao quickly said .

He looked at Ye Xiaochen and showed a hint of hostility . He had long coveted Liang Wenjing .

Now seeing Ye Xiaochen beside Liang Wenjing’s side, he immediately felt uncomfortable .

“No, I came with my friend . ”

Liang Wenjing shook her head .

“Why is this brother messing?”

Shao Xiaobao saw Ye Xiaochen and said in a disrespecting tone .

Ye Xiaochen smiled and was too lazy to get involved with such a small gangster . Suddenly a surprised voice came from the side, “Mr . Ye, I haven’t seen you for a long time!”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the direction of the voice and saw a middle-aged man in a suit coming towards him .

“It seems boss Shao also came to have a meal today!”

Ye Xiaochen smiled .

This Shao Donglai was a well-known rich man of Jing County and has assets worth over a hundred million yuan, which was one level higher than Li Jiaren and others .

When the immortal spring restaurant opened, he was also present .

And also he was regular at the immortal spring restaurant .

“Yes, today I came with some of my business friends . This is my idiot son and is somewhat not sensible . I hope Mr . Ye doesn’t mind him . ”

Shao Donglai said with a smile .

He naturally heard the thing he said just now and immediately came over . If his son offends Ye Xiaochen completely, his Shao family won’t have an easy time .


Shao Xiabao was a little confused .

What was this rhythm?

Liang Wenjing was also surprised . Although she knew Ye Xiaochen’s identity, it still felt a little unreal .

And now, even a rich man like Shao Donglai was flattering Ye Xiaochen, which shows Ye Xioachen’s influence .

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