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Chapter 183
Chapter 183- The sky is about to collapse
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2:30 pm in the afternoon .

Ye Xiaochen got into his car and drove off .

He first went to the immortal spring restaurant .

At present, there were a lot of customers in the Immortal Spring restaurant, even at this time, many people were coming to eat .

“Xiaochen, I think opening the second branch of Immortal Spring restaurant is imminent . ”

Li Jiaren often stayed in the immortal spring restaurant .

This time also he was there .

Li Jiaren saw Ye Xiaochen and said .

“Yes . ”

Ye Xiaochen nodded .

According to the survey, most of the people who came to the Immortal Spring restaurant to eat were coming from places other than Jing county .

Jing county was only so big, there weren’t many rich people .

And having a meal at the immortal spring restaurant was not cheap, almost was a month’s salary of a white-collar worker .

Therefore, many of the diners in the Immortal Spring restaurant were coming from the counties surrounding Yang city .

Now the Immortal Spring restaurant has too many customers and there was a lot of pressure .

If they could open another branch, then they could divide the flow and reduce the pressure greatly .

“Then where do you think it should be built?”

Ye Xiaochen asked with a smile .

“Originally, it would have been better to open it in Shashi city, which is the center of the southern province, and have a lot of rich people . However, our influence is difficult to reach there . Once something happens, it would be beyond our reach . It could only be opened in Yang city, which is more reliable . Although it would have a great impact on our Jing county branch, it is necessary . ”

Li Jiaren said .

Due to the geographical location, the Yang city branch would gradually become a new hotspot, and the Jing county branch might greatly be affected .

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“Xiaochen, if you open the branch in Yang city, will you really let Wang Shoabing and others participate?”

Li Jiaren looked at Ye Xiaochen and suddenly asked .

Ye Xiaochen knew who Wang Shaobing and others Li Jiaren were talking about, they were his partners in the yang city .

They have big supermarkets and other industries in Yang city, and also have more abundant funds than Li Jiaren and others . Otherwise, they won’t have a relationship with Wang Shuisheng .

The vegetables previously supplied to Wang Shaobing’s supermarket have not been cut off, but the quantity has been reduced .

Once the branch is opened, these supplies will be cut off .

Ye Xiaochen let them participate in the Yang city branch, which was also their compensation .

Ye Xiaochen was a man who knew gratitude .

In the beginning, they bought Ye Xiaochen’s vegetables . Although it was due to Wang Shusiheng’s face, they helped him a lot .

Moreover, Ye Xiaochen also considered a thing, that was, Wang Shaobing and his colleagues have a lot of relations in Yang city . With their participation, the opening of the Yang city branch would be more smooth .

In this world, connections were needed .

Only by enriching the connection, could you strengthen yourself .

This was the principle of the so-called interest groups .

As long as the interest group he belongs to was strong enough, even if he doesn’t take action, there would be some people in order to defend their interest, would firmly stand with him .

Now, he has already realized this .

Having a few shareholders could share more profit, but no matter how much money they make, it would be like that .

What he needed was business power .

“Well, they would only participate in the Yang city branch, and the specific shares would be divided from my shares . ”

Ye Xiacohen nodded and said .

“Xiaochen, I don’t mean like that . Since they will be participating only in Yang city branch, the shares naturally would be considered from all of us, and certainly can’t let you do it alone . ”

Li Jiaren hurriedly said .

If they let Ye Xiaochen do it alone, doesn’t that mean they don’t have the same intention as ye Xiaochen?

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He would never allow such a thing to happen .

Even if they lose some benefits, they must follow Ye Xiaochen’s pace .

He knew that currently, everything depended on Ye Xiaochen .

Otherwise, the restaurant was just a castle in the air .

Li Jiaren was very clear about it .

“As for the matters of the share, let’s discuss it in detail . I will find some time to have a meeting and also call Wang Shaobing and others . ”

Ye Xiaochen smiled .

Wang Shaobing and several of them have already contacted Ye Xiaochen and have been asking about the opening of the branch in Yang city .

He doesn’t know where they got the news of this .

With their shrewdness, they couldn’t fail to see that there were huge benefits .

What was more, they had a cooperation with Ye Xiaochen . Once the Yang city branch opens, this cooperation might be broken .

This was the link that would maintain the relationship with Ye Xiaochen .

They were taking the indirect approach, hoping to be able to take part in Yang city restaurant . They don’t want to have a lot of shares, and it won’t be less money, just hoped to be able to participate .

The point was they would only be participating in the Yang city branch and wouldn’t hold any shares in the Immortal Spring chain Restaurant co ltd and Jing county branch .

Li Jiaren nodded . It was settled .

After coming out of the purple mountain villa, Ye Xiaochen while driving called Wang Shaobing and others, and informed them .

Wang Shaobing and others were naturally happy .

During this period, they have been waiting for this news .

Ten minutes later .

The car arrived at the music training center .

Pulled over to the side of the road .

As it was a county town, there were no roadside parking spaces like in bigger cities and there would be no traffic police to put up tickets, as long as it doesn’t affect the traffic .

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The car was so domineering, it naturally attracted the attention of the passers-by .

He climbed the stairs, went to the third floor, and soon arrived at the training center .

He looked at the phone, it was 3:50 pm .

It was always polite to arrive early .

Suddenly, his phone rang .

He went outside the door of the training center and looked at the screen, it was mayor Li Zixun .

After answering the phone, he got to know that the experts wanted to meet him tomorrow and discuss the matter of purification grass .

Ye Xiaochen agreed .

After ending the phone call, he re-entered the training center and Liang Wenjing holding the lesson plan walked out .

“Teacher Liang . ”

Ye Xiaochen greeted her .

“Let’s go to my office . ”

Liang Wenjing looked at Ye Xiaochen carefully, gave a sly smile, and then said .

Ye Xiaochen was surprised by her strange look and was a little puzzled .

In the office .

Liang Wenjing and Ye Xiaochen sat on the sofa .

On the tea table, there was hot tea .

There were also two packs of pickled vegetables that Ye Xiaochen had brought with him .

Liang Wenjing didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, she has never seen a man giving pickled vegetables to a woman .

As expected, the personality was different!

“Ye Xiaochen, do you really not know me?”

Liang Wenjing suddenly smiled .

If it wasn’t for the face outline that looked similar and the name was the same, it would be hard for her to imagine that the young man with extraordinary temperament was the same dull, honest, rustic junior middle school classmate .

Life was incredible .

The country bumpkin became tall and handsome .

The ugly duckling turned into a white swan .

Cinderella became a beautiful princess .

The reality was outrageous .

Ye Xiaochen was shocked . He doesn’t know her, absolutely not .

He looked at her carefully, but there was no impression of her in his memory .

“Ah, I suddenly feel like crying . I recognized my old classmate, but my old classmate has forgotten me . ”

Liang Wenjing smiled .

“Old classmate?”

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes widened .

Naturally, it couldn’t be the college classmate .

It couldn’t be the primary school classmate .

Either it was middle school or senior high school classmate .

He tried to remember, and couldn’t help but feel like crying .

Damn, there were only a few impressions .

Attending school and achieving this level, it was really a failure!

Liang Wenjing saw Ye Xiaochen’s appearance and immediately knew that Ye Xiaochen hadn’t recognized her yet .

She immediately smiled and said, “I won’t be talking in riddles, it’s normal that you couldn’t recognize me . After all, I changed very much . You should remember that in junior middle school, there was a fat girl who often got low in exams and loved crying?”

Ye Xiaochen who was taking a sip of tea almost sprayed on the opposite Liang Wenjing .

He was dumbfounded and looked at Liang Wenjing, pointing at her and stuttered for a long time and said, “Heaven! You, you are that fat girl, Liang Wenjing . ”

He felt like the sky was about to collapse .

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