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Chapter 180
Chapter 180- Spirit Fire
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Yang city, Longchen Luxury villas areas .

It was already late at night .

The villa was brightly lit .

There were no lights on, but only candles .

Rows of red candles illuminated the whole inside and outside the villa as if it was daytime .

At this moment, the villa was flourishing with people .

Besides Cao Xinhong and Master Ning, there were also Cao Xinhong’s family members .

Cao Xinhong has many brothers and sisters . His family was quite prosperous . In Yang city, Cao’s family was a well-known name and wasn’t inferior to the Wang family name .

Originally, Cao Xinhong was going to call his brothers .

However, Master Ning said that if there were too many people, then some of the luck would get divided .

Cao Xinhong immediately dismissed the idea .

Who wasn’t selfish, he cared only about his own family .

“Master Ning, everything is ready . ”

Today, Cao Xinhong was wearing a white robe, with no ornaments on his body .

He has long ago removed his symbolic thick gold chains .

Now Cao Xinhong looked a lot more peaceful and not as aggressive as before .

It seems as if this period of meditation has had an effect .

Master Ning was dressed in the same old way, and a smile appeared on his strange face .

“Then let’s continue . ”

He nodded, got up, and walked out .

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In the area outside the villa, a sacrificial altar was already built .

On the altar, many red candles were burning .

On top of the altar, there was paper money, incense sticks, various feng shui devices, and other things .

The stand-in scarecrow was also placed .

After going through preparation, everyone got into their position .

Cao Xinhong was looking forward to it, he followed Master Ning to the altar .

Master Ning first asked Cao Xinhong to burn paper money and lit some incense, which was for worshipping Heaven and Gods .

Master Ning read the ritual incantation and used the Feng Shui things from time to time .

In this way, half an hour passed .

“Sit down . ”

Master Ning suddenly said .

Cao Xinhong was already uncomfortable standing for a long time and hurriedly sat down .

“The sacrificing person, whose surname Cao and whose given name is Xinhong, ask heavenly officials to bless him, ask earth spirit to bestow good fortune, and ask supernatural beings to transmit long life . ”

Master Ning revolved around Cao Xinhong, holding the stand-in scarecrow in his hand, and would occasionally put the stand-in scarecrow on Cao Xinhong’s hand .

He did ninety-one turns .

Suddenly, he said to Cao Xinhong, “Take it and burn it with fire . ”

“Do I need to burn it?”

Cao Xinhong was surprised .

“Burn, quick . ”

Master Ning was very serious .

“Ok . ”

Cao Xinhong hurriedly took the scarecrow .

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When he took the scarecrow, he suddenly felt his whole body cold and uncomfortable .

It could be due to the weather .

He didn’ think much . After all, it was winter .

Fortunately, there was no wind today .

Taking the scarecrow, he quickly walked towards the burning candle, he was about to lit but didn’t know why there was hesitation in his heart .

“Burn it quickly, if you hesitate the power of sacrifice will dissipate . ”

Master Ning shouted .

“Ok . ”

Cao Xinhong hurriedly put the Scarecrow on the candle, and immediately the Scarecrow started burning .

The scarecrow was burning so fast that the fire covered the whole scarecrow in an instant, and even Cao Xinhong’s hand was in the fire .

Cao Xinhong was terrified and hurriedly threw it away, but the scarecrow completely turned into flames and suddenly spread to his body . Finally he was completely engulfed by the flames .

This horrible scene shocked Cao’s family .

“Husband . ”

Cao Xinhong’s wife was frightened and she rushed towards him .

“Do not move . ”

Master Ning shouted, “This internal spirit fire will not hurt boss Cao . ”

Sure enough, after experiencing the initial fear Cao Xinhong was shocked to find that the flames did not hurt him .

However, he felt chilling cold all over his body .

When the flames went out, there was no trace of burning in Cao Xinhong’s body, even his clothes didn’t burn . If not for so many people seeing it, they would have thought it as an illusion .

“Congratulations, boss Cao, the spirit fire has entered your body . From now on, you will live a long life without suffering any difficulties, disasters, or diseases . Your family will be blessed with happiness . ”

Master Ning congratulated Cao Xinhong .

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“It is all thanks to master Ning . Once this matter is over, there will be rich offerings of sacrifice . ”

Cao Xinhong felt a little cold, but he didn’t care about it . Instead, he was full of happiness .

Just from the strange scene, things should be true .

The last trace of disbelief had vanished from his mind .

………… . .

Ye Xiaochen didn’t go to yang city today .

The situation of the immortal grass has stabilized, so he goes every alternate day .

He could not devote his all-time to it .

In addition, the experts’ team has arrived in Yang city .

Ye Xiaochen hasn’t contacted them yet .

They must also need to conduct preliminary research to understand all the aspects of the grass .

Only after thorough preparation, two sides would hold the talk,

Jing county South town .

Ye Xiaochen stopped his car in front of an old brick building along the street .

He got out of the car and looked up at the third-floor window, where the sign of the Wenjing music training center was hanging .

Yes, he was here to learn music .

“Sister Xu said the training center was opened by the daughter of a business friend of hers . She has already informed them and will take care of me . ”

Ye Xiaochen smiled .

He still remembered Xu Jiao’s surprised expression and words when she got to know that he wanted to learn music .  You are a botanist, why do you want to learn music? Aren’t you ignoring your occupation?

To these questions, Ye Xiaochen just smiled, he couldn’t say he was learning music for planting .

He locked his car and went upstairs .

On the third floor .

One of the doors had the sign of the training center which was easy to recognize .

The glass door was closed but could see the situation inside . The decoration was very special, it had a fresh and natural feeling .

He pushed the door in .

A middle-aged woman came over and asked, “Young man, what can I do for you?”

“Auntie, I’m looking for teacher Liang Wenjing . ”

(TN: Here Auntie is used for the woman of similar age to one’s parent)

Said Ye Xiaochen .

“Oh, teacher Liang is taking piano lessons in the piano room . It will probably take a while before the class is over . Please wait . ” said the middle-aged woman .

“All right . ”

Ye Xiaochen nodded and walked around the training center .

Every door was marked with a name .

There were some doors with observation glass, where one could from outside see what was going on inside .

Shortly, he arrived near the piano room and saw what was going inside . There was a piano in the center, a long-haired woman dressed in white cloth was standing and saying something . Because it was her back, he couldn’t see her appearance clearly .

Around her, there were dozens of students of different ages .

Ten minutes passed .

The piano lesson was over .

The students came out with their piano textbooks .

Many of them took a glance at ye Xiaochen .

Now Ye Xioachen’s temperament was extraordinary . After cultivating the immortal, there was a kind of heavenly temperament .

It seemed an ordinary face, but very conspicuous .

After the students left, it took some time before the woman dressed in white came out .

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