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Chapter 181
Chapter 181- It was him
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The woman was dressed in a white jumpsuit, wore a coat, on the foot was flesh-colored stocking and high-heel leather shoes .

Looked like an urban beauty .

Most importantly when it came to music, she had this literary atmosphere .

The combination of two temperaments gave people a bright feeling .

When she came out, she looked at Ye Xiaochen, was surprised, and then asked; “You don’t seem to be a student of this institute, may I ask what do you need? ”

“Teacher Liang Wenjing, I’m Ye Xiaochen, elder sister Xu introduced me . ”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and said .

“You are Ye Xiaochen? I’ve heard about you from Aunt Xu . ”

Liang Wenjing was surprised, and then asked curiously, “But why do I feel that I have seen you before?”

“Seen me?”

Ye Xiaochen was stunned, and immediately shook his head and said, “It’s impossible . ”

“Oh, maybe I have been mistaken . ”

Liang Wenjing nodded .

However, she still had some doubts . The young man has an extraordinary temperament, at glance could be seen that he was not an ordinary person .

From Aunt Xu’s tone, her evaluation of Ye Xiaochen was very high, even vaguely mentioned to let her grasp the opportunity . There were needles to say about her intention .

It was estimated she was trying to be a matchmaker .

However, she didn’t care .

She has a high requirement for choosing a spouse . She must like that person, and the person should treat her nicely .

The most important thing was to have a common liking .

She likes this music teacher occupation, naturally, the other half must also like music .

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However, after she saw Ye Xiaochen with her eye, the string in her heart was stirred involuntarily .

It couldn’t be helped, the kind of temperament Ye Xiaochen exudes makes people involuntarily have a good impression, and wish to explore and understand more .

“Ye Xiaochen, let’s go to my office and talk . ”

Said Liang Wenjing .

Ye Xiaochen nodded and followed her .

In the office .

The layout was simple and elegant . Liang Wenjing poured a cup of tea for Ye Xiaochen .

“Ye Xiaochen, which field do you want to learn?”

Liang Wenjing interacted alone with Ye Xiaochen, and her heart was uncomfortable, this thing was impossible to appear previously .

Therefore, she directly went to the topic to ease the embarrassment in her heart .

“Well, I just want to learn how to read music scores . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

“Just read the music score?”

Liang Wenjing was amazed .

“Yes, I don’t know anything about music and I am tone deaf . It is just due to my work, there are some matters related to music, and I need to understand this field . ”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly said .

“Understanding the music score is the foundation of music . It’s not difficult to learn . ”

Liang Wenjing said with a smile .

“Teacher Liang, in fact, in addition to the numbered notation, I hope to learn other music notation methods, whether they are foreign, domestic or ancient, is this ok? ”

Ye Xiaochen quickly asked .

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Because the spirit song sheet of plants music notation was quite different from that of the current modern music notation, he must fully understand all kinds of the music score of all times and different countries, to find the common ground and maybe would be capable of deciphering the spirit song sheet of plants .

In fact, previously he had thought of learning directly from the immortals .

It was said that the Goddess of the Moon was an expert at music knowledge .

It was just the price was too expensive .

According to the Goddess of the Moon, to learn the spirit song sheet of plants would need to start from basics . Just only learning the music score would need to spend a thousand immortal yuan .

Goddess of the Moon also said that this price was after the discount . If other immortals wanted to learn, then they would need to spend ten thousand immortal yuan .

Ye Xiaochen was speechless .

I have to spend a thousand immortal yuan to learn music scores . Is there any mistake? I won’t learn it .

I don’t believe that I won’t be able to figure it out .

Of course, the main thing was that the Goddess of the Moon said, “In fact, you can learn the music knowledge of mortals first, although the levels are different, the essence is common . ”

That’s why he got this idea .

“Other music scores?”

Liang Wenjing said with a smile, “You want to learn different kinds of music scores of modern and ancient times and of different countries? This is quite difficult, just the ancient Chinese notation has 13 different kinds, and because the characters, customs, and habits are different, there are hundreds of various notations . Of course, as long as you can master the core principle of music notation . Then it is not difficult to master different kinds of notations . ”

“Yes, that’s what I want to learn, it’s better to learn the core principles of all kinds of notation . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

He suddenly felt that he had found the right person .

This Liang Wenjing’s attainment in music knowledge was extraordinary, she must be proficient in different kinds of notations .

“All right, I’ll try . ”

Liang Wenjing thought about it and nodded .

This was not easy to teach, if it was just to teach simple notations, then one class was enough to teach Ye XIaochen .

This was not the same, she must prepare a good lesson plan, otherwise, Ye Xiaochen won’t be able to understand some things .

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Ye Xiaochen hurriedly said thanks to her .

“Ye Xiaochen the classes will start tomorrow . I will inform you in advance about the timings . ”

Liang Wenjing said .

She needs to sort out the information .

Besides, she also has other classes .

Ye Xiaochen nodded .

Next, Ye Xiaochen went through the registration formalities .

This course was measured by the number of hours .

As Ye Xiaochen’s course was a single person class, the tuition fee was quite expensive .

However, he didn’t care, it was nothing .

Finally, he exchanged contact information with Liang Wenjing and left the training center .

………………… .

At night .

The lights were on in the study room .

In the bookshelves, rows of different kinds of music books were there . In addition, many music discs also were there .

Both domestic and foreign .

Moreover, soft music was playing in the study room .

Liang Wenjing has a habit of always listening to music when writing, which gives her inspiration .

She was now preparing the teaching plan for Ye Xiaochen .

Her eyebrows were slightly raised, she was thinking of something .

“I must have seen him somewhere and I can’t be mistaken . I think I have quite a good memory . ”

In Liang Wenjing’s mind, Ye Xiaochen’s shadow was lingering .

There was stubborn thought to find out that familiarity .

She rubbed her temples and glanced at the clock on the wall . It was nearly ten o’clock .

Normally, she would be sleeping at this point .

She always follows her schedule .

Just today, the lesson plan was not finished yet!

She has to work overtime .

Suddenly, her eyes fell on the picture frame on the side of the desk .

She was slightly stunned, then seemed to think of something and hurriedly opened the drawer, then took out a big photo album .

It contained many of the treasure photographs .

Her childhood, her school time, her travels, her friends, and so on .

She flipped through it .

After more than ten minutes, she finally saw a photograph .

It was a large photo and was a little pale .

It has been a few years .

Graduation photo with all teachers and students of grade 3, Taiping middle school .

She looked at the back of the photo on which all the names of students and teachers were recorded .

Suddenly, she saw a familiar name .

She smiled .

It was him .

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