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Chapter 179
Chapter 179- Catch
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Mayor Li Zixun arrived with some people .

His face was gloomy, such a big thing had happened, so naturally, he was in a bad mood . After all, this purification grass was a very big matter .

God knows where this purification grass has gone?

“Quick, check all the purification grasses . ”

Mayor Li hurriedly gave the orders .

Immediately, everyone checked the grass .

After inspecting, it was found a total of 13 purification grass were missing, because the roots of the immortal grass were too deep, so some part of the root still remained inside, also some of the leaves of the immortal grass were missing .

“Damn! Who did it? Investigate it immediately . We must find out the person who stole the purification grass . Who was patrolling today?”

Li Zixun was very furious .

Ye Xiaochen frowned, losing a few immortal grasses was nothing, but the occurrence of this kind of situation revealed a problem, some people were eyeing the immortal grass .

Shortly, four guards arrived .

As there were too many immortal grasses, there would be four guards for each inspection .

There were two shifts .

Moreover, at night, it was increased to eight .

Unfortunately, this site was located in the wilderness and there were no major traffic routes around it, so there were no cameras .

After some interrogation, there was no result .

“You guys better come out clean, otherwise you guys will be in jail for the rest of your life . ”

Li Zixun looked at them with a cold face .

The possibility of stealing the purification grass during the day was very low, after all, many people will be on the construction site .

However, it was different at night .

Although these four people were patrolling during day time, they must have checked on the purification grass . Once the purification grass was stolen, they would certainly get to know during the patrol .

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Now several people were saying they haven’t seen the immortal grass missing, something was wrong

It was impossible to disappear suddenly .

So, it means that someone was lying or maybe everyone was lying .

“Mayor Li, let me inquire . ”

Said Ye Xiaochen .

Li Zixun swallowed his anger and nodded .

“Who was responsible for patrolling this area?”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the guards and asked .

They looked at each other .

“We don’t have any specific allocation . ” said one the older man among them .

“Then you must have remembered the area you have patrolled?”

Ye Xiaochen asked again .

“I didn’t check this area after I came to work today, I patrolled area 1 in the first patrol and area 3 in the second patrol . ”

“And you?”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the other person .

“I also didn’t patrol this area, I checked area 4 in first and area 1 in the second . ”

The inquired person hurriedly answered .

“How about you?”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the third person .

“I, I also didn’t check, I was patrolling the area 3 and area 4 . ”

The man quickly said .

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“It’s impossible, Li Wei . I did the patrol for area 3 and area 4 . ”

The fourth man suddenly cried out .

“Why not? I remember it clearly . ”

The person named Li Wei quickly said .

Ye Xiacohen looked at the situation and glanced at Li Zixun .

Li Zixun was surprised, did not think that Ye Xiaochen just asked a few questions casually, and soon the flaw was revealed .

Either the third person or the fourth person was lying .

“You two, don’t you guys know which area they patrolled?”

Li Zixun asked seriously .

“I, I didn’t pay attention to that . ”

Both shook their heads at the same time .

Who would pay attention to this?

However, they were secretly relieved of being eliminated from the suspicion list .

Now only two people were there, who both believed that the other person was lying and were arguing about it .

Suddenly, the fourth person remembered something and hurriedly pointed to third-person Li Wei and said, “Yeah, I remember that Li Wei was also on the patrol duty last night . He said that something happened, so he replaced Wang Dao . Li Wei must have done it on purpose to conceal the truth of missing purification grass . ”

The third person Li Wei’s face changed, but he insisted that Wang Dao took the leave and he was not concealing anything .

The people present on the scene looked suspiciously at Li Wei .

The first person and second person also said that the matter of Li Wei replacing Wang Dao was true .

“Call all the people who were on duty last night . ”

Li Zixun said .

In fact someone had already called them .

In less than twenty-minute, all the seven people who were on duty last night arrived .

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They told a strange thing, everyone had become tired after the final patrol and it was Li Wei who woke them up .

It was pretty obvious .

Li Wei’s face turned pale in the face of the iron facts .

“Li Wei, say it honestly otherwise you should know the result of resisting . Who in the end ordered you to steal the purification grass?”

Li Zixun said seriously .

Li Wei collapsed because at his side two armored special police were standing .

“I will speak, I will speak . It was professor Wen who asked me to do it . ”

Li Wei was crying bitterly, “Also, it was professor Wen who stole the purification grass, I was just keeping the watch . ”

“What? It was Wen Xiaoning?”

Old Yin’s face changed, “How, how could he do that . Damn!”

“Old Yin, where is Wen Xiaoning?”

Li Zixun hurriedly asked .

“He said there was an emergency at home, so he left early in the morning . ”

Old Yin was upset, “It turned out that he stole the purification grass, but what exactly did he want to do with it?”

At this moment, Wang Shuisheng driving hurriedly arrived .

The purification grass was stolen, he was more anxious than anyone .

The purification grass was related to whether the land could be restored to its original form or not .

Fortunately, only a few were stolen otherwise he would have vomited blood .

“To catch Wen Xiaoning, even if we have to go to the ends of the earth, we must catch him . ”

Li Zixun’s face was cold and issued the order .

In this matter, naturally the public security bureau would handle it .

The purification grass, as the focus of Yang city’s work this time, could be regarded as an opportunity for the future development of Yang city . Naturally, they attached great importance to it .

Shortly, Zeng Hongye and several other city leaders arrived .

A lot of calls were made .

It was not only that the public security bureau of the Yang city was mobilized, but through the respective relation, they also coordinated with the surrounding counties and cities, they must capture Wen Xiaoning .

Although they didn’t know what Wen Xiaoning was going to do stealing the purification grass, they knew the matter was not simple .

Maybe behind Wen Xiaoning, there were some forces at work .

About these things, Ye Xiaochen naturally doesn’ need to intervene, everything would be done by the country .

He checked the other immortal grass one by one .

There were too many, so it took half a day to check them all .

When he finished checking, he found that the construction site had become lively .

A lot of engineering vehicles were coming in and going out .

It turned out that they were installing monitoring equipment .

There was the incident of stolen purification grass, so naturally they were preparing against it .

In this way, in less than a day’s time, hundreds of cameras were installed on the site .

Furthermore, the number of patrol guards were increased for both day and night .

The construction site has become heavily guarded, and to get in and go out certificates were required .

Obviously, it didn’t affect Ye Xiaochen .

A few days passed .

To Ye Xiaochen’s surprise, there was no progress in catching Wen Xioaning .

Wen Xiaoning seems to have disappeared into thin air .

According to the information obtained by Wang Shuisheng, Wen Xiaoning has been working for a foreign intelligence organization for a long time .

That was to say, Wen Xiaoning must have been instructed by the organization behind him to steal the purification grass .

Now there was the involvement of the foreign organizations .

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