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Chapter 176

Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes and looked at the immortal grasses that had become dim and spiritless, it was the result of plundering some of their plant spirit qi .

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He took a long breath and shook his head . It would take at least one or two days for the immortal grass to recover from the current state .

This was the result of the limitation of resources .

“Now let’s try the effect of divine energy . ”

Ye Xiaochen walked out of the immortal land and went near a big stone .

He took a deep breath, suddenly ran the Shennong tactic, and mobilized the energy of crystal in the dantian qi sea .


Fission happened in the divine energy crystal and terrible energy erupted out .

This energy, which was gentle in nature, in an instant burst out and became extremely terrifying .

He raised his finger in the air .

There was a release of divine energy .

There was no spell, just a pure energy release .

Immediately, the terrible energy came out of the finger .


A strange green light flashed, and in an instant, the hard stone was pierced, showing a finger-sized hole .

The stone was completely penetrated .

Ye Xiachen was dumbfounded . Damn, just this pure energy was so terrible, if he practiced spells, then how terrible would it be?

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He knew that his current divine energy was just a crystal of divine energy, which hasn’t even been transformed into the plant spirit and was far from enough to practice the spell .

Moreover, the most important thing about the Shennong divine power was planting .

He sensed his dantian, the divine energy crystal has shrunk by a third .

That was to say, a divine energy crystal could be used three times .

Ye Xiaochen wanted to try more .

He went to the immortal land, walked towards a growing yellow immortal bean seedling, and according to a specific method mobilized the energy in the crystal .

Suddenly a torrent of energy was released .

He suddenly opened his mouth, and a soft green light came out, enveloping the while yellow immortal seedling and spread to a radius of 3 meters .

The strange thing was the green light didn’t dissipate, instead shrouded the area with the immortal bean seedling as the center, and then an amazing scene appeared . He saw that the immortal bean seedling rapidly grew and even the other bean seedlings enveloped by the light .

However, they were not as fast as the center one

After the green light gradually dissipated, the center yellow immortal bean plant completely grew, and there were even flowers on it .

Ye Xiaochen looked at it with amazement

When he mobilized the energy, he also used the art of growth, the combination of two had produced an astonishing effect .

The divine energy didn’t harm the immortal bean seedlings at all, instead, it produced a stronger growth .

It was far better than just using the pure Art of Growth .

“The divine energy is really a good thing . It can even increase the power of the Art of Growth . ”

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Ye Xiaochen was surprised .

He immediately got great confidence . With divine energy, he could finish planting thousand immortal grass in a week .

“It is a pity that I can only absorb the plant spirit qi of the immortal grass only . ”

Ye Xiaochen felt a little regret .

If he could condense the plant spirit and change its spirit result, then even if it was not the immortal grass spirit qi, he could also use the other non-attribute plant spirit qi .

Only the attribute plant spirit won’t do .

“Let’s do it slowly . ”

Ye Xiacohen thought to himself .

He has planned that after harvesting the radishes, he would buy an immortal land, and plant it fully with the immortal grasses .

Anyway, the immortal grass belongs to the category of the immortal plant that doesn’t need much care .

The next morning .

Before Ye Xiaochen left, he went to the immortal land where the immortal grasses were planted, and practiced the Shennong Tactic and replenished the energy crystal .

It didn’t reach its peak form .

He couldn’t do anything about it, the immortal grass hadn’t fully recovered yet .

However, it still recovered four-fifth .

Before leaving, Ye Xiaochen irrigated the immortal grass with the non-attribute immortal fertilizer .

Yang city, Longchen Luxury villas area .

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In one of the luxury villas .

Cao Xinhong was laughing, “Wang Shuisheng, oh Wang Shuisheng, you are doomed by the god . After you fall, I Cao Xinhong will become the richest man in Yang city . ”

With his power, there was no problem in getting the news that the government has blocked .

As long as he becomes the richest man, then his influence in Yang city will reach the peak, and then in the business world, he would no longer have a rival .

Currently, he was below Wang Shuisheng, and he couldn’t accept it .

“Congratulations boss Cao, you will soon become the richest man in Yang city . Besides, once the stand-in scarecrow sacrifice is successful, you will have a long life and the good fortune will last for the three generations . ”

The strange-looking master Ning was there too and congratulated Cao Xinhong .

“Haha, you are flattering me . After this thing becomes successful, I will be very grateful to Master Ning . ”

Cao Xinhong was naturally happy .

Once successful, he will be free from disaster and difficulties in the future and it will all be borne by the stand-in scarecrow .

“This is natural . Just wait for a few days . There is going to be an auspicious day . Then we can perform the sacrifice . During this period, Boss Cao must cultivate the heart and nurture the character . ”

Master Ning smiled and said .

“This is natural . Haha, if it was not because of this matter, I would have gone out to mess with Wang Shusiheng, and let him know what it means to throw stones on a person who has fallen down in a well . ”

Cao Xinhong was in a good mood .

The only regret was currently he cannot trouble Wang Dhuisheng .

He had already made some good plans, and as soon as the matter was successful he would give a great blow to Wang Shuisheng, let him go completely bankrupt, and become a stray dog .

In the construction site .

Ye Xiaochen was planting the immortal grass with the Art of Growth .

He put the newly grown immortal grass seedling in the soil, and from his palm, a green light would flash by that increased the immortal grass growth at an alarming rate .

Even if he takes his hand back, the immortal grass did not stop growing .

Only Wang Shuisheng and a few workers were watching from the sidelines .

Li Zixun and others were busy, they seemed to be cleaning up nuclear waste .

Several workers who came to specifically place barricades were baffled .

Although this was not the first they were seeing it, still it shocked them .

However, Wang Shuisheng was very excited as he found that today Ye Xiaochen’s plant growing speed was much faster .

Yesterday it took four-minute to plant one immortal grass .

However, now it was almost one-third shorter, and at most it took one and a half minutes .

The grasses were growing bigger, and even when Ye Xiaochen left, they were still growing continuously .

The faster he plants, the faster the soil could be purified .

This day, Ye Xiaochen planted 156 grass, nearly thrice than before .

Ye Xiaochen was quite satisfied with the result .

He felt less than a third of the divine energy was left within him and breathed softly .

He was trying to control the release of energy . Due to this, his control of the energy was now more subtle .

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