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Chapter 175

“Great . Closely monitor the growth of those purification plants and the concentration level of underground nuclear radiation . ”

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Li Zixun was very excited and hurriedly said .

“Don’t worry, Maor Li . That is already being done . ”

Old Lin said .

Li Zixun nodded, “Also, the cleaning up of nuclear waste must be carried out as soon as possible . According to the weather forecast, there will be rain in the coming days . Even if we can prepare in advance, it will still cause a great impact . ”

Under normal circumstances, the spread of nuclear waste material was slow, but rain could increase the spread faster .

“The situation inside is basically clear and should be cleared by tonight . ”

Another nuclear defense expert said .

The cleaning up of nuclear material couldn’t be done casually .

After the meeting indeed, Li Zixun hurriedly made a call to secretary Zeng and the Mayor and reported the situation .

After hanging up the phone, he breathed a sigh of relief . His eyes flashed, he knew this time there was going to be a big show in the Yang city .

It was rare to get such an opportunity!

If he could grasp this chance, then he would have a huge benefit .

After all, he was the leader of the nuclear defense team .

The farm .

Ye Xiaochen sat cross-legged, and his stomach was making gurgling sounds .

All of a sudden, his body shook and his dantian qi region became hot, very hot .

As if it became a boiler .

A series of thunderous sounds came .

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“Haha, great, the cultivating land is finally completed . ”

Ye Xiaochen exhaled, his eyes were full of excitement and laughed loudly .

This was a happy event!

He could now feel that his whole body was extremely relaxed and a slight heat was flowing into the dantian, this was the natural flow of human vitality .

If the martial art novel termed was used, he could already feel the qi .

Of course, the method of cultivation immortal was not so simple .

The next step ‘planting’ was crucial .

“Planting, it refers to the absorption of plant spirit qi from a certain kind of immortal plant and channel it into the dantian, and then refine it into a trace of divine energy . ”

Ye Xiaochen muttered to himself .

In the beginning, only from one kind of immortal plant, the plant spirit qi could be gathered .

Only after the first planting was completed, the divine energy could evolve into the shape of plants and when eventually reaches its limit, then could continue planting of other plant spirit qi .

Of course, one could continue to plant the same plant spirit qi .

However, the more the plant spirit qi in the dantian sea represents the higher the depth of cultivation .

And eventually, it would form a forest of plant spirits .

Greater the number of species of plant spirit in the forest, the stronger the foundation would be .

The process of condensing the plant spirit was the first stage in cultivation- Foundation .

Even if it was just the Foundation, it was beyond the hope for the mortals’ reach .

“For my first plant spirit, what plant should I choose?”

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Ye Xiaochen pondered .

He has now planted two kinds of immortal radish, an immortal grass, immortal wheat, all belong to non-attribute plant spirit qi .

The yellow immortal bean contains soil property plant spirit qi .

The red immortal bean contains fire property plant spirit qi

The wind immortal herb contains water property plant spirit qi .

As for the Fusang tree, naturally, it contains the fire property plant spirit qi .

“However, while I cultivate, taking the plant spirit qi will have an impact on the growth of the immortal plants . ”

Ye Xiaochen thought .

In this way, he must buy more immortal fertilizer, otherwise, there would definitely be a reduction in the immortal plant’s quality .

“It seems in the future the expenditure of immortal yuan will increase a lot . ”

Ye Xiaochen sighed .

This was inevitable in order to support cultivation .

“Among these plant spirit qi, the Fusang tree’s plant spirit qi is the best . If it is used for cultivation, then the condensed plant spirit qi would be extremely strong and was enough to become the strongest core of the plant spirit . But, this Fusang tree is still weak and if now used to absorb the plant spirit qi, then it will certainly affect its growth, this was not worth it . Anyway, it can still be used as the core plant spirit later, there is nothing to lose . ”

After the repeated consideration, he finally chose the immortal grass as the plant spirit .

Although immortal plants contain non-attribute plant spirit qi, it could be harvested many times .

This was its advantage over the other immortal plants .

Moreover, in Wang Shuisheng’s construction site, he would be planting thousands of immortal grass . After they absorb the nuclear radiation, they would be waste and could be used to completely absorb the plant spirit qi .

Besides, these immortal grasses contain radiation, which was the obsidian force . He could use this opportunity to refine the power of obsidian .

He has carefully studied the Shennong tactic, he could absorb the plant spirit qi containing the obsidian power, and there was even a matching derived secret technique . When the time comes, he could completely buy it from the store and cultivate the strongest destructive secret technique .

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Although Ye Xiaochen’s nature was tranquil and calm, he knows that it was necessary to master a certain degree of self-preservation .

After all, the Shennong tactic was just for cultivation, and it was not good for fighting .

After thinking till here, Ye Xiaochen could no longer wait .

He hurriedly ran towards the immortal land, then went straight to the immortal grass and sat down .

He closed his eyes and began to practice according to the method of planting .

His spirit seed naturally operated, and the formless light spot emerged from the immortal plants in all the directions .

This was the plant spirit qi .

As for the light spot emitted by the ordinary plants, it was the plant essence qi .

The previous time, Ye Xiaochen used the plant essence qi and plant spirit qi to condense the spirit seed .

Previously condensed spirit seed did not consume any plant spirit qi .

However, this time was different .

Ye Xiaochen could keenly sense the difference between each kind of plant spirit qi .

Some were enthusiastic like fire, this was the plant spirit qi of the red immortal bean .

A little thick as soil, this was the plant spirit qi of the yellow immortal bean .

Some were also very ordinary, this was the plant spirit qi without any attribute .

There was also a plant spirit qi just like a small sun, dazzling and incomparably hot .

This was the Fusang tree’s plant spirit qi .

Those ordinary plants plant essence qi looked dim .

Ye Xiaochen quickly chose the plant spirit qi of the immortal grass .

This plant spirit qi looked very common and although it was not dazzling, it was very gentle .

Ye Xiaochen used the power of spirit seed to communicate with the plant spirit qi of the immortal grasses and through a specific breathing method, sucked the plant spirit qi and guided it to dantian .

After these plant spirit qi entered the dantian qi sea, they were immediately constrained by the invisible forces and couldn’t disperse .

Once these plant spirit qi disperses, it will return to their body .

Little by little, more and more plant spirit qi was bound by the invisible force .

“Not enough, this is not enough . ”

Ye Xiaochen knew that this much was not enough to even condense a grain of the Shennong divine energy crystal, let alone plant spirit .

He continued to breathe the plant spirit qi of the immortal grass .

He didn’t know how long it lasted, more and more plant spirit qi was entering the dantian, forming a vortex of light .

A large number of light spots were compressed . After the vortex gradually dissipated, a strange light speck appeared .

This was the crystallization of a large amount of plant spirit qi .

This was the divine energy .

As long as he thinks, he could control the power of this crystal and cause it to fission and release a terrible force .

“I finally formed the crystal using fusion . ”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly got a realization .

Of course, this plant spirit qi fusion was different from nuclear fusion, because it was just the aggregation of the energy .

The release of divine power and the use of force belonging to divine energy fission could release extremely powerful energy in an instant .

Fusion and fission represent the essence of the immortal .

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