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Chapter 177

After returning, Ye Xiaochen endured his tiredness and took care of the farm work first .

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Although the ordinary vegetables were taken care of by his mother and father, the immortal land only could be taken care of by him .

“Well? The radishes and carrots have matured . ”

Ye Xiaochen walked by the immortal land where the radishes and carrots were planted and were a little surprised .

However, he didn’t immediately harvest the radishes .

He was very tired and intended to take a rest .

When he woke up, he felt very comfortable .

He looked at his phone, it was seven o’clock in the evening .

He found that there were Wang Xinyi’s messages in WeChat, and all were concerned about his news .

As he has been working hard to plant every day, he would chat very less and would stop just after chatting a few words .

After chatting for a while, Ye Xiaochen got up and began to work .

First, harvest all the radishes .

Since cultivating the divine energy, there was also a subtle effect in the transformation of the body .

He was much stronger now .

It could be seen just by holding the immortal hoe .

He dug out all the radishes and carrots in one stretch, without gasping for the breath .

According to the usual practice, he sliced a radish, saw there was an eight circle pattern, and he couldn’t stop smiling .

As long as there are two more circles, it will touch the threshold of the inferior grade .

Naturally, he knew it wouldn’t be easy to reach .

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From the ten circle pattern to the net pattern, it seems just a step away, but sometimes many immortal planting apprentices couldn’t cross this step for their lifetime .

Planting inferior grade plants could only be regarded as an immortal planting apprentice .

Only when the lower grade plant could be planted, he could be regarded as the real immortal planting master .

He did not bother to check the store for the appraisal, he had already made the deal with the Goddess of the Moon .

350 carrots and radishes for seven hundred immortal yuan .

He kept 50 carrots and white radishes with himself .

This time he won’t be using the radish and carrot leaves as green manure .

After all, compared with the immortal fertilizer in the store, the green manure was a little worse .

These leaves could be eaten!

After removing the immortal spirit qi, it would become a great food item .

Especially for making the pickled vegetables .

Ye Xiaochen hasn’t yet eaten the pickled vegetables made from the immortal plants .

He always wanted to try it .

Seeing that there was 700 immortal yuan on the account, he immediately bought two immortal lands and also two packets of immortal grass seeds .

A few packets of non-attribute immortal fertilizers .

He also bought another immortal spring and four packets of radish and carrot seeds .

In this way, six hundred immortal yuan was gone .

Only one hundred immortal yuan was left .

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After setting the immortal lands and immortal spring, he soaked the seeds of the immortal grass, immortal radish, and immortal carrot in the seed promoting liquid .

Next, he used the spirit cut-off on some radish leaves, two immortal carrots, and white radishes, then washed them and put them into the Magical pickle jar

Of course, he was not on the farm when he used the spirit-cut off, he has been very careful about it .

He kept all the remaining radish leaves into the warehouse .

By the time he finished all the work, it was almost 11 pm .

Finally, I can relax .

He went to the field where the immortal grasses were planted, sat down crossed-leg, and started cultivating the Shennong tactic .

A lot of light spots started rising from the immortal grass .

After he cultivated the divine energy crystal, he was able to communicate with the plant spirit qi .

Other immortal plants would no longer release the plant spirit qi .

After a long time, Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes . The divine energy crystal has grown a lot .

He doesn’t know how many times he has to cultivate before he could reach the limit of the divine energy crystal .

When the divine energy crystal reaches its limit, it will undergo a transformation . It will transform into the plant spirit .

There was a limit to the capacity of the divine energy crystal . In the process of using divine energy, it has the effect of grinding the crystal and the capacity would gradually expand .

So, when it reaches the true limit, at that time it would transform into the plant spirit .

Therefore, using the energy does not decrease the capacity of the crystal .

It was just like a balloon of air . The more air there was, the bigger the balloon would be . Once the air was released, the balloon would shrink .

It was the fourth day since Ye Xiaochen had been planting the immortal grass on the construction site, and the efficiency was higher than yesterday, he planted 168 immortal grass .

On the fifth day, he planted 177 immortal grass .

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On the sixth day, he planted 191 immortal grass .

On the seventh day, 203 immortal grass was planted .

So far, he has planted a total of 1,000 immortal grasses on the site .

Currently, the largest immortal grass has grown half foot high, with dozens of grass seedling around it, creating a lush scenery .

The color was gray and did not have the tender green color .

It was already evening .

Ye Xiaochen, Wang Shuisheng, Mayor Li, Secretary Zeng, and others were looking at the planted immortal grass .

Everyone was wearing protective clothing .

“Secretary Zeng, Mayor Meng, a thousand purification grass have been planted and their growth rate is amazing . Through testing, it has been found that the concentration level of the nuclear radiation on the first planted purification grass was 20 times greater than the initial . Moreover, the purification grasses were still stable and no radiation has been emitted . Now, the concentration of nuclear radiation has been rapidly decreasing in the soil, especially the surface soil layer, on which hardly any presence of the nuclear radiation could be detected . ”

Deputy Mayor Li, as the leader of the nuclear defense team, was reporting on the situation .

“I didn’t expect that the effect of purifying grass would be so amazing .  Mr . Ye, you are really the hero of my Yang city . ”

Meng Jiayuan, the mayor of Yang city said .

He knew the significance of this purifying grass, which could be said as the powerful nuclear defense weapon .

Now even the country has attached great importance to this .

They were preparing a team of experts for inspection .

“Mr . Ye, can these purification grasses really purify all the nuclear radiation in one month?”

Asked Zeng Hongye .

In front of so many people, she would not naturally call Xiaochen, and called him in a respectful way .

“Secretary Zeng, it should not be a problem . ”

Ye Xiaochen nodded .

“Mr . Ye, you need to be prepared . The inspection team is going to come, let them witness your great achievement . ”

Zeng Hongye smiled and said .

To call this purification grass as the great achievement was not an exaggeration at all, but real truth .

It could be said that the whole Yang city would benefit from this purifying plant .

And Ye Xiaochen, the founder of this purifying plant would be famous all over the world .

It could be imagined that once the efficacy of this purifying plant was released, the world would be shocked .

Ye Xiaochen nodded, he has been preparing for it .

After all, it was a big deal .

In fact, he knew that some hassle would come up with such a spectacular result .

He just wanted to save Wang Shuisheng and didn’t think much .

Moreover, it was not much of a hassle, as it could make him famous in the world .

This honor, status, and fame would be his protection, as long as he doesn’t commit a crime, basically, no would dare to touch him .

There was no other way . Until he didn’t have the strength to protect himself, he could only use this method .

Just like the restaurant, he was running with others, if it wasn’t for his identity, and his connection with Zeng Hongye, those greedy wolves in the back would never miss the opportunity to bite .

Unless he does nothing and just plants quietly .

But what was the point of living like that?

Who doesn’t dream to live a wonderful life?

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