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Chapter 174

If it wasn’t for Ye Xiaochen being the city’s top botanist and had not developed the so-called nuclear radiation purifying plant, Mayor Li and other nuclear experts would have not come to watch it .

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Even if they came, it was with the mindset of watching a joke .

Ye Xiaochen didn’t care about their thoughts, the fact would speak everything .

“Elder, please dig a hole every ten meters . The deeper the hole, the better it is, and the hole edge should be compact . ”

Ye Xiaochen said to a middle-aged man standing next to the excavator .


The excavator operator nodded, quickly climbed on the excavator, and started it .

The excavator operator was quite skilled, he shorty dug out a hole more than one meter deep . The hole was tightly pressed around the edges, if it was deeper, then the hole would become larger and would not be easy to handle .

Ye Xiaochen nodded towards the excavator operator, indicating it was okay .

The excavator operator continued to make the next hole .

However, Ye Xiaochen jumped into the hole and took out an immortal grass seed from the glass bottle .

Mayor Li and others were curious about Ye Xiaochen’s actions .

Only Wang Shuisheng saw yesterday what happened, so he knew what Ye Xiaochen was going to do .

Instead of putting the seeds in the soil, Ye Xiaochen held it in the palm of his hand .

With the Art of Growth, the immortal grass seed with the speed visible under the naked eye split and began to germinate .

This amazing scene directly made the mayor Li and others directly stunned and dumbfounded .

If they hadn’t been wearing the face protective gear, they might have tried rubbing their eyes, to check whether or not it was real?

However, the green color was very conspicuous .

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They all took a deep breath . It was really a shocking scene .

Only Wang Shusiheng felt it was normal .

However, there was an expectation on his face, this grass was his hope!

After using the Art of Growth on the immortal grass seed, Ye Xiaochen removed a small piece of soil and gently put the seedling . With the moist soil, he covered it, leaving only the bud to be exposed .

He did not remove his hand and continued to use Art of Growth .

A few minutes later, he stood up .

The immortal grass seedling has grown an inch tall .

Then he went to the next hole .

At this moment, the mayor Li and others who were in shock came back to their senses .

They felt their eyes were a little sore because they had been watching Ye Xiaochen’s action without blinking in fear of missing something .

“Mr . Wang, is this? Is this a magic trick?”

Mayor Li felt hard to believe .

This kind of seed growth could only be explained with magic tricks .

As for it being mysterious magic, they found it hard to accept .

After all, this was a scientific world, how can such unnatural phenomena appear?

“No, it is not a magic trick, but real magic . ”

Wang Shuisheng firmly said .

The nuclear defense experts were speechless .

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They couldn’t find any reason to retort .

Now they also have the glimmer of hope that Ye Xiaochen plant might purify the nuclear radiation .

If it was really possible, just imagining this thought made them feel incomparably excited .

The immortal grass seed from birth to rooting and to germinate took about five to six minutes .

As time went by, Ye Xiaochen became more and more proficient in it .

May Li and others did not leave and watched for hours .

Ye Xiaochen used the Art of Growth on more than 50 immortal grass seeds .

After these immortal grasses were planted, Wang Shuisheng immediately let people put a blockade around it .

“Brother Wang, let’s call it a day . ”

Ye Xiaochen was tired and said .

“Xiaochen, is there anything I need to pay attention to?”

Wang Shuisheng asked .

“No, there is nothing . Just don’t damage the plants . ”

Said Ye Xiaochen .

“Mr . Ye, it is really amazing . If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would have thought it just as a magic trick!”

Mayor Li Zixun stepped forwards and said .

“Hehe, Mayor Li, it’s just a small means . ”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile .

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He didn’t mind about the Art of Growth being seen by others .

“Ye Xiaochen, you are joking . If this is considered a small means, then I don’t know what can be called astonishing means .  Mr . Ye is really a top botanist!”

Mayor Li exclaimed .

Several other nuclear experts were also impressed .

They were ashamed of the thoughts they had before .

As Ye Xiaochen was very tired, he didn’t stay there for long and drove back to the farm .

After returning to the farm, Ye Xiaochen immediately fell asleep .

When he woke up, stars were shining in the night sky .

He went home to eat dinner, then after dinner, he returned to take care of the farm and began cultivating .

The next day, Ye Xiaochen went to the construction site again and continued to plant the immortal grass .

Meanwhile, Mayor Li told Ye Xiaochen that the nuclear defense expert team hoped to get some samples of the plants for research .

Ye Xiaochen naturally didn’t care about it . He gave a few young immortal grasses he planted yesterday .

After a night, the immortal grass has grown a little tall .

However, the gray sensation was stronger, obviously, it has absorbed a lot of radiation .

This day, Ye Xiaochen planted more than 60 immortal grasses .

At this speed, it would take about half a month to plant 1000 immortal grass .

Of course, this was the most conservative estimate .

If he could complete the ‘cultivating land’ of Shennong farming in this period and enter the planting, then he could really practice the Shennong tactics .

Once he starts practicing the divine power, then the speed of the art of growth on the immortal grass would greatly increase .

Now, Ye Xiaochen could feel that the turbid qi in the dantian sea has been gradually decreasing .

Nuclear defense crisis incident management, in a temporary meeting room .

Li Zixun and members of LSG, as well as many nuclear dense experts, were gathered .

“Mayor Li, the test data of the purification plant has come out . ”

One of the elderly nuclear defense experts said .

“Old Yin, how is it?”

Mayor Li asked curiously .

“The results are quite shocking . The concentration of radiation in the purification plant sample is so high that it is almost par with nuclear material . Most importantly, these samples do not release nuclear radiation, it is as if the radiation were trapped and have become a part of the plant . ”

Old Yin said with an excited face .

“So this grass could really purify the radiation?”

Li Zixun took a deep breath and hurriedly asked .

“Yes, this is totally effective . ”

Old Yin continued, “Not only that, after absorbing such high-level radiation, but the tissues of these plant samples were also still intact . ”

Plants were very sensitive to nuclear radiation . After all, it was a living thing . Like humans or animals, if they receive excessive nuclear radiation, they would die slowly .

This was just the case from passive exposure to radiation .

However, this purification plant could actually take the initiative to absorb nuclear radiation . The concentration of nuclear radiation in these plants one could only imagine .

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